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Hello :-! mon compte en français


I'm Jean-Daniel Dodin, old time French SuSE user. I'm the author of an obscure LDP HOWTO, member of my town Linux User Group and recently maintainer of the French flavor of the site.

Of course I will participate in the effort. My knowledge is mostly documentation (I'm a teacher), mostly in French, but I can help in English.

I can write in English (if somebody helps for correctness) or translate to French.

Own main website:

NB: as a semi-retired old man I have sometimes many time left. So I may be boring. I may be rude - I'm not english native and sometime what a say is not what I intended to say. Don't blame me, but feel free to say so if you are upset :-). I always try to help, but can be dumb :-(-.

sub page test: /jdd_test

/jdd_notes about the manual

/test only