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Package Wishlists: Base - Development - Drivers - Emulation - Eyecandy - Games - Mobile Computing - Multimedia - Network - Productivity - Science - Various - Packages that were already there


Package Description License wanted by remark
Attach to Email Service Menu service menu for Konqueror to add multiple files as attachments to an email using whatever mail client is configured GPL Konqueror users ever missed the "send to email" function in Konqueror - here it is :)
Aircrack-ng Aircrack is an 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK keys cracking program that can recover this keys once enough encrypted packets have been captured. Provides a set of tools for auditing wireless networks. GPL Users Allows users to test the security of their network.

Aircrack-ng is the next generation of aircrack with lots of new features.

Is in Factory now. Since it is ... well ... not really a "whitehat" tool, it might not land on the official SUSE Linux CDs though. -Msmeissn

Amule P2P Client GPL Users This is already packaged in the PackMan repository
am-utils Filesystem automounter BSD Network admins Automounter tool commonly used to automount NFS filesystems on remote hosts; included in many other Linux distros
Azureus Java BitTorrent Client GPL users A nice way to spread the SUSE ISOs

... and it's already in Fedora (Extras)... so include it! ;-)

Azureus versions greater than should work fine with GNU Classpath, it'd be really nice to have packages for Azureus that'd use that, so I don't have to bother with Sun's non-free Java platform. The Azureus package in Fedora Extras ( beta) works great without Sun's Java, and on both x86, x86_64 and PPC. --Tsuroerusu 21:49, 8 Aug 2006 (MDT)]

AutoScan A utility for network exploration GPL users


Package Description License wanted by remark
BongoSurfer least cost router for modem & ISDN GPL German Modem & ISDN user-community also on (english)


Package Description License wanted by remark
Coccinella Jabber client with an integrated whiteboard. It can connect to Google Talk. GPL users The latest version uses the Tile library to integrate better in the native look-and-feel of the window manager/OS.
Courier Mta Super MTA GPL TiBiSan Full MTA. Many features!

Well, it is already included in SUSE Linux ... ? -Msmeissn

The Courier IMAP program is included, Courier MTA is NOT. The Mail Transfer Agent is a replacement for Sendmail or Postfix. The whole Courier package includes MTA, IMAP, Webmail and mail filters, the whole works. --Wmerriam 16:47, 30 Sep 2005 (MDT)

CSpace p2p Instant Messenger p2p Instant Messenger without servers open source and in linux available GPL users see the linux distibution here: - Please add it to suse with the next release. CyberSpace Messenger should be already installed on the desktop! It is p2p and decentral so owned by the users...


Package Description License wanted by remark
Dillo browser GPL some A very fast & very lightweight graphical browser - but without full java support at the moment.
DenyHOSTS DenyHosts is a script intended to be run by Linux system administrators to help thwart ssh server attacks. GPL Nohez
DansGuardian DansGuardian is an Open Source web content filter GPL Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan


Package Description License wanted by remark
Etherape Monitor for both incoming and outgoing connections and protocols with grphical interface Open Source Octavio Roguez This is a great software for administrators but it's still in beta phase but very useful.
Easy Internet Sharing Easy way to setup squid and iptables GPL or Commercial Rascalsoft The best way to share internet and redirect traffic. Just a few steps a presto Suse is serving a local lan.
ejabberd A featurefull Jabber server. Commercial support available. There also is an EAI built upon it. First Open Source Jabber server that is fully compliant with the XMPP specs (see 1.0.0 release), modular design, comprehensive documentation, i18n, web interface, command line tool, scalable, small size,... GPL sysadmin There exists an installer that will work under any Linux 2.6-based system.


Package Description License wanted by remark
Fail2Ban Auth-failure IP banner GPL Sysadmin Ban IP after n unsucessful (apache, ssh, mail) authentifications within a certain time for a certain time (daemon uses IPtables & logfiles); this (or something alike with the SUSEFirewall2) should be possible to enable in YaST.
FWBuilder Firewall Builder GPL Sysadmin GUI allowing for definition of firewalls and generation

of many different types firewalls (iptables, ipfilter, OpenBSD PF and Cisco PIX). Can be called via API to allow yast2 integration


Package Description License wanted by remark
Getwifi tool for joining wireless networks in precedence. Supports WEP. GPL users, sysadmins More information on this application can be found at the

I would suggest adding this functionality to NetworkManager. shouldn't be that hard. -Msmeissn

gvpn-dialer GUI for the Cisco VPN client GPL users Gnome VPN Dialer help users dialing in to Cisco VPN hardware
gajim Python jabber client with many features GPL users Very nice IM app.
Gaim-Encryption Gaim-Encryption uses NSS to provide transparent RSA encryption as a Gaim plugin. GPL users Security is very important! Gaim-Encryption is an easy way to chat without the risk of beeing sniffed by a hacker or something...

