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Package Wishlists: Base - Development - Drivers - Emulation - Eyecandy - Games - Mobile Computing - Multimedia - Network - Productivity - Science - Various - Packages that were already there

Package Description License wanted by remark

aMSN aMSN is a free open source MSN Messenger clone. GPL Users
JFractionLab practise to calculate fractions GPL teachers and pupils JFractionLab (former name: JBruch) is written in Java. It runs with jamvm/classpath. It shows graphically what each calculation-step means, it is translated to german, english, french, spanish and italian.
Arabic Language support arabic GPL Users Although the i18n-ar package is provided I'd like this language to be an installation option together with all other languages. Arabic is a very important language nowadays used in eastern Asia as well as all over north Africa and it's gaining more and more importance.
Bibletime Bibletime GPL me and hopefully many others,Sourcerer, and me also :-) SUSE_Gerbil A great Bible study aid
[Control Center / Yast2 ] Add support for boot CD like added for floppy. GPL Users There should be an option to have a boot CD, as many newer computers don't have floppy drives anymore!
[Control Center / Yast2 ] Add a navigation system to the Control Center. GPL Users Sorry if I used the wishlist for that but I can't find the right place to post this wish. It is not a package wish but more a wish in the control center/Yast2 modules. Sometimes it is quite confusing to determine where you are when navigating in the control center, can you add the actual path in the navigation system of the Control Center ? You have the menu on the left, on the right you have the actual module setting window and it could be very nice to have something like the path like Control Center / Yast2 Modules / Online Update at the top on this 'page' or window. By adding some url system we could also have some quick link to forward instead of using the back buton all the time--Romainp 08:42, 25 Nov 2005 (MST)
[Control Center / Yast2 ] Add a Subversion module Apache GPL Users Setting up Subversion to play with Apache is

already difficult enough trying to follow the directions at the Subversion Project web pages. The alterations made by SuSE make the setup terrifying. A module to create the necessary changes to *.conf files would be a boon. -- Skewray 2006-01-04

CAcert CAcert´s root certificate free everyone Altough not a software package, CAcert´s root certificate would be an important addition to Apache/mod_ssl, all the browsers, ...
CJKUnifonts Unicode fonts for CJK other CJK users TrueType fonts for CJK users, can provide scalable-font-zh-TW and scalable-font-zh-CN for
eGroupWare Enterprise Groupware Groupware server GPL developer It's used from many people worldwide and specialy in Germany. Rpm packages are already avalibile from the project page.
Gargi Font Devnagiri (Hindi) unicode font GPL users from India At present, an out of box installation of SUSE does not have any font that can render Hindi (devnagiri). Please include Gargi.ttf so that users can browse Hindi webpages.
gcc 3.3 or 3.4 Older version of GNU compiler collection for compatibility reasons GPL User Some packages (qemu for example) can't compile with gcc4.0, so adding older versions as extra gcc3-package should make sense.

qemu is included in openSUSE, and even compiled with gcc4. Please either fix the packages or report bugs to the compiler. With different compilers, you run straigh into the maintenance hell...-Azouhr 12:11, 21 Sep 2005 (MDT)

Please take a look at mISDN which is quite essential for isdn users who want to use asterisk. Try to use the "install script":

You're using GCC 4! Please downgrade to gcc-3.x and type: export CC=gcc-3.x before issuing make again. you won't have success with gcc-4! URL: gcc-4 is marked stable upstream, but shouldnt be the default compiler for a distribution. I know that there are a lot of packages which already compile cleanly with gcc-4, but there are also a lot of other projects where you'll have no success.

