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What is the community and who is a member of it is a subject already often found on the openSUSE mailing-lists. A true answer is difficult to give. Some people think that anybody using SUSE Linux is a member of the community. Some others think that to be a member it needs some sort of involvement, subscription to a list, registration as wiki editor through the Novell login... In fact, if you think you are a member, want to be a member, ask if you are a member, then you probably are one :-).

The status of paid Novell employes is often questioned. Many of them are not only working for free, but also working for openSUSE on their free spare time. Of course they are members. But many of the 300 or so people paid to work on SUSE Linux and professional Novell Linux versions are addicts to Linux, passionate Linux advocates. Of course they are members.

And why should the others be judged differently from any other people? Like any other one, if they think they are members, they are :-).

Community specific wiki pages

Any page author/editor is de facto a community member, so any wiki page is done by the community. However some pages are more specially aimed to the community interaction.

openSUSE members location Worldwide

The community members location

This is a snapshot of the current location map of the openSUSE community. You can also:

The Wiki (the thing you are reading now), is available in many languages, and is continually being translated into many more. Visit the Çeviri Takımı to help with this significant task.

Community Structure

Currently the governance structure is one where Novell (the owner of SUSE Linux Products GmbH) acts as benign dictator. They provide the openSUSE infrastructure for free use by the community.

The community is organised into many teams that concentrate on different areas of interest within the distribution or the project in general.

Make sure that you visit the How to Participate page.


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Have a lot of fun.