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Top Level Categories

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

There is certainly a need of a better wiki organisation.

There are many ways to acheive this goal. One is better categories organisation.

I propose we use "TLC", that is "Top Level Categories", only ones that should be kept in the "uncategorized categories".

I drop here some of the categories I think could be usefull, first level then second level. the "*" denotes TLC, "**" secondary LC (SLC)

  • By line of business
    • graphics
    • office
    • internet
    • games
    • multimedia
    • system
    • utilities
  • By application Names
    • no SLC - only the apps by they name
  • Experience level
    • newbies
    • average users
    • experienced users
  • By skills
    • Translators
    • Developpers
    • Packagers
    • Writers