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Fast boot

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I followed many time ago a discussion about parallel boot, that is forking as many process as possible. linux boot is too long comparing to it's competitors, but I have no idea of how to do this :-) jdd

We do that already, check /etc/sysconfig/boot:

Next Mandriva seems to boot in 44s. See bootchart graph here : bootchart.png Can we use the same method to speed up OpenSUSE ? F-perret 15:48, 22 Aug 2005 (MDT)

Should this not be integrated into SUPER? Andreas

So you still haven't measured how quick OpenSUSE boots in your very setup? My guess for that hardware, it should end up with 38s Coolo

On my laptop Suse 9.3 boot in 1,35 min, Suse 10 beta 4 in 1min. It's a great progress... F-perret 10:38, 5 Sep 2005 (MDT)