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SUPER. SUSE Performance Enhanced Release

Please add your own wishes to this page. Remember here you can be imaginative on how a more experimental SUSE can and will look like

If you want to contribute, please join our mailing list by sending an email to Archives are online at

1 CD Install allows you to install either a basic SUSE-standard kde minimal or gnome system on 1 CD and also a SLICK modified version. Both versions can be updated using YOU. Slick can also be updated to bleeding edge code using kynaptic/apt. Additional software for standard can be installed by using the public yast repositories or the DVD version. Additional software for modified (SLICK) can also be installed by using the public yast repositories or the DVD version or by using kynaptic, which is the prefered way for SLICK. A 1 CD install is just a base to access all the SUSE packages and more.

See also Das SUPER und OpenSUSE-Forum in deutscher Sprache


  • 17.01.2006: New SUPER-Server available:
  • 03.11.2005: Thanks to and to their staff for getting the server back online after the motherboard failure and handling lots of traffic. Thanks also for working through the weekend Dallas!
  • 01.11.2005: reports on SUPER and SLICK.
  • 27.10.2005: The Server is up and running again: Link with slick and 1-cd-install iso's and super-apt repository
  • 13.10.2005: The whole openSUSE and apt network is currently overloaded. The big demand of the 5 ISO's of SUSE and Updates available under Susewatcher Yast Online Updates and the 1 CD installer has brought our mirror network on its knees. They are currently only reporting either very slow or even as failed TCP connections. We are all working on it as fast as the different time zones sometimes allow.
  • 13.10.2005: An outage to our server is currently disabling iso downloads. For apt please use gwdg. The server should be back in the next day or so.
  • 06.10.2005: 1 CD install/standard (unmodified) iso's for SUSE 10 Final. Minimal, and KDE iso now available. Gnome still RC1.
  • 04.10.2005: super-openSUSE-alpha1-20051004-standard-kde.iso 1 CD installer is available on 1 CD install.
  • 03.10.2005: First cut on the SUPER#Binary drivers Notice binary driver integration.
  • 03.10.2005: Look and Feel website now here: SUPER lookandfeel.
  • 02.10.2005: New SLICK iso is available on 1 CD install . This iso has the latest ck5 patches integrated and includes now Azureus and Kopete.
  • 01.10.2005: Con Kolivas Kernel now contains also nongpl modules and is available under packages.
  • 27.09.2005: Con Kolivas himself will maintain the CK-SUPER kernel patches. The first patches are available and packages as kernel*rpm too.
  • 20.09.2005: The first SLICK iso is now available with KLIK and Kynaptic (apt) integrated. This iso is supercharged .... download it from 1 CD install. Next things integrated will be some more i686 packages and of course the CK kernel. This will happen the coming week.
  • 18.09.2005: OSzine reports on SUPER.
  • 12.09.2005: TUXMachines reviews our standard 1 CD install on Tuxmachines. The benchmark actually seems to compare only the 1 CD install and not really any SUPER mods. 1CD install is already quite faster.
  • 11.09.2005: KLIK to be integrated into the 1 CD install. Please visit also SLICK and SUPER KLIK, the SLIM 1 CD install SUPER install option.
  • 11.09.2005: Updated 1 CD install KDE iso available. Wireless support and dialup integrated.
  • 09.09.2005: 1 CD install/standard (unmodified) iso's for RC1. Minimal, KDE and Gnome iso now available.
  • 07.09.2005: Distrowatch Article about SUPER.
  • 06.09.2005: Article about SUPER.
  • 04.09.2005: Updated KDE iso available here.
  • 02.09.2005: Deutsche Homepage des SUPER-Projekts vorerst unter [1] (in Bearbeitung) - German Homepage of SUPER launched [2] (not finished yet).
  • 02.09.2005: SUPER standard benchmark has been expanded with some additional tests based on our 1 CD install. Some areas like booting .are improved, preloading has made already a big difference in application startup time and prelinking is actually making things certainly slower again. Very interesting results indeed. Check it out. Coolo sure was right about prelink how could I have doubted the master?
  • 02.09.2005: SUPER standard benchmark now includes SUSE beta4 standard. has integrated preloading and SUSE 10.0 will fly out of the box. Thanks a lot folks, you rock! OpenOffice starts in 3 seconds on our reference system. This is 15 seconds less than when we started the benchmarks.
  • 01.09.2005: 1 CD install/standard (unmodified) iso's for beta4.
  • 30.08.2005: 1 CD install Document on how to create a 1 cd install.
  • 29.08.2005: 1 CD install/standard (unmodified) iso's available.
  • 28.08.2005: beta3 i686 packages available in our apt/yast repository.
  • 26.08.2005: beta3 SUPER standard benchmark available.


