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Wishlist Multimedia

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Package Wishlists: Base - Development - Drivers - Emulation - Eyecandy - Games - Mobile Computing - Multimedia - Network - Productivity - Science - Various - Packages that were already there

Note: A lot of multimedia packages can not be included because of legal issues. See Restricted Formats for more information.

Package Description License wanted by remark
Avidemux Video edition,processing, and muxing app. GPL users We cannot forget this, cause we need video edition. This software can create .avi or .ogm files encoded with DivX, Xvid, can rip DVD's etc...

same as for MPlayer or xine. Most of this stuff is patented so we can ship it only crippled and then its no use anymore - Henne

BMPx a new official rewritten version of BMP GPL users
CinePaint Image manipulation with support for 32bit images GPL Advanced image editors Supports High Definition Range (HDR) formats suchs as OpenEXR. It's a fork from GIMP (used to be called Film Gimp).
Creative Nomad JukeBox KIO::Slave KIO::Slave using libnjb GPL Users with these devices Uses libnjb to communicate with Creative Nomads/Zens and Dell DJ portables
Democracy Player Open source dedicated video RSS client GPL users Download and watch all the best internet TV shows in one powerful application: any video RSS feed, video podcast, video blog, or BitTorrent file. Fullscreen, high resolution, 100% free and open source. New channels arrive daily in the built-in Channel Guide.
Diva Video Editing Environment written in mono MIT X11 license? users Diva is a project to build an easy to use, scalable, open-source video editing software for the Gnome desktop. Our goal is to provide users with a complete and tightly integrated set of tools that can be used to import, edit, enhance and export digital video material. The aim of the project is to chart the unexplored areas of video editing for the open-source platform.
Full featured Europe/Asia/Africa/South America/Antartica version non-USA version including all the multimedia codecs and softwares - rest of the World Please don't forget that only about 5% of the World's population live in a country where software patents do exist ... An other option would be to offer Multimedia Option Packs in YOU like in SuSE 9.3
Gaim-VV A friendly fork of the gaim project to concentrate on video and voice support, which will eventually be backported. GPL users Think this will be useful, because in Linux still it is limited feature to have voice and vide in IM apps

gaim-vv is being added back into gaim for a 2.0 release, so not necessary now. - CuCullin

GCfilms Movies collection manager GPL users GCfilms is an application for managing a movie collection. It has been included in many distributions (Fedora, Mandriva, Debian, Ubuntu,...) and some users would like to have it in SUSE also.
GSview EPS,PS,PDF viewer converter AFPL users GSview is a more powerful more versatile replacement for gv, ghostview and other Ghostscript front ends. Will build on 64-bit systems easily. Reasons why this better than the others. Uses pstoedit, which is already in the main distro.
GXINE GTK Front End for XINE GPL users GTK-based media player style gui for the XINE engine. Really fast and easy to use.
Heroine Cinelerra Movie studio GPL CubaLibre to make up for MainActor

I would love to see this run on SUSE, but could never make it work on 10.0 - jdd

Jahshaka Free cross-platform NLE for Post-Production video editing. GNU / GPL Studios and Freelancers Jahshaka supports a large number of multimedia formats for broadcast, film and commercial work. Focus is centralized on use of open studio standards such as it's use of OpenEXR. The software is supported on Linux, Windows and OSX. The project is working to combine features commonly found in highend commercial NLE such as Autodesk Smoke and Apple FCP. Reference: and
k3b-mad mad-support users GPL In 9.3 one got a dependency error when installing the package. So that should not be an issue with 10.x either, especially if one only supplies it via the supplementary-dir. Users who have the latter as installation source will have the other needed as well, in order to meet the dependency. Although there might be no other way: Mp3 is so annoying since 9.3!
Istanbul Session recorder GPL users Istanbul is a desktop session recorder for the Free Desktop. It records your session into an Ogg and Theora video file.It works on Gnome, KDE, XFCE and others.
Kiso KIso is a GUI for KDE 3 which has the purpose to make creating, extracting and editing of ISO-Images as easy as possible. GPL users Very needed app for linux in my oppinion.

It's not only needed for creating ISO files, but also for converting CD image formats. - mikedep333

Kitty Podcast/Vidcast KDE 3 supporting most formats that kaffeine and mplayer can handle GPL users There is a severe lack of Video Podcast capable software on SUSE Linux at the moment.

Hopefully Democracy Player and Songbird will be coming along soon as well. The interface of Kitty is not bad, but it is nearly impossible to compile... martinm_76

KMPlayer Reliable media player and excellent plugin for multimedia content on web pages. GPL web surfers KMplayer is only a frontend for Mplayer, and there are still legal issues with including that package. This one is probably out.

As we cant have MPlayer its no use to include a frontend. - Henne

It can also use gstreamer or xine as backend - Andreas Simon

Klear A userfriendly DVB TV viewer and harddiskrecorder for KDE. Includes DVB-S,-C and -T support, based on libXine GPL users The only available standalone DVB desktop application, supports all DVB devices supported by Linux. Alternate DVB app for the integrated media players (like kaffeine or xine).
libmatroska, libebml open standard Audio/Video container L-GPL, BSD users Libs to play MKV's and MKA's. Matroska is the open source alternative to existing containers such as AVI, ASF, MOV, RM, MP4, MPG. Image gallery script, very configurable "public domain" Jdd sysop the best gallery making script I know, small, sh script, up to three image size possible alltogether
MythTV-Frontend Front-end for the mythtv PVR GPL Quentin Jackson MythTV is a GPL licensed suite of programs that allow you to build the mythical home media convergence box on your own using Open Source software and operating systems. Including the front end portion of MythTV in Suse would allow watching of Live TV/pre-recordedCable/Sat or otherwise over the wired/wireless network. Really cool when you don't have tv wired into other rooms of your house.
NMM NETWORK-INTEGRATED MULTIMEDIA MIDDLEWARE GPL / LGPL users yet another MM-engine, but i think it has quite a great potential.
Polypaudio Improved sound server LGPL developers An improved sound server that can serve as a drop-in replacement for EsounD. It can do everything EsounD can do, and a lot more. The code base is cleaner and, most importantly, it's being maintained! See the web site for all details on what it can do.
PFStmo Tone-mapping of HDR images GPL Advanced image editors Implementation of state-of-the-art tone mapping operators. Needs pfstools (see below).
PFSTools Tools for processing HDR images LGPL Advanced image editors Set of command line (and one GUI) programs for reading, writing, manipulating and viewing high-dynamic range (HDR) images and video frames.
QIV Quick Image Viewer GPL users This is the best and fastest CLI based picture viewer I've used. Pascal (of guru rpm) is creating SUSE rpms but would be great if it is available from the official tree.
VLC VLC is a free cross-platform media player. GNU / GPL users It supports a large number of multimedia formats, without the need for additional codecs. It is available for almost every OS. It needs little CPU power.

Not on distribution because of license/legal problems.

KDEnlive! Free non-linear video editor GNU / GPL digitalchameleon A professional non-linear digital video editor. (should be of broadcast quality)
Thoggen Format converter (Ogg Theora, AVI, MPEG4) and DVD backup utility GNU GPL users Easy way to convert video material into Ogg/Theora. The tool is still in Beta, but already useable.

Package Wishlists: Base - Development - Drivers - Emulation - Eyecandy - Games - Mobile Computing - Multimedia - Network - Productivity - Science - Various - Packages that were already there