Guru already provides packages for SL, but if it is included into the distro more people will use it and Gaim-Encyption does only work, if both chatters have it! --Cotrinox 09:38, 28 June 2006 (UTC)

Grsync grsync is an easy to use frontend for rsync which uses the gtk library GPL users, admin The project homepage can be found here and on Freshmeat


Package Description License wanted by remark
HPing Cool packet creation tool. Can be used for Port scanning too.. GPL users hping is currently available in the Build Service home:peternixon repository
HydraNode Hydranode is a modular, plugin-driven peer-to-peer client framework which is designed with true multi-network downloads in mind. GPL users


Package Description License wanted by remark
iFolder Server Data Sync GPL user/sysadmins with Admin interface
Ipset see here GPL sysadmins
IPSorcery TCP packet creation tool. I'd give a link to it but it seems to be down GPL sysadmins


Package Description License wanted by remark
JAPC AutoProxy Configurator Script Manager GPL Sysadmin / Netadmin AutoProxy Configurator is a Java/Web based application, which allows you to configure and setup an enterprise wide proxy configuration for internet applications.

Output to clients is dynamic and based on simple XML configuration files.


Package Description License wanted by remark
kadu A Gadu-Gadu client for online messaging GPL Polish users Kadu is client of Gadu-Gadu protocol. It's an IM for Linux and UN*X.

It's written with use of QT libraries.

Both kopete and gaim support gadu-gadu already. What is missing there? -Msmeissn

Many new features [see] and additional modules [eg.] voice talks using gadu-gadu network, sms sending to all Polish mobile networks and more

kcheckgmail KCheckGmail is a KDE system tray application which notifies you of new email messages in a Gmail account GPL users

Really useful tray utility for Gmail users. Fetches the subject field and displays it in menu.

Kiax VoIP GPL/LGPL Tiago Gasiba Kiax is an IAX client application (a so called Softphone) which allows PC users to make ordinary VoIP calls to Asterisk servers, the same way as they do it with their hardware telephone. It aims to provide a simple and user-friendly graphical interface and desktop integration for calling, contact list, call register management and easy configuration. Note: can be made to work with VoIPBuster see here
KNetStats KNetStats GPL A simple KDE network monitor that show rx/tx LEDs Very useful icon in tray in KDE.

A simple KDE network monitor that show rx/tx LEDs or numeric information about the transfer rate of any network interface in a system tray icon. The source code of the current version (v1.3) is avaliable for download at Sourceforge download and CVS servers.


  • See network activity and transfer rate of any network interface (including localloopback)
  • Support multiple network interfaces.
  • See simple statistics (packets and bytes received and transmitted).
  • Configurable Update Interval, View mode, Icon themes, etc.
  • GPL'ed, you can use and modify for free (Following GPL conditions)


This should be installed by default, maybe with a checkbox in the 'YAST-Control Center - Network Devices/Network Cards' when configuring a new network interface' to add the icon automatically. Also, not part of this package, but it could be very very nice to have, like in XP, a sub-menu in the start menu to show all network interfaces dans their status, for most users and admins it could be very usefull. In this 'Network Connections' menu we could have to state of the firewall on each interface and also PLEASE some 'translation' between the new interface ID system (eth-id-xx.xx.xx.xx.xx) and the old one (ethx) so it could be more easy to find and configure the right one.--Romainp


Package Description License wanted by remark
L2tpd Used to create a Linux-based VPN server which can be accessed from any Windows client (primarily Windows XP) GPL Network Administrators and Users Look at Linux VPN Guide or Using a Linux L2TP/IPsec VPN server for more information


Package Description License wanted by remark
Mail Notification Icon that lives in the notification area and indicates new mail on POP/IMAP/mbox/GMail GPL GNOME users Currently available from

x86_64 build not available at link, but would be nice to have.

MoinMoin Python-based wiki software GPL users
Mping Multiple host icmp tool with roundrobin ping engine GPL users -
Museek+ Museek+ (or Museek-Plus) is an enhanced sourcecode tarball of Museek that is patched with SeeSchloss's RoomSearch patch, the addition of Banlists and Ignorelists to Museeq, many other UI changes to Museeq and several new features to museekd. Other assorted fixes, enhancements, and icons from contributing Museek users are included. GPL users


Package Description License wanted by remark
Nagios 2.0 host, service and network monitoring GPL version 2 This package is available in version 1.3. Version 2.0 was too late for 10.1. Nagios
Netdisco Web-based network management tool; SNMP driven; configuration and connection data; locate switch port of a system by IP or MAC address; automatic discovery of the network topology BSD License Network Administrators Together with a monitoring tool like Nagios this is an ideal network management team
netgo Network tool GPL users allow to switch between networks with an esier way (WIFI for example)
netselect Tool to determine the fastest server around GPL Network Administrators and Users Very handy to determine the fastest YOU server e.g.
ngircd ngIRCd is a free open source daemon for Internet Relay Chat (IRC), developed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It's written from scratch and is not based upon the original IRCd like many others. GPL Network Administrators and Users Very fast and secure IRC-Server
Nicotine Client for the Soulseek file sharing network GPL Users See description
NoCat Captive Portal GPL Network Administrators and Users

NoCat's goal is to bring you Infinite Bandwidth Everywhere for Free. What originally started as a community-supported 802.11b wireless network in Sonoma County, CA has grown into several projects whose purpose is to encourage the building of wireless community networks.