  • 1 CD install allows you to install either a basic SUSE -standard kde minimal or gnome system on 1 CD and also a SLICK -modified version. Both versions can be updated using YOU. Slick can also be updated to bleeding edge code using kynaptic/apt. Additional software for -standard can be installed by using the public yast repositories or the DVD version. Additional software for -modified (SLICK) can also be installed by using the public yast repositories or the DVD version or by using kynaptic, which is the prefered way for SLICK. A 1 CD install is just a base to access all the SUSE packages.
  • 1_CD install torrent site
  • SUPERserver http
  • SUPERserver ftp

Current development milestones

  • Beta4 integration of SUPER techniques. (partial done)
  • Define final set of i686 rpm's.
  • Recompile Set of i686 rpm's.
  • Benchmark beta4 standard and new SUPER.
  • Create 1 CD iso with SUPER on it + already integrates techniques.
  • Script the whole lot to create super from base oss+src.rpm's.
  • Create CVS/SVN server for our team.
  • Announce mailinglist, SVN and optimized 1 CD iso.

What is SUPER?

SUPER is a testbed for anything that makes your SUSE Linux OS perform in a different manner than intended in the more stable and enterprise oriented SUSE Linux tree. This can be a speed improvement geared towards the specialised desktop user or an additional feature that is considered too experimental or dangerous by the main SUSE Linux tree.

The SUPER project concentrates on creating packages and modifications to SUSE Linux in the following areas:

  • Speed
  • Graphical Attractiveness
  • Missing features
  • General Experiments, bleeding edge.

Do you want to help? Let us know by subscribing to the opensuse-optimize mailinglist. The following information is probably going to change heavily once more people have input into it.


This is an openSUSE user driven project.

This project is done by members of the openSUSE community.

We do not want to create a new distro out of this or a fork that requires large amounts of code maintenance, since that would be futile. We only want to add certain packages and features that for one reason or another are not available in the standard SUSE. This can be interesting for both the demanding geek and the power hungry desktop user alike.

Current Project Members

Please add yourself if you contribute.

Technical Details

Currently to be integrated enhancements

  • Prelinking
  • preload kde+OpenOffice (has now been integrated into SUSE beta4 standard, thanks a lot folks, you rock!)
  • Con Kolivas kernel patches (will not be used unless we have someone with kernel skills on board)
  • Some i686 packages ( binutils preload gcc bzip2 zlib arts bash fam fontconfig freetype2 gdbm gimp glib2 gzip jpeg libpng MozillaFirefox openssh openssl prelink sysvinit tar util-linux xorg-x11)
  • Fonts Optimal Use of Fonts on SuSE
  • reiserfs noatime,notail
  • Security enhanced (no root logins)
  • Test also with defragmented filesystem
  • test with XFS noatime,nodiratime,logbufs=8 + mkfs.xfs -d agcount=45 -l size=64m

The howto is based on beta2 and is available on 10.0 beta2 i686 SUPER and the repository is on [3]. As soon as the super modified iso is released the mods become maintained and we can move on finding more mods.

Kernel -ck patch notice

New kernel rpm's with CK integrated under:


I'm currently running SUSE RC1 with the ck patchset, and am experiencing computing excellence.

Linux linux 2.6.13-ck5-8-default #1 Mon Sep 19 07:51:00 EDT 2005 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

These patches have been made by Con Kolivas:

[ ]

There is a patch for RC1 (8) and opensuse final (15) kernels.

For serious audio/music computing jackd must be used with realtime privileges - without root login. The kernel requires the realtime kernel module, which can be acquired from - use search. The realtime module module cannot be loaded to the kernel without compiling two important things into the kernel: 1. Processor Type and Features --> CONFIG_PREEMPT=y CONFIG_PREEMPT_BKL=y 2. Security options --> CONFIG_SECURITY_CAPABILITIES=m

The realtime module must be loaded as root with parameter "any=1" (modprobe realtime any=1) before starting for example qjackctl. Jackd without realtime capabilities reaches latencies barely < 40 ms , with realtime module latency < 10 ms. is a piece of cake.

