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stands for SUPER LIte Core + Kde.
The aim is to create a lightweight, desktop-oriented, easy-to-use Linux distribution based on SUSE Linux.

The project is restarting from scratch with with redefinition of goals. Please let us know that you have interest to participate and share ideas on Interest to Start Again and make proposals on Base CD project pages.


  • Now we have large installation media

Today's distributions are huge collections of software that contain thousands of software packages. In average on installation media will be included two desktop environments (KDE and Gnome), several word processors (, Abiword, KOffice), several databases (MySQL, Postgres), three internet connection managers, half a dozen text editors, etc. This redundancy is because the designers cannot know what the software user likes or is used to, so including more will make more happy users.

  • It would be nice if they would be small and fast

This is addressed by the SLICK approach that offers a basic useful system that can be expanded as user's needs and/or wishes are growing. Expansion can be done by downloading packages or purchasing additional media.

  • SUSE is already so good, why do something like this

SUSE is a distribution toolkit, that creates OES, NLD, SMS, SUSE Linux and more.
It is a complete system, but it is missing just this: a lean and mean installation and basic system that anybody can enrich. Something small and fast that can be used by others to form more specialized solutions.

  • That will fragment the user base

Yes, formally, but not in the essence. A general-purpose OS with a large user base is fine for the company to attract investors, but it has no meaning for the users. Recent developments in naming may prove that some other people realized this too. One likes music, the other programming, a third will write texts, create and edit pictures, a fourth will have an accounting system for his/her business, and so on. Linux is an ideal tool for this purpose, and SLICK as the base can be excellent choice for developers.

  • I have an old and cheap computer

I would like to use it to try Linux. Which Linux is the best?

Wouldn't be nice to answer this question with SLICK, instead of few other names.