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Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

Marcus Meißner



I have studied computer science at the University of Erlangen up to 1997, finishing with the title of Diplominformatiker.

After doing my year of civic duty I joined Caldera Germany as a senior software developer in 1999. At Caldera I worked on hardware probing, partitioning and on security.

After Caldera closed down its engineering office in Erlangen I joined SuSE in July 2002. There I worked on hardware probing first,becoming a bit later a proud member of the PowerPC architecture maintenance team. In August 2004 I became the teamlead of the SUSE Security Team and this is my main focus now.

See my Homepage or my blog.

OpenSource Projects

- WINE (since 1995), WINE page on OpenSUSE

- gPhoto (owning more cameras than you think. :)

- Digital Camera Compatibility Hints



- (english) Slides of my talk about the SUSE Security Process at FOSDEM 2006

- (german) Folien meines Vortrags über den SUSE Security Prozess auf dem KNF Kongress 2005.

- (german) Folien meines Vortrags über WINE auf dem KNF Kongress 2002.