gcin A gtk-based Chinese Input Method developed by the author of xcin LGPL traditional Chinese users gcin is a very popular Chinese input method (IM) server in Taiwan, which focuses mainly on Traditional Chinese. Its IM table format is almost the same as xcin. It even comes with a conversion program to help xcin users to transfer their xcin settings to gcin settings. Users of xcin should be able to move from xcin to gcin in no time. In addition, a GUI is used for gcin settings such as your favorite Chinese input table and keyboard layout. It is often straight forward for users to append other input tables not originally included in the release package or tables used by other IMs such as scim.
GDAL/OGR Geospatial Data Abstraction Library/OGR X/MIT pcreso reformatter/translator for spatial data
Gentium Fonts Extremely high quality Unicode fonts with broad coverage, with new open source license which is meant to be GPL and DSFG compatible. OFL users, sysadmins More information on this application can be found at Gentium Home
ION3 Ion 3 Window Manager GPL Ion3 users Pane and Float based WM
GEOS Geometry Engine Open Source GPL pcreso,Sourcerer OGC SFS support plus topology extensions
German hunspell directory Hunspell version of the myspell directory shipping with SUSE GPL all german users Hunspell is a much better spellchecker system than myspell, especially for more complex languages than english (like hungurian, german,... and the KDE spellchecker for example is yet aible to use it as backend). OpenOffice since 2.0.2 uses Hunspell and on 3 pages of german text, only 2 words aren't recognized correctly (with 2.0.1: 30 words). It would be nice to have this dictionary in distribution. Hunspell itself is avaible from as GPL/LGPL/MPL.
Ghostscript Ghostscript shared libaries GPL users Adding this is would mean one optional package for Ghostscript. This is needed for using [GSview]. To build it: add 'make so' and install. It is one large single .so with sym links to the versioned lib.
GMSO GMSO measures ink levels of HP and Epson inkjet printers. You can get a list of compatible printers from GPL users Author's site has SuSE 9.2 and 9.3 RPM packages.
Gnome-light A lite install of Gnome for limited mac or pc AS_IS ALL Users Meta package for the GNOME desktop.
GSView Featurerich GhostScript viewer AFPL users with special PS viewing needs AFPL does not allow putting GSView on CD, it would have to sit in a FTP directory
guifications Guifications is a Gaim plugin that displays msn style "toaster" popups in a user defined corner of the screen. It's highly configurable, easy to use, and has theme support. It really is the end all, be all, toaster popup plugin for Gaim! GPL User I know there are some unofficial packages, but this is one gaim plugin that shoud be in the official because of its popularity.
Horde Horde applications GPL users, sysadmins It would be useful to have not just the Horde framework, but also the other applications installable through yast
IIIMF IIIMF is a next generation of multilingual Unicode input method framework, which is a compelling replacement of the existig other input method frameworks and libraries, such as XIM. GPL Users who need to input Asian characters Would vastly improve openSUSE's internationalization support and benefit thousands of Asian users.

We already have SCIM, IIIMF is deprecated. -:xwhu

IMWheel Program to support non-standard buttons on mice GPL Owners of mice with more than 3 buttons This enables you for example to use the thumb buttons like on Windows to browse forward and backward; should propably be intergrated into YaST and activated automatically if a respective mouse is choosen/detected
keyTouch For configuring extra function keys (multimedia keys for example) GPL users Why? Read it at:
KlipOQuery online-dictionary GPL users Panelapplet for KDE. You just highlight a word and it translates it using e.g. LEO or Babel.
krecipes krecipes is a front-end to mysql or sqlite to manage recipes. GPL users
kydpdict kydpdict is a qt-front-end to some commercial Polish<->X (German, English, French) dictionaries. However, there is also one free dictionary included with the latest version. GPL Niwi-hh There is no free and complete German/French/English<->Polish dictionary available yet. That's why this front-end is really important for Polish people and also for people interested in learning Polish.
LiSt Computer Statistics GPL experienced users Collects anonymous hardware and related information about all GNU/Linux machines, and presents them to everyone on their web site.
MacTel Support for x86 based Apple computers. Is really a group of packages including elilo, rEFIt, and EFI support built into the kernel. GPL Linux Users who love Apple hardware. Would be nice to see openSUSE be the first Linux distro to support the new MacTel machines. It would mostly take some additions to Yast to make the installation automated. Their is only one thing I love more then Mac OS X and that is SUSE. I'm sure you can hack it enough to get it to run on a MacTel but would make life much easier and also persuade more people to switch with an easy install CD for MacTel machines.
OpenCASCADE OpenCASACADE is a CAD-System for 3D modeling & numerical simulation LGPL-like users interesting in mechanical constructions
openmosix openmosix allow process to be transparently migrated between box whitout any kind of recompilation needed by those. perfect for those experimenting with clustering passing by small computing center to the geek with too many box in his basement. GPL computing center , geek with lots of free box , abusing sysadmin I know it might have been part of suse long time ago and was dropped , dunno how hard it would be to adapt the 2.6 branch of OM to compile with suse kernel. So if someone could give me pointer.
OpenWebMail Webmail interface GPL sysadmin Nice webmail interface. Many features!
PBNJ tool for running Nmap scans and diff'ing the results GPL sysadmins More information on this application can be found at the
PhotoRec PhotoRec is file data recovery software designed to recover lost pictures (Photo Recovery) or lost files from digital camera memory (CompactFlash, Memory Stick, SecureDigital, SmartMedia, Microdrive, MMC, USB Memory Drives...), even Hard Disks and CDRom.PhotoRec is safe to use, it will never attempt to write to the drive or memory support you are about to recover from. Recovered files are instead written in the directory from where you are running the PhotoRec program. PhotoRec is free, it is distributed under GNU Public License. GPL users like me, who deleted all the pictures from their camera :) File recovery. Real life saver. It ran on the dd image I created from the erased flash card, and recovered all the deleted pictures.
pgAdmin III Database: Decent graphical interface client for the PostgreSQL server GPL users, sysadmins pgAdmin III is endosed by PostgreSQL developers.
PostGIS OGC spatial data addon for Postgresql GPL pcreso A foundation for many OS GIS packages
PostgreSQL Database: PostgreSQL server LGPL users, sysadmins Want complete supported PostgreSQL, currently only particially supported.
Proj.4 spatial data reprojection library MIT pcreso,Sourcerer utilities, data and libraries for spatial data reprojection
QTParted QTParted GPL Users

The latest version of QTParted this is precompiled in .rpm form

SN simple news fetcher and NNTP server; better suited to many small environments than leafnode GPL users
Stable GCC 4 A Stable GCC compiler is needed for NVIDIA driver compilation without errors. GPL Users I need this because I need to compile 7174 for my games that requires it or else they have colour tinting error such as C&C Generals on Cedega. - xboxrulz
SUSE Compile an HPPA SUSE version ? me :-) I try to make working a HP 725/50, debian don't boot, gentoo is lonnng.

I am working on such a thing, but only in my spare time. No hwinfo, no yast. Major work needed on binutils, gcc, glibc and kernel.--Azouhr 07:14, 15 Aug 2005 (MDT)

Tor An anonymous Internet communication system that uses onion routing. Originally developed by the Naval Research Lab, it is now being supported by the Electronic Frontier Foundation(EFF). 2001-2005 Roger Dingledine,2004-2005 Nick Mathewson -- from their license notice, this seems OSI compliant. Users, especially those who are privacy concerns. These would include journalists and others working in restricted countries. More information on this application can be found at the EFF website.
Velocity JSP replacement often used with Struts Apache Java web programmers Makes sense, as SUSE already includes Struts (should also include Velocity Tools, which provides Struts integration)
Webcyradm/Openmailadmin Web admin/config tools GPL users, sysadmins Would be nice to have some web based tools that will allow configuration of a mail server since yast mail server module is only available in enterprise systems

This is not really true. The YaST2 Mail module is available on SUSE Linux too. Just call yast2 mail as root. - Henne

website photo album Web Design Free users Used to create photo albums for a web site.
Wine Doors Wine configuration GPL users This makes it easy to configure Wine and install Windows programs.
wordnet WordNet is an online lexical reference system whose design is inspired by current psycholinguistic theories of human lexical memory. English nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are organized into synonym sets, each representing one underlying lexical concept. Different relations link the synonym sets. Free users looking for a dictionary Dictionary, thesaurus, synonyms + more. Is there any dictionary in SUSE?
Xephyr an XNest replacement GPL developers XNest is unmaintained, Xephyr supports modern extensions like composite, damage and randr
xglobe xearth was part of the distribution for a long time, then I got used to xglobe as background image. Now, it seems none of these packages is part of SuSE anymore, although KDY e.g. offers to invoke xglobe for a background rendering application". Adding this, would save me the manual post-install every time I upgrade.
YaST2 Mail server & tools selection GPL users, sysadmins It would be useful to have a selection of mail server tools and utilities, it seems only natural since we have web server & tools, etc...
YaST2 Cron-Job setup sysadmins Useful and easy to add?
YaST2 / Control Center Xinerama GPL Users/professionals/gamers/those with many monitors YaST urgently needs an update to its monitor configuration utility. It has issues allowing resolutions set in X to be chosen for display, and it would be really, really, really nice if it had multi-monitor support.
Georgian Unicode Fonts BPG Georgian unicode font pack GPL Georgian users SUSE includes some fonts with Georgian glyphs, but they are almost unreadable, so we need these good-looking fonts for Georgian texts to be readable on SUSE Linux.
instlux Instlux is a linux from windows installer. If instlux was in the autorun file of the first installation CD, OpenSuSE could start its installation from windows, without configuring the bios to boot from cd. GPL People wishing to install OpenSuSE in an easier way.

Package Wishlists: Base - Development - Drivers - Emulation - Eyecandy - Games - Mobile Computing - Multimedia - Network - Productivity - Science - Various - Packages that were already there