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Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

I'm just a (happy) SUSE Linux user looking forward to the openSUSE community project.

I've been thinking about a light openSUSE distribution. For now, I'm calling it SLICK, which stands for Suse LIte: Core + Kde (you can laugh :)) or in case using SUSE in the name becomes problematic, Simple LInux: Core + Kde.

Here's my openSUSE wish list:

  • Do something about default fonts, especially in Firefox. They're ugly. The most frustrating task for me when first installing SUSE was to configure all the different fonts so the system could look half-decent. Not good.
  • Look into better software management tools than the current YastT/RPM system. Switch to apt4rpm? Or at least integrate support for it into Yast and make it the default method. Yeah, I think I like that. Ideally openSUSE could develop an entirely new, easy to use installation/software management system, perhaps something like the autopackage people suggest here. But yeah, realistically I don't see that happening, so I'd be more than happy with apt4rpm/Yast integration.
  • Decide to focus on one desktop system. KDE! I don't really see this happening either, seeing as how Novell bought Ximian, but yeah... It looks a waste of resources to me to fully support both of them.
  • Have a central repository of contributed packages, plugged into the software installation tool.
  • Webmin!