Package Description License wanted by remark
OpenNMS Enterprise-grade Java/XML-based Distributed Network & Systems Management platform GPL/LGPL Network Administrators Currently, OpenNMS focuses on three main areas: Service Polling - determining service availability and reporting on same. Data Collection - collecting, storing and reporting on network information as well as generating thresholds. Event and Notification Management - receiving events, both internal and external, and using those events to feed a robust notification system, including escalation.

OpenNMS is currently available in the Build_Service Server:Monitoring Repository


Package Description License wanted by remark
Prozilla Download accelerator GPL users A download accelerator for Linux that uses download threads. It has great detection for various download failures like premature close of connection, timeout on send etc. Just give it a file, and forget about it. As long as the file is still on the server, prozilla will get it for you. SUSE already includes the GUI version. The wish is for the console version (ncurses).
ParentalControl Enhanced Parental Control sofware GPL or Commercial Parents Dansguardian + squid + iptables is a solution to build a GPL component. A commercial software should include an admin password, a friendly user interface to install and customize the content filtering
Pubcookie/mod_pubcookie Open-source software for intra-institutional web authentication Apache License Educational Establishments pubcookie is a web authentication mechanism compatible with Internet2, from the University of Washington. It consists of two components, an authentication server, and the apache module mod_pubcookie. mod_pubcookie is the highest on the 'want' list.
PuTTY Open source SSH client written by Simon Tatham MIT Licence Users who switch from Windows to Linux I was asked multiple times by Linux newbies who had freshly switched from Windows to install PuTTY for them, they were used to PuTTY and liked it so much, they wanted "to keep it". After some search I found a PuTTY RPM for SUSE. The package is not even one MB in size, it would fit easily onto the media.

PuTTY is currently available in the Build_Service home:peternixon repository


Package Description License wanted by remark
Rsync with ACL support in the inst-source path ! Fast Remote Sync Tool GPL2 admins needing ACLs backupped

No serious admin can live without rsync, and I cannot run backups without rsync supporting ACLs ! SuSE 9.2 and 9.3 had it, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 has it, why not OpenSuSE as well ? Having to run an online-update to get such an essential feature sucks.

The rsync from 10.0 has ACL support. What is missing? --A jaeger 14:51, 11 February 2006 (UTC)

Request Tracker Helpdesk Ticketing System GPL Anyone with a bad memory

Even amateur admins need request tracker, and home users can use it to track friends with broken Win machines. OK, perhaps we shouldn't care about them ;) Request Tracker doesn't really need an introduction, as it is so well established it already has an O'Reilly book available.


Package Description License wanted by remark
Shorewall Firewall GPL v2 Tiago Gasiba Easily configurable.
Skype VoIP Program Freeware User Skype is a little program for making free calls over the internet to anyone else who also has Skype. It’s free and easy to download and use, and works with most computers.
SrvReport Host monitoring GPL Sysadmins SrvReport is a simple and featurefull server monitoring and reporting system. It can send every day a mail with the latest state of the server.
strongSwan VPN software GPL Users/Sysadmins strongSwan is an easy-to-use IPsec-based VPN solution for Linux 2.4 and 2.6 kernels, with a focus on strong authentication mechanisms.


Package Description License wanted by remark
tcptraceroute tcptraceroute is a traceroute implementation using TCP packets. GPL sysadmins
trickle trickle is a portable lightweight userspace bandwidth shaper. trickle runs entirely in userspace and does not require root privileges. BSD User Usefull if you want to borrow some bandwidth unnoticed or control the bandwidth used in downloads.

Trickle together with a tray app, and/or a YaST module could easily provide executable-name based firewalling (simply set bandwidth to zero). Even without trickle it would be a great feature to add firewall filters based on executable names (see Traffic Shaping and related how-to's)


Package Description License wanted by remark
Valknut Direct Connect Client GPL users Another nice way to spread the SUSE-ISOs
WengoPhone NG Voip/Video-Chat/Multi-Protokoll-Client GPL people talk OpenSource Skype alternative wtih many features --Zunami 17:36, 15 June 2006 (UTC)
Wildfire Jabber server GPL/Commercial Sysadmins Wildfire is an enterprise instant messaging (EIM) server dual-licensed under the Open Source GPL and commercially. (was jive_messenger) -Gurp 13:43, 17 February 2006 (UTC)
Wireless Assistant KDE tool to easily switch between different WLANs GPL Laptop users SF project page

Use knetworkmanager in SL10.1.--A jaeger 14:53, 11 February 2006 (UTC)

Package Wishlists: Base - Development - Drivers - Emulation - Eyecandy - Games - Mobile Computing - Multimedia - Network - Productivity - Science - Various - Packages that were already there