Binary drivers Notice

Got 2 rpm's for you to test. You need kernel‑sources and gcc and make:

ATI driver:

# rpm ‑Uvh  fglrx‑8.16.20‑1.SUPER.i686.rpm 

then run the following on a konsole

# sax2 ‑r ‑m 0=fglrx ‑b /usr/share/doc/packages/fglrx/sax2‑profile

Close, Test and Save the new configuration and exit sax2 and restart X

NVIDIA driver:

# rpm ‑Uvh nvidia‑7676‑1.SUPER.i686.rpm

Restart X


What? Description Added yet Improvement Tested yet? Real Life bench Technical bench
Standard Standard SUSE install on IBM T42p NA NA SUPER standard benchmark SUPER technical benchmark
FLAGS "-O3 -march=i686 -mtune=i686" Y Y SUPER standard benchmark
preload (now in SUSE beta4!) even more by preloading more files Y Y SUPER standard benchmark
prelink prelink system after install and remove kdeinit startup Y Y SUPER standard benchmark
Con Kolivas patches Improves System repsonsiveness Y Y SUPER standard benchmark
XFS XFS has a fast algorithm and online defragmentation N N No report yet
initng see if initng makes difference compared to paralellboot N N No report yet

A few technical principles we follow

  1. Create SUSE addon packages that make it fast and snappy and contain experimental features not found in the standard more consumer/enterprise oriented and stable SUSE. SUPER can be your testbed for things to come and features you want to try and keep in a maintained manner until they could if accepted go into the mainstream code base or be maintained within SUPER.
  2. Create test reports on features/speed improvements that then could be going into the mainstream branch. These reports are geared to prove to the mainstream maintainers to take this feature/improvement on.
  3. We should stay as close as possible to the SUSE Linux code, since this means that each openSUSE release gets followed on the day by our "addon" packages. Those packages should and could be installed on top of an existing SUSE install or for convenience sake we could also create a 1 CD/DVD desktop distro a user can download and install quickly and then install additional packages onto with Yast or Kynaptic/Synaptic against the or other repositories. We could also create a mini install containing <150 base packages on top of which a geek can install the rest. The result is a fast and experimental SUSE in which new technologies that improve speed and performance in any way can be tested and then used in a maintained manner with the SUPER repository.
  4. Create scripts to be able to release the modifications on the day of a new SUSE Linux release or of a development release or of an updated package.

Specific areas of interest to openSUSE users


  • recompile in the following order (some packs might not exist, since I took these from my previous experience with another distro).

binutils preload gcc bzip2 zlib arts bash fam fontconfig freetype2 gdbm gimp glib2 gzip jpeg libpng MozillaFirefox openssh openssl prelink sysvinit tar util-linux xorg-x11

  • Look at if it is possible to the packages we decide should be optimised as athlon and pentium4 optimised packages and not just i686 on a DVD edition and have the installer choose according to that architecture. That would be the ideal scenario
  • create base install (150 packages)
  • add apt to it
  • add prelink
  • apt-get install kdebase and add some more packages to make it all look good.
  • add some yast packages
  • get the file list
  • compile kynaptic and add it
  • autoyast instruction. Easy install for dummies
  • Test, test and create a objective comparison system
  • Compare to standard SUSE Linux and create chart.
  • Publish results and get more people onboard.
  • The whole build process should be scripted so that we can just run the script when a new opensuse comes out.
  • Consider adding some lightweight X window managers e.g. blackbox, fluxbox or icewm

Boot optimisation

  • initng
  • reduce file operations esp during boot. Can get achieve by different configuration or changing applications.
  • Cache files for bootup with readahead. Note: Suse is already working on this! Have a look at their new preload package version 0.2, included with beta3

A hint from a user that contacted me offlist from the openSUSE project brought me to look at readahead, which is used by Fedora. In the bugreport there is a perl script to extract that information and create all the needed readahead files. Script is attached at

Graphical Attractiveness

  • 3D graphicsdrivers included for ATI and NVIDIA (or at least as easy install by YOU for ATI drivers than Nvidia)
  • Optimal Use of Fonts on SuSE

Missing Features

This section will contain software that is missing from SUSE. Some of the software is hosted in countries where the distribution of the code is allowed. This is valid for the DVD, media and other code.

  • MPLayer fully featured
  • kaffeine fully featured
  • mp3 fully integrated
  • Xserver. Use a tiny and fast Xserver as experimental feature
  • SLICK create a very slick iso for those who like it minimalistic.
  • Repositories and easy upload policy as discussed on the opensuse-optimize list
  • Java
  • rar
  • Azureus

Current Issues

  • more people needed to actively pursue tasks and find areas of potential optimisation
  • Online reiserfs defragmentation tool needs to be written
  • Reiserfs4 needs to be integrated into the yast installer


Unsorted ideas

  • First test hack to prove that it can be done and is useful and get more people onboard.
  • Webbased userfriendly packages delivery SUPER_KLIK.
  • Harden OpenSuse with Bastille Linux, or provide this option at install. Need to assess impact on speed/performance, if any.