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Bugs:Most Annoying Bugs 10.2 dev

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The most annoying bugs and their suggested workarounds:

For general information about reporting bugs, see Submit a Bug. During the alpha tests do not report partly translated dialogs or completely missing translations; expect updated translation during the beta tests. Also see the OpenSUSE Localization Guide.

openSUSE 10.2 (Final)

openSUSE 10.2 RC1

  • opensuseupdater opens its window on every desktop login. fix, as root: 'echo "NotShowIn=KDE;" >>/opt/kde3/share/autostart/opensuseupdater.desktop' Bug #222478
  • grub crashes with default proposal & dmraid Bug #222110

openSUSE 10.2 Beta 2

  • registration may incorrectly require to run a browser (but misses package for that). Bug #219354
  • After installation, grub waits for keypress at the menu screen and does not use the graphical menu. Bug #219409
  • suseplugger crashes directly. Bug #219356
  • syslog-ng is not starting if AppArmor is running. Bug #219583
  • suspend to disk does not resume but boot directly. Wait for updated suspend packages. Bug #219629
  • enabling the external output with sax2 or during installation will make the login screen unusable. Bug #219772
  • it is not possible to log in to the rescue system as each login attempt results in just another login prompt. Bug #219112
  • YaST2 (in more detail: Xserver) crashes if you test the Xserver configuration at the end of the installation; this results in a fbdev based Xserver configuration; workaround: run "sax2 -r" on top this Xserver and do not test the new configuration. Bug #219946

openSUSE 10.2 Beta 1

  • Some significant performance problems on ATA-HD with ata_piix driver Bug #214909
  • On some new installations an error occured preparing a hard disk Bug #214682. The problems show up when either installing onto a disk without valid partition table or doing an installation involving EVMS devices. If the problem was caused by an disk without valid partition table restarting the installation is a easy workaround since the problems ouccur after partitioning and therefore second install will have a valid partition table on the disk. EVMS based installations will probably be not possible with beta1 at all, but we would nevertheless be interested in any bug reports if brave people try it anyway.
  • During installation you will be asked if you want to add additional installation sources. That will often fail and cause the installation routine to abort leaving you with an incomplete configured system. Workaround: don't agree to add additional sources. Bug 214886
  • zen-updater is not installed by default Bug #214877
  • kpowersave crashes directly Bug #214881
  • Major changes in the bluez-libs might lead to problems with connecting to Bluetooth-devices
  • Help Center Integration of the openSUSE Manuals is work in progress. There are issues with the desktop files Bug #213573
  • yelp segfaults Bug #210429
  • The product is not completly localised, localisation will be done for Beta2.
  • Grub installs in MBR no matter what is selected in YaST2-bootloader Bug #213256
  • YAST2 printer module crashes rebuilding the driver database Bug 214265 This is fixed in yast2-printer-2.14.4. There is no need to reopen or report this again if you still have yast2-printer-2.14.3.

openSUSE 10.2 Alpha 5

  • Registration fails Bug #205392
  • After logging in to KDE, a popup window will inform you that dbus is not running. Just ignore the message - dbus is running Bug #206352
  • Suspend to disk will fail with an error message "The resume device configured in /etc/suspend.conf". (fixed powersave package should be in factory by monday, until then you can edit /etc/suspend.conf and put your resume device from the resume=... boot parameter there. However, the fixed package is better).
  • The x86-64 uses nearly double the disk space for installed packages than usual. It looks like a bug in binutils stripping the binaries Bug #210331
  • Instead of /dev/hd for IDE disks using Intel ICHx chipsets the libata interfaces are used and disks show up as /dev/sd Bug #198376
  • zen-updater always shows patterns to update Bug #198379
  • It's not possible to start applications via kdesu, eg yast2. Workaround: use "su" in a shell. Alternate Workaround: If you have GNOME installed as well, gnomesu can work as a substitute for kdesu. Bug #208272
  • The bootloader configuration on BIOS-based RAID (so-called FakeRAID) systems fails. Bug #208076
  • gnome-screensaver does not accept the correct password. Bug #204364 Solution: Update the gnome-screensaver package from the Factory tree.
  • CD changing does not work, you cannot install with changing of physical media Bug 210208. We will therefore release instead of CD images only a DVD iso!
  • There's no PowerPC distribution this time.

openSUSE 10.2 Alpha 4

  • USB mouse is not working in X, this breaks especially installation Bug #203609 Workaround: Make sure you don't have a mouse connected to an USB-port or use textmode for installation, e.g. textmode=1 on the kernel line.
  • zen-updater always shows patterns to update Bug #198379
  • Registration fails with an internal server error Bug #198381
  • the VNC password used during installation must be exactly 8 chars long Bug #184204

openSUSE 10.2 Alpha 3

  • YaST does not allow X11 configuration since it asks for non-existant xorg-x11-server-glx Bug #198250. Note: I could run X11 nevertheless and logged into both KDE and GNOME
  • zen-updater always shows patterns to update Bug #198379
  • f-spot does not work Bug #198377
  • gnome-wm does not handle X11R7 Bug #197093
  • Firefox does not start Bug #197928
  • Registration fails with an internal server error Bug #198381
  • applications using python-gtk are broken, e.g. smart-gui Bug #198391
  • kde su does not accept correct password Bug #198408
  • Most kernel module packages are not build against the new 2.6.18rc4 kernel. If you need them, I advise to wait for their update. The Xen packages are not adjusted either.
  • The change of branding (from "SUSE Linux 10.1" to "openSUSE 10.2") is not complete.
  • X Server fails to start with error message "could not open default font 'fixed'", because SaX2 writes wrong font path entries into /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Replace /usr/lib/X11/fonts with /usr/share/fonts/ as workaround. Bug #198653

SUSE Linux 10.2 Alpha 2

  • Second stage installation in graphic mode is broken. It is recommended to do only text mode installations or kill the Xserver once the machine hangs. Bug #183827
  • A GNOME/x86-64 installation will complain about broken dependencies, just disable the banshee packages.

SUSE Linux 10.2 Alpha 1

  • Partitioning is seriously broken. Creating any partition will possibly destroy all data on the affected disk. Bug #185024
  • Second stage installation in graphic mode is broken. It is recommended to do only text mode installations. Bug #183827
  • Download of release notes does not work yet (server side issue).

SUSE Linux 10.1 (Final)

General issues

  • Adding unsigned repositories to ZMD. Currently adding of unsigned repositories via rug is not working, since rug has not the necessary callbacks. Use "rug set-prefs security-level checksum" for adding them, or use YAST.
  • Fixed with first package management update (please install using YaST Online Update for instance via "kdesu yast2 online_update"):
    • Applying security fixes via zen-updater might not work. [1] Workaround: Use YaST Online Update.
    • Installing an RPM which is both on the install media and on the online update source will crash YaST. (For instance if you install a package that is has got a security update already, like opera). [2]
    • Unsigned or badly signed installation sources always report error even if you select the "Do Not Show This Message Again" checkbox [3], [4]. This error message would reappear again next time you run the application (installation sources, packager).
  • The MS TrueType Corefonts fetch script is not yet available, but is planned to be provided. It might take some days due to testing. Also zen-updater would currently install it everytime time, this bug needs to be fixed first. The update was released on 2006-09-19. -Msmeissn
  • Patch and Delta RPMs are not supported currently. This means the update will always download the full RPMs. This was fixed in the 2006-09-19 package management stack update. -Msmeissn
  • kdebase3 vs kdebase3-SuSE conflict during update. This is tracked here and was a repository generation problem.
  • drbd Tools are included in the DVD Sell Version, but not the drbd kernel modules!

Driver Issues

  • Support for Atheros-based wireless cards has been removed due to license reasons with the madwifi-ng driver. [5] Possible Solutions:
  rug sa --type=ZYPP madwifi
  rug sub madwifi
and then install the packages x11-video-fglrx and ati-fglrx-kmp-default (replace default by your kernel type)
  • Nvidia: Add the YUM repository to YAST (Installation Source dialog):
and then install the package nvidia-gfx-kmp-default (replace default by your kernel type)
  • Support for Smartlink Softmodems (a set of "WinModems"),Intel 536EP-based (and 537?) modems was removed due to license reasons.
  • Some users have reported that they have been unable to properly install 10.1 on laptops that require the Intel i810 video chipset driver. Specific examples include the 855GM. Other chipsets may be affected as the i810 driver supports i810, i810-DC100, i810e, i815, 830M, 845G, 852GM, 855GM, 865G, 915G and 915GM chipsets. For more information see Bug 168618.

There is also a history of the most annoying bugs of SUSE Linux 10.1 during Beta and also the history of the most annoying SUSE Linux 10.0 bugs.