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Kullanıcı:Jdd/jdd notes about the manual

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

This page is for free notes taken as I read the 10.0 manual. Not really formated yet.

(1.8) installation settings

proof read "the partitioning" (1.8.1)

  • the extended partiton don't takes necessarily the hole remaining disk if primary partition are still available
  • befort defragmenting windows it's nearly necessary to disallow the swap file, this one is very often fragmented (any version)
  • It's necessary to let enough place on windows disk for windows to run, it's temptating to give the most to linux :-).
  • fat 32 allows a maximum of 4Gb files. There is no common file system between linux and Windows allowing for files bigger than 4Gb and it's a shame, for DV recorders asks for 12Gb for 1 hour video. However I couldn't try yet windows ext2fs new utility (used to only read)

(1.8.2) software

  • In case of difficult install (old machine) it's mush better to make the smaller possible install given by Yast. it's fast, reliable and if evrer this fail, not too much time consuming. It's very easy to do the rest after. and this can be with only one cd (but don"t gives any graphic)

(1.8.7) boot mechanism

  • it's extremely avantageous to write at first the boot loader on the root partition first sector, even if on a second step the MBR is used. This gives a failsafe exit (in fact entry :-) if, for example, windows get reinstalled. On w2k or XP, a simple edit of the boot.ini file get a booting point for Linux.