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About Henne


Me in my hometown harbor (Bremen), July 2005

I work in the development department as a packager.


I won't bore you to death with my model planes (which I don't build), my Chinese dance therapy (which I don't do), my countless vacation trips (which I don't take) or any other spare time activities such pages normally brag about. If you want to know something about my private life, become my friend and I might tell you (or not).

Contributions to this Wiki

Open-Source History

I have never written any famous program.
I have never made any major code contribution to a famous project.
Instead I have answered countless questions about Linux in general and about SUSE Linux in particular, created countless bugreports, countless small patches for particular problems, and a gazillion lines of documentation.

SUSE History

My history with SUSE is quite long. I've started in support in early 2000, where I helped customers via phone/email, wrote Support Database articles, contributed to the SUSE manuals and things like that. I've concentrated on Network/PPP/ISDN and general issues. After some time I became a "meta-supporter" and supported other supporters in their tasks. I did that for round about two years. During that time I got more and more involved with development, bugreporting and things like that. So it was just natural that I became the link between the support team and the development department. This meant that every bug reported by customers landed on my lap and I had to take care that it got properly reported and fixed. During that time I also started packaging, which led me to the position I'm in since late 2004: packaging applications for SUSE as a slave in the coal mines of Mads Martin Jørgensen. At the moment I maintain somehwere around 100 packages, including things like e2fsprogs, gnutls, ppp, xntp, the {flux,open,black}box window managers, pure- and vs-ftpd, the RedCarpet toolchain, util-linux-crypto and everything iPod-related (gtkpod, kio_ipodslave).


  • Email: hvogel@suse.de
  • IRC: henne on freenode.net
  • IM: hennevogel@jabber.org / hennebird in AIM

Things i currently work on