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Easier way to switch between network config

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If you're using your laptop to surf by wifi on the internet at two places (work and home). These two connections must be configure with DNS, WEP, IP, routeur, network name... And you must do all of this configuration each time you go work or be back at home !

"System Configuration Profile Management" exists but it's a heavy way with many options (and not just connections settings). So it is more for administrator than end-user.

So, is it possible to add a way to save connections settings (like in windows) ? This way it becomes possible to switch easier between several network configurations. I think this is a must have feature for mobility...

There is an app in NLD which does excatly that. I have a look if the app is distributable and if I can find a src.rpm I will get it into SUPER. User:Agirardet

Found it :)

It looks actually very good imho. It is Gnome so I see if we got space on the CD1 for that, but I get it onto apt as soon as possible.

Check the CDs. We include netapplet alerady.

Btw, the newest hype network switcher is NetworkManager, focus on that. Oh, an NetworkManager is on our CDs too. Oh wonders. -Msmeissn

I highly recommend KInternet, it has installed by default for me since SUSE 9.3, it's awsome.