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Wishlist Drivers

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Package Wishlists: Base - Development - Drivers - Emulation - Eyecandy - Games - Mobile Computing - Multimedia - Network - Productivity - Science - Various - Packages that were already there

-- Wingfire
Package Description License wanted by remark
Areca RAID Driver - arcmsr Driver for Areca 1XY0 series of hardware RAID cards GPL users Driver has been accepted into mainline but due to scheduling, won't be available until kernel 2.6.19 (apparently 10.2 will use 2.6.18) however the current driver from areca has been built around 2.6.18 anyways, so it shouldn't be a big deal to provide.
3Ware RAID Driver New Source Driver for 3Ware RAID Controller cards on 32 & 64bit systems. NON OSI users Much needed driver for 3Ware users.
3Ware RAID Driver New Source Driver for 3Ware RAID Controller cards on 32 & 64bit systems. NON OSI users Much needed driver for 3Ware users.

If the installation CD/DVD does not contain this new driver at installation time, it becomes almost impossible to configure and use this controller as a bootable system drive. If possible, allow this driver to be a built-in kernel driver as well as a kernel module at kernel config time.

Adds pata support Patch to enable the pata part on several sata drivers GPL users, server admins Please add this patch to the list of kernel patches. I would like it to be able to use the hdd's i hooked to the extra ata controller on my asus k8v se deluxe mainboard.

-- Al

Patch1 Patch2 Patch3 Adds sata hotplug support Patch to enable device hotplug in sata drivers GPL server admins Please add this patch to the list of kernel patches. There are 3 Patches by Lukasz Kosewski to integrate this functions into libata and the sata_promise driver. A short test on SUSE Linux 10.1 Alpha4 and a own build of a 2.6.15-4 kernel-src-rpm showed the patches work.

-- HK

Aiptek Tablet Driver The latest CVS of aiptek tablet drivers. GPL users Much needed driver update for both xorg and linux kernel, and SaX2 support.

The one which ships with open/SUSE10 is in the normal kernel and xorg release, but these are out of date and work poorly (eg. no pressure-sensitivity, odd absolute of screen, locks the cursor up in The Gimp/Krita) as well as next to no support in SaX2 (the serial-based hyperpen module for aiptek/aldi is supported but the usb-based aiptek ones which use the aiptek module instead are not). Good functionality with this tablet is in dying need. The unified-package is out of date but the CVS contains working drivers.

ATI Drivers for ATI cards. NON OSI users Much needed driver for ATI users to make life easier.

We will not ship any non GPL kernel modules and not offer any download solution via YOU.

Most developers of the kernel community consider non-GPL kernel modules to be infringing on their copyright. Novell does respect this position, and will no longer distribute non-GPL kernel modules as part of future products. Novell is working with vendors to find alternative ways to provide the functionality that was previously only available with non-GPL kernel modules. (aj)

For now use the ATI Installer HOWTO to install this driver. (sndirsch)

Broadcom Ethernet NIC Driver Broadcom Ethernet NIC Driver GNU users, servers Driver for Broadcom's NetXtreme cards, this driver is need for new hardware where the current driver provided in SuSe 10.0 doesn't support. This now appers to be fixed in SuSe 10.1 Beta 3
Broadcom HPNA Hybrid Driver from Linksys Driver for PCI hpna cards with BCM4210, BCM4211 and BCM4413 chipsets  ? users Linux Hybrid network device driver for the Broadcom BCM4210, BCM4211 and BCM4413 PCI InsideLine Home PhoneLine Networking chips. Its a beta driver available from Linksys. Its been in beta for a long time, however I think its stable from what I've read. There are people who still run HPNA networks, like myself. Readme says the latest version of the kernel it was tested on was 2.4.3. I dont think this driver applies to USB or PCMCIA devices (as they exist), only PCI devices.

-- Tokar

Comedi Linux Control And Measurement Device Interface GPL v2 Spoonny Drivers for data acquisition. Get sources from CVS repository to build this package on recent kernel (tested on kernel version 2.6.13).

-- Spoonny

Canon Pixma Driver Driver for Canon Pixma printers users Canon Japan have made RPM packages, and they can de found on there are drivers for other canon printers as well, and I have found this guide to install them, , but I have to ignore som dependences, because SuSE 10 have new liberies. the driver works ok, but it vil be very nice if it can be included in the SuSE installation.


Conexant Drivers for conexant access runner xDSL modems. GPL users Drivers for dsl modems that have Conexant's access runner chip. Urgently needed!

Many ISP bundle with new subscriptions usb dsl modems that are based on Conexants access runner chip. Fortunately however there is a GPL driver in and some guidelines to configure it with linux in . Can anybody build the kernel so that the next distro will support these boxes? Thank you.

hsfmodem Drivers for softmodem with conexant chip no GPL users Usefull in many laptops. The free version of the diver is limited to 14.4Kbps (it's not a great speed but it works!)
cdemu Kernel module to simulate CD drives + CD with cue/bin files GPL v2 users operating with CD images a very usefull tool because creating images can already be created and burned by k3b, but mounting them cue/bin is not that easy. [see KCDemu in the KDE Wishlist, too]
Drivers for Linksys Wireless Cards Drivers for WMP54GX Wireless PCI Adapter SRX. users Supports a new Wireless Card of Linksys

Seems that Linksys Wireless Cards are not supported in the new Kernel. It would be nice, when Linksys Cards were supported in the next Kernel Version.

Eagle USB Drivers for Sagem and Comtrend modems based on eagle-usb chipset. GPL users Much needed driver for Spanish, French, Polish and German users, and more users that don´t use linux because they aren´t able to connect itself to the network.

Why is this driver then not in the mainline kernel. This would make us automatically pickup. -Msmeissn

EPSON device drivers for Linux Drivers for many EPSON devices such like printers, scanners and all-in-ones'. GPL? users These drivers are needed to get some new printers, scanners and all-in-one devices running under Linux e.g. EPSON STYLUS PHOTO RX700.

--Richard Kraut

foo2zjs foo2zjs is driver for ZjStream protocol printers GPL users foo2zjs supports a wide range of ZjStream based printers: Minolta magicolor 2200/2300/2430 DL and HP LaserJet 1018/1020/1022. Though HP LaserJets require firmware files (under copyright), these can be simply fetched with a script from foo2zjs home site.
HP Scanjet 2400C Driver for HP USB scanner 2400C users Not sure if it is yet available but either HP or the people mentioned in the SANE page could help.

--Manuel Lemos

HP Scanjet 3770 Driver for HP USB scanner 3770 users The installation procedure is quite complicated for most users, an rpm that makes the works would be appreciated.
ipw-firmware Firmware binaries needed for ipw2100/ipw2200 wlan cards aka Centrino non-GPL? laptop users Without it system cannot identify wlan interface and the card itself is unusable.

Should be included in final SuSe version . OpenSUSE Bug #115176

K8M800 Chipset drivers Drivers for the K8M800 graphics chipset users Out of the box 3D acceleration for this chipset.

Unfortunately even 2D is not supported by X.Org CVS yet (Bug #98907). (sndirsch)

Should be resolved after X.Org project has switched to the openchrome driver.

Logitech Webcam driver Driver for older Logitech Webcam Express and a few other webcams GPL2 users Easy to make in SuSE 10.0, needed only minor code change. This change will be in the upcomming 0.6.4 version of this qc-usb driver. I know 4 other SuSE users needing this driver.

It would be helpful to post the change to 0.6.3 for us while 0.6.4 doesn't come out. Whatever the patch, it is still not there on CVS. BTW, make that 5 users. --Salomon 03:32, 22 Nov 2005 (MST)

Minolta QMS Magicolor 2300DL ZjStream Driver for the Minolta 2300DL Color laserprinter users A ZjStream driver should be included to support the 2300DL and other printers using the ZjStream protocol.

--Mocteroof 18:17, 12 Sep 2005 (MDT)

mv_sata SATA-Driver for Marvell SATA MV88SX6041-Controller non-GPL? users, server admins needed for all HP ProLiant-Servers.

Its very difficult to build the driver yourself. Especially because the installation and the system use different kernels. Many have Problems with it:

newest Fusion MPT driver Newest Driver for Fusion MPT based Controllers GPL Server Administrators Useful for everyone with a RAID. They send an event to syslog if something on the RAID changes. Already included in SLES-9 SP3!
Philips webcam driver Driver for Philips Webcams GPL users This driver is a fork of the original pwc driver. It does not use a proprietary binary component like the original driver did.

Will probably find its way into the mainline kernel... -Msmeissn

Promise Supertrak 8350 driver Driver for Promise Supertrak PCIE card GPL Admins The driver already has Suse certificate for Suse 92 and SLES, but could not be found in Suse 10+ versions. Look also for shasta in maillist.
S3 Savage 3D-Support for S3 Savage chipsets GPL users

3D support is stable for most variants of this chipset and should be included.

Probably we'll ship the DRI driver with (open)SUSE 10.1, but as long as the DRM driver is not included by the upstream kernel this won't help much. Of course this might change for future kernel releases. (sndirsch)

Looks like the savage DRM module is now included by upstream Kernel 2.6.14. (sndirsch)

@sndirsch:Hmmm... You said probably you will... What's the status?

The S3 DRI driver is included in the Mesa package of SUSE 10.1, but I still can't find a S3 DRM driver in the kernel.

Sony CD51/A Drivers for Ninja-ATA(Sony CD51/A pcmcia interface CDROM) GPL users Without CD-ROM driver at installation, it is quit difficult to install suse on my laptop. It's supported with ubuntu hoary stock kernel(2.6.9) or earlier ones.

-- Jouston

SPCA50X Webcam Driver Sunplus based Webcam driver for the SPCA50X series GPL Users supports 161 webcams, including mine, works perfectly for me --Krohlas 13:22, 20 Sep 2005 (MDT)

This will be great for people who have a webcam with the Sunplus chip. It would help alot. Since, people would start to request it. I have a Sunplus based webcam. - xboxrulz

Support for SD/MMC/SDIO CardReaders Support some card readers in linux and maybe autodetection by Yast? GPL users Specially interesting is the Secure Digital Host Controller Interface which is a generic interface for this card readers. Most laptops do have this cardreaders and it should be very usefull to be able to use them

-- txancete

UnionFS Unioning file system GPL users Unionfs is a stackable unification file system which can appear to merge the contents of several directories (branches), while keeping their physical content separate. Unionfs is useful for unified source tree management, merging the contents of a split CD-ROM, merging separate software package directories, data grids, and more.

It's not a driver in a traditional sense - but it's a kernel module. So in order to implement, kernel changes required. --Alexey Eremenko. Sep.2005.

winmodems Drivers for win/linmodems. GPL users Much needed drivers for lin/winmodems which most computers use nowadays. Preferably in the form of "on installation" detection...
Wireless card Drivers for WPC54G. GPL HP NX9110 laptop The laptop will identify the card as ACX111, but the card will not work.
WIS GO7007 chipset driver Driver for Plextor USB video capture cards GPL users The source code of this driver is provided by the vendor of the WIS GO7007 chipset used by Plextor devices. It is a bit hard to make it work with SuSE 9.3.

--Manuel Lemos

Xircom KL5KUSB101 USB to Ethernet 1-Chip Controller Driver for Xircom Portgear USB Ethernert cards GPL users The source code of this driver is provided by the kaweth project. It is flaky at best and has not been worked on since 2001. I've had it working under Fedora Core 3


ZyDAS ZD1211 driver Driver for a loooot of WLAN USB sticks (esp. cheap ones ;), see homepage) based on the ZyDAS chipset GPL users OpenSource fork based on the original [ZyDAS OpenSource Linux driver [1]; works quite stable for me since quite some time and kernel releases. Features managed/client/infrastructure mode, monitor mode for kismet, support for WEP and WPA, big endian, 64 bits, etc. etc. --Yoda gh
ZyDAS Firmware Firmware for ZyDAS USB Wlan  ?? card doesn't work without firmware; either a package with wthe firmware or an automated download from sourceforge (like nvidia drivers or the ms font package) would be nice

-- Hörandl

zr364xx webcam driver. Possible chipsets are : ZR36430 (ZR36430BGC) and maybe ZR36431, ZR36440, ZR36442... GPL users driver for lots of webcam/camera
Nvidia Legacy Legacy driver (Ver.7174//7182). Possible Hardware are : Geforce 256, TNT GPL users driver for lots of Old Geforce 256 // TNT

Package Wishlists: Base - Development - Drivers - Emulation - Eyecandy - Games - Mobile Computing - Multimedia - Network - Productivity - Science - Various - Packages that were already there