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Errata in the openSUSE 10.2 Documentation

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This page provides a list of the bugs and printing errors found in the openSUSE 10.2 documentation.


  • Section 1.5 Media Check is not accurate. The media check dialog appears only if you install from media created from downloaded ISOs. If you install from the original media set, the dialog is skipped.
  • Section 3.5 Keeping the System Up-to-date contains wrong information on the openSUSE updater
    • The openSUSE Update icon in the panel/notification area depicts a globe with an arrow in the bottom left part which changes color depending on the availability of updates:
      blue globe, orange arrow with black stripes: Checking for Updates
      blue globe, orange arrow: Updates available
      blue globe, green arrow: No Updates available
      yellow triangle with exclamation mark: An error occured
      On the availability of updates openSUSE Updater also opens a pop-up window with a notification. You can directly start the update installation from this window by clicking on Install
    • the openSUSE updater is not started by default. Start it with the command opensuseupdater
    • the openSUSE updater checks every 24 hours for the availability of updates


  • Chapter 14.5 Creating Boot CDs contains errors.
Please refer to the corrected version avaiable at