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To do

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This is a "to do" list for the OpenSUSE Project. For a task to be listed here don't mean it Have to be done, only that the community have to Think about doing it. The status then should be completed.

Do we need a "Forum"

The problem is not technical (skh said: "If it turns out that the forums are indeed a high priority, we'll find a way").

Many people where for a forum to be created, others where against and the discussion went quite rude.

It seems that the majority is in favor of a forum, but this may be qestionable (see the threads, they may be others than listed here).

Front page redesign

Creating new localized Wikis

Listed here are wikis that seems to have been completed according to the table given below, but are not yet created (may be for a reason):

  • Greek
  • Icelandic
  • Norvegian

For the record, already available wikis:
In alphabetical order:

What's missing?

This is a wishlist, for the community - not the distro. In this section you can add things that you'd like the openSUSE-community to provide. If you're a community-member and you can deliver any of this don't hesitate to do so.

image of the official cd5 (10.1)
  • CD/DVD labels
  • openSUSE artwork

Missing thematic articles

  • Definition of Common Computer Words

Often we refere to a bug, IDE, partition, package etc, and non technical user is left alone to look for a definition, explanation or some basic technical background information. While that info does exist on the Internet the quality of information is not guaranteed. It is possible to find insufficient or plain wrong explanation given by somebody that has little, or no knowledge about the topic.

Let more technical users select freely available information on the Web, and compile article about topic, with basic info like definition, and more details.

This can be used as introductory (index, portal) page about topic that will list relevant articles in section See Also, Related, External Links or similar. Some initial idea you can see in article Bug, Packages and similar. The idea what should be included is still in initial stage, so please be free to give comments on discussion page, so that everyone with interest to expand article can see them.

  • FAQ and Instructions How To write articles

There is already initial effort like OpenSUSE Style Guide, but it is one article that is trying to be all in one. What we have to cover is:

    • different topics that need different article format,
    • difference in writing style depending on level; for beginner, experienced user and expert,
    • difference between practical guide like HowTo, or cookbook, and detailed coverage like manual, or help.
    • difference in opinions how to write articles,
    • ...

More help about the writing style can be covered by the guys that are writing documentation every day ie. Documentation Team.


Does the distribution name have to be changed

  • Done: From version 10.2 Alpha 3 on, the distribution name is openSUSE.