Atheros madwifi

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In SUSE Linux 10.1 the madwifi driver for Atheros wireless cards is not included in the distribution as it's HAL module is only available as binary.

However it is still possible to use this driver.

Installation of kernel modules

There are driver packages