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Wishlist Productivity

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Package Wishlists: Base - Development - Drivers - Emulation - Eyecandy - Games - Mobile Computing - Multimedia - Network - Productivity - Science - Various - Packages that were already there


Package Description License wanted by remark
4Suite 4Suite Apache Software License based XML and Python users 4Suite is a library of integrated tools (including convenient command-line tools) for XML processing, implementing open technologies such as DOM, RDF, XSLT, XInclude, XPointer, XLink, XPath, XUpdate, RELAX NG, and XML/SGML Catalogs.
antiword MS-Word converter GPL Quickly gives reasonably good text output. That wv rubbish produces only gobbledegook for anything non-American, so there's no useful .doc-file text converter any more.

Available on guru's website: Antiword for SUSE 10.0

AMP The Asterisk PBX Management Portal GPL asterisk users 10.0 contains the old version 1.09 not 1.24 and it could not even be started
apache2-modsecurity ModSecurity is an open source intrusion detection and prevention engine for web applications GPL sysadmins


Package Description License wanted by remark
BackupPC BackupPC GPL v2 sysadmins, admins, users, ... BackupPC is a high-performance, enterprise-grade system for backing up Unix, Linux and WinXX PCs, desktops and laptops to a server's disk.


Package Description License wanted by remark
cfv cfv is a utility to both test and create .sfv, .csv, .crc, .md5(sfv-like), md5sum, bsd md5, sha1sum, and .torrent files. GPL Krusader users This is a recommended dependency of the file manager Krusader.
cutecom CuteCom is a graphical serial terminal, like minicom GPL v2 easy to use GUI
   * no cryptic keyboard shortcuts
   * lineoriented interface instead of character-oriented
   * Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Q and Ctrl+S control sequences work
   * input history
   * a cute GUI ;-)
   * xmodem, ymodem, zmodem support (requires the sz tools)
   * easy to differentiate between typed text and echoed text
   * select between read/write, read-only and write-only open mode
   * open the device without changing its settings
   * hexadecimal input and output
   * configurable line end characters (LF, CR, LFCR)
   * configurable delay between characters
Cinelerra powerful video-editor GPL some A powerful open-source video-editor
courier-authlib-mysql MySQL authentification for courier GPL mail server admins A MySQL database is an easy way to manage mailusers on large servers. There's already a postfix-mysql package. It would be useful if one could use the same database for pop3/imap logins also.

Will be in 10.2 [1]


Package Description License wanted by remark
duplicity incremental backup system GPL Developers A very nice backup system that is able to create incremental backups (using rsync technology) and encrypts and signs them before sending out through SCP or FTP and more protocols.

SUSE 10.0 packages are available from Hans Then

Directory Service Network Directory System like MS Active Directory or e-Dir BSD and related licenses Network Admins A robust, comprehensive and easy to use directory service based on OpenLDAP but as easy to use and managed like MS Active Directory, complete with very user-friendly administration and configuration GUI tools, preferably web-based. But unlike existing implementation of LDAP where the admin should be very technical and has to develop the directory tree himself.


Package Description License wanted by remark
fdupes Find duplicate files MIT shell users Finds duplicate files in specified directories extremely fast by comparing MD5 sums of files with the same size.
Filelight Filelight allows you to understand exactly where your diskspace is being used by graphically representating your filesystem as a set of concentric segmented-rings. GPL users I think this will be useful app for Linux users
Firebird Firebird is a relational database offering many ANSI SQL-99 features that runs on Linux, Windows, and a variety of Unix platforms. GPL users One of the most stable and powerfull(support stored procedures and triggers) relational database.
FluxBox Very nice & highly configurable minimal window manager. X11-style license The latest versions (0.9.xx) can be themed extensively, giving nice looks at very low cost - making it suitable for low memory systems

It has no UTF-8 support, thats why were keeping it out of the distro at the moment -Henne

FreeMind 0.8 FreeMind GPL End Users Visualization Tool & Topic Organizer. This is currently the leading Linux MindMaper product
fou4s Fou4s is a replacement for SuSE's Yast OnlineUpdate (YOU). It uses the same update description files and is therefore a complete, lightweight alternative. unknown Administrators This offers command line support, better cron support, and other cool features.


Package Description License wanted by remark
gEDA Electronic Design Automation GPL Tiago Gasiba These tools are used for electrical circuit design, schematic capture, simulation, prototyping, and production
Gourmet Recipe Manager Recipe manager, Project of the Month 08/2005 [1] GPL Common users We already have krecipe, but gourmet seems to have more features.
gimpshop User interface for Gimp that resembles Adobe Photoshop GPL Common users Would fit nicely into SUSE.
Glom Database Designer that uses PostgreSQL as the database backend GPL Common users What you need, without the nonsense
Gramps GRAMPS stands for Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System. GPL Everybody who wants to track his or her roots There is quite some people using it on suse already. Good rpms are available from the apt repository
GRISBI Grisbi is a personnal accounting application running under GNU/Linux and Windows. GPL users Nicer than GNUcash!!! Even it's _not_ following the american way of thinking finances, this French/European way (it speaks German too!) should be of use especially to non-US people.

SuSE packages (by Pascal Bleser) available from:

GtkMathView Best MathML implementation for unix. GPL scientists and engineers


Package Description License wanted by remark
Hamlib ... and all other Productivity/Hamradio tree Misc, mostly GPL Radio Amateurs Everywhere SUSE 9 has nearly 40 apps, SUSE 10 has 1
hugin Easy to use cross-platform GUI for Panorama Tools. GPL Photographers Has been included in 9.x sersies, but seems to be missing in 10.x

there are some license issues pending. will probably come back - Henne

please consider to include all supporting tools like enblend, autopano-sift and PTStitcher (see


Package Description License wanted by remark
joinPDF Command line tool to join and split PDF files.  ? Tiago Gasiba pdftk is very similar, does the same and much more, is even based on the same code and already packaged since 9.3.
jed text editor with syntax highlighting GPL users &paka JED is a freely available text editor for unix/linux/... Although it is a powerful editor designed for use by programmers, its drop-down menu facility make it one of the friendliest text editors around. Debian/Ubuntu offers it, so why doesn´t suse?

Note: jed/xjed always used to be in SuSE, but a botched libslang compilation caused problems - perhaps that's why it was removed?

jupp wordstar-like text editor GPLv1 Thorsten Glaser Jupp is a derivate of Joe 3.1 with another flavour (jupp) added and many bugs fixed. To avoid conflicts with the 'joe' RPM, only install: the 'joe' binary as /usr/bin/jupp; the 'jupprc' file (can be placed in the same directory as joerc/jstarrc/jpicorc/jmacsrc from the 'joe' RPM); optionally the manual page.


Package Description License wanted by remark
KCDemu GUI for Kernel module cdemu to use in system tray GPL v2 users operating with CD images good addition to cdemu
KChm A chm file viewer GPL fredrik sjöstedt A nice program to view compiled html pages from the MS world.

We include kchmviewer in SUSE 10.0 -Msmeissn

Kconfigure Kconfigure GPL A KDE program for console program configure Very useful for compiling from the sources.

Kconfigure simplifies compiling and installing software by providing a graphical interface. Easy to use, click in konqueror the configure file and configure, make and install the sources in the gui with kconfigure. -Proton911

KeyJnote Slide presenation tool GPL Users who do presentations Based on Python and OpenGL, using Ghostscript. For very stylish presentation using PDF files.
KKBSwitch KKBSwitch GPL Users who want to use at KDE more than two languages layouts with simple ctrl+shift action Very important tool for usability in KDE.

KKBSwitch is a keyboard layout indicator for KDE 2 or 3. It is useful when you have configured the XKeyboard extension of your X Server to have more than one keyboard group (layout), for example US/ASCII and Russian. KKBSwitch displays an icon in the system tray that indicates which layout is currently active. Note that KKBSwitch does not help you configure XKeyboard, it merely serves as the indicator of the current layout. You still have to configure XKeyboard by editing the XF86Config file. -Proton911

KKeyLed Watch and control keyboard LED's GPL Lmgaup KKeyled is a KDE panel tray widget which displays the LED states of the keyboard (ie. Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock). It is particularly useful for wireless keyboards without LEDs, and can be used to set the LED states of the keyboard as well.
klik Test software without installing it GPL silviumc Run software without installation by clicking a package in a web-page. Very good to try out some new software. If you decide you like it, then you go ahead and install.
KNutClient KDE client for UPS systems using NUT GPL Lmgaup KNutClient is a visual KDE client for UPS systems using NUT - Network UPS Tools.
Kolab Office Groupware Application GPL SOHO users Kolab is a Free Software Groupware Solution. From version 2.0 on it allows full seamless support of mixed clients environments (Outlook/KDE/Web). This is because the Kolab-XML storage format is fully open and avoids MAPI/TNEF. -
kshutdown Shutdown manager for KDE GPL Herding Useful tool to e.g. trigger automatic system shutdown/reboot or stop amarok playback after a certain time


Package Description License wanted by remark
libptp library used to communicate with PTP devices GPL users libptp could be a good solution when gphoto fails to work with a ptp camera

When libgphoto2 does not support a ptp camera correctly, open a bugreport at the gphoto sourceforge bugtracker. I will take care of it (I am the maintainer of the ptp camera library in libgphoto2). -Msmeissn

Thanks. My problem with big movie files vanished by ghoto2 2.1.6.

LTSP Linux Terminal Server Project GPL LTSP Users LTSP is an add-on package for Linux that allows you to connect lots of low-powered thin client terminals to a Linux server. Great way to provide Linux on the desktop in education, public, and private sectors.
LAM LDAP Account Manager GPL Administrators LDAP Account Manager (LAM) is a webfrontend for managing accounts stored in an OpenLDAP server.


Package Description License wanted by remark
MaxDB MaxDB is a heavy-duty, SAP-certified open source database for OLTP and OLAP usage which offers high reliability, availability, scalability and a very comprehensive feature set. It is targetted for large mySAP Business Suite environments and other applications that require maximum enterprise-level database functionality and complements the MySQL database server. Today, about 6,000 customer installations are using MaxDB technology globally, including Toyota, Intel, DaimlerChrysler, Braun-Gillette, Bayer, Colgate, Yamaha, and Deutsche Post (the German Post Office). MaxDB is actively maintained by SAP and is supported and distributed by MySQL AB (the vendor of MySQL). GPL db admins, programmers A professional RDBMS. MySQL seems like a toy compared to MaxDB.
md5deep md5deep is a cross-platform set of programs to compute MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256 Tiger, or Whirlpool message digests on an arbitrary number of files. Public Domain Krusader users This is a recommended dependency of the file manager Krusader.
Mount ISO image script which allows to perform multiple operations with ISO, NRG (Nero Burning ROM), UDF (DVD), CUE/BIN, CCD/IMG/SUB (CloneCD), XDVDFS (XBOX) images GPL users operating with CD images Can mount CD images by clicking the right mouse button on an image. Requires cdemu for operations on CUE/BIN files.
mrxvt tabbed xterm with small memory footprint GPL minimalists who wish a tabbed terminal A lightweight and powerful multi-tabbed X terminal emulator based on the popular rxvt and aterm. It implements many useful features seen in some modern X terminal emulators, like gnome-terminal and konsole, but keep to be lightweight and independent from the GNOME and KDE desktop environment.
mt-dds controling dds tape drives GPL sysadmins used to be there in 9.x but was removed


Package Description License wanted by remark
nedit text editor GPL administrators, programmers, users Small, fast, user friendly, multiple levels on undo, tabbed windows, syntax highligting, won't scramble non UTF-8 files into UTF-8 like Kate. Magnitudes faster than anything KDE.

NB: always used to be in SuSE but was removed after 9.0 I believe

notes notes (post it) applet for window maker OSI approved licenses All users of windowmaker wmenotes fails to compile on opensuse10. Need a good notes applet by default in windowmaker on suse10
omegat cross-platform computer assisted translation(CAT) tool OSI approved licenses Translators and Language Professionals, etc. First application in a suite of CAT tools called omega t+; RPM package (and others) already available--RPM needs a little work; Under active development
OpenMosix Linux kernel extension for Clustering GPL CubaLibre A perfect combination with LTSP and for Simulations
OpenSSI Linux kernel extension for Clustering (the future of OpenMosix) GPL System Administrators and Software Developers Technology pieces include: membership, single root and single init, cluster filesystems and DLM, single process space and process migration, load leveling, single and shared IPC space, device space and networking space, and single management space. The OpenSSI Clustering project leverages the Cluster Infrastructure (CI) for Linux project as well as the LVS and other open source projects. It's powerful in combination with XEN. There's a SUSE tree in the CVS "ready to compile".
p7zip File Compression LGPL Users p7zip is the command line utility that can compress/decompress .7z archives. Ark from KDE has support for .7z but it needs p7zip. More about .7z format here
partimage Partition Cloning GPL Sysadmins Partimage can save and restore partion images. It can do it over the network. It would be very useful to have partimage in the Rescue System from CD1. This way one can boot it on a new computer and restore the partion from the network. Useful for cloning systems with minimal effort. It even works for cloning Windows, because Partimage has support for NTFS.
pdfbook Rearrange multiple pages of a PDF into one page. GPL users Pdfbook rearranges PDF files for booklet printing (ie into "signatures"), or for printing multiple pages per sheet. KDE printing is pathetic compared with pdfbook, and doesn't work with existing PDF files.
PgAdmin III Postgres Admin tool The Artistic License Postgres DB admins A feature rich postgres database admin tool.
phpLDAPadmin LDAP-Administrator GPL CubaLibre Only LDAP-Client in SUSE
phpPgAdmin Postgres Admin tool GPL Postgres DB admins A webinterface for managing postgresql databases.
Plan Calendar and Day Planner GPL Users plan is a network based schedule planner, smart and simple (it used to be include in SuSE distributions for a long time)
Plone CMS GPL CMS users A user-friendly and powerful open source Content Management System.
PonyProg Gui utilities to download/upload to pic, eeprom and avr, can also be used as a hex editor. support a large band of writer/burner GPL Developers Faster and easier ( altho maybe not as complete ) to use than uisp.
Quasar Accounting 1.4.6 A business accounting package for Linux GPL Users purchase products, maintain inventory, sell goods and services, manage payables and receivables, print cheques, and review your financial statements. You can run it on a single computer or on a network. define a single company or multiple companies as your requirements dictate,
MySQL Administrator MySQL Administrator tool GPL MySQL Administrators A GUI tool besides the commandline mysqladmin tool. A product of MySQL AB
MySQL Query Browser MySQL Client tool GPL MySQL Administrators & Users A GUI tool besides the commandline mysql tool. A product of MySQL AB


Package Description License wanted by remark
Scarab Artifact tracking system CollabNet/ Apache-Style Licence Users A very flexible, customizable artifact (issue, bug) tracking system.
scponly (alternatively rssh) restricted shell (as secure FTP replacement) BSD Licence Server admins scponly is an alternative 'shell' (of sorts) for system administrators who would like to provide access to remote users to both read and write local files without providing any remote execution priviledges. Restricts users to chroot, scp, sftp, rsync, subversion.
Skale FT2 alike tracker editor Freeware User
svnmailer Svnmailer is a tool to post subversion repository commit information by mail, news or XML Apache License, Version 2.0 Developers, sysadmins Feature rich replacement for subversion
Tiny ERP Open Source ERP & CRM GPL Users and small companies
Tudo 2.2 Todo is a ERP for Linux based on the Qt toolkit. It's a standalone application. GPL Enterprise, users The very old version 1.1 of Tudo (QtTudo) was last shiped with SuSE 9.1.
Tomcat 5.5 / Servlet API 2.4 Tomcat is a J2EE web container and the reference implementation of the Servlet and JSP specifications Apache Java Developers Current SUSE ships 5.0, which is obsolete (from an API POV)
Trac Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects.. GPL Developers great for development process,some dependencies are not shipped with SUSE
TOra TOra is a Toolkit for Oracle which aims to help the DBA or developer of database application. Features PL/SQL debugger, SQL worksheet with syntax highlighting, DB browser and a comprehensive set of DBA tools. TOra also includes support for MySQL and PostgreSQL. GPL Database Admins and Developers Ships in the packman rpm archive..
TreePad Freeware personal database, organizer and text editor for Linux. Freeware everyone Tree-structured editor. Simple, fast. A must have! User:Joachimwerner: We already have TreeLine, which is GPLed, easy to extend and hack (based on PyQt), and reads TreePad files; TreePad is freeware, but not open source if I get it right.
[2] Turck MMCache GPL PHP Users MMCache can give a huge speedup of php application since it can cache php objects between multiple php script calls

Turck MMCache is not mantained anymore, I suggest either Alternative PHP Cache or Eaccelerator -elvigia

TV-Browser TV-guide GPL v2 Users in need of a good german tv-guide Great TV-Guide with tons of Features. Needs Java.


Package Description License wanted by remark
Ueber-converter A universal vector-graphics file converter  ??? (nothing found, but source code available users
  • A universal vector-graphics file converter.
  • A general-purpose geometry storage/translator scheme.
  • A convenient way to deal with a multiple formats.
  • A sandbox for real-time interoperability ideas.
  • An opportunity to realize exponential returns on import/export code.
  • And more...
UnixTree console-mode filemanager GPL Tiago Gasiba UnixTree is a powerful and versatile console-mode filemanager for Unix and Linux systems, modeled very closely after the distinguished DOS program XTreeGold(TM)


Package Description License wanted by remark
WebCalendar Online group calendar GPL admins, office workers, managers, etc WebCalendar is a PHP-based calendar application that can be configured as a single-user calendar, a multi-user calendar for groups of users, or as an event calendar viewable by visitors. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, Interbase, MS SQL Server, or ODBC is required.
wmDrawer wmDrawer is a dock application (dockapp) which provides a drawer (retractable button bar) to launch applications. GPL WindowMaker users Great tool to have more buttons under one
wterm terminal for wmaker GPL users
XaraLX Graphics program GPL users XaraLX is the Linux version of fast, comprehensive vector graphics Xara Xtreme
xbindkeys Configuring hotkeys for user defined programs. GPL Users, mainly of WindowMaker like window manager which does not support hotkeys for user defined applications by default. I tried many and find this to be robust and easy to use tool. This is not specific for Windowmaker but like any other app, can be made so by creating a dock icon for it. It is part of FSF directory and is already part of the following distributions: Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Gentoo, slackware, altlinux, Linspire, freebsd, openbsd ... as can be seen from google search.
xCAT Tool for building and administering linux HPC clusters. GPL sysadmins/users It includes core, docs and IBM packages
xCAT-OSS Tool for building and administering linux HPC clusters. GPL sysadmins/users It includes OSS package due to legal reasons
xCHM cross-platform GUI front-end to chmlib GPL users Great application for viewing CHM files
xearth displays earth, better then th succ. xglobe GPL users I use it since many year as root window. Got removed from Suse. Nice and less resouce intensive as xglobe
xdiskusage small tool to display the output from the du program GPL Admins based on former XDu - smart and simple.
Xfe X File Explorer (Xfe) is an MS-Explorer like file manager for X GPL Users with older hardware For light desktop users or those with an older system, resource hogging file managers just aren't the way to go, Xfe is small, very fast and only requires the FOX library to be fully functional.
xmacro The XMacro package contains two simple, C++ programs (xmacrorec and xmacroplay) for recording and replaying keyboard and mouse events on an X server. GPL disabled users, developers
xmlsec XML Security Library MIT License XML users XML Security Library is a C library based on LibXML2. The library supports major XML security standards:
  • XML Signature
  • XML Encryption
  • Canonical XML (was included in LibXML2)
  • Exclusive Canonical XML (was included in LibXML2)
xmltv TV programme grabber for many countries GPL This package is required to use MythTV properly as well as most other DVR/PVR systems. A fair amount of the perl modules it needs have not been included in SUSE distributions before, only by 3rd parties...
xpad Postit notes application. GPL Users, mainly of WindowMaker. Some Window managers do not have notes application by default. There are not many stable/easily compilable postit notes apps especially on windowmaker for SuSE10. I find this to be very cool, configurable, very user friendly and of course stable. This is not specific for Windowmaker but like any other app, can be made so by creating a dock icon for it. Can be easily configured with builtin hotkeys + with external hotkey programs. The program is also fault tolerant. All information is kept on the hard drive, not in memory.
xymtech latex package for intuitive chemistry drawings unkown chemical paper writers
xxdiff graphical file and directories comparator and merge tool GPL developers xxdiff can compare 3 files at once. KDE's (3.5.2) kompare might be considered as alternative but its functionality doesn't even come close (f.e. kompare's lack of a search feature precludes serious use).

Package Wishlists: Base - Development - Drivers - Emulation - Eyecandy - Games - Mobile Computing - Multimedia - Network - Productivity - Science - Various - Packages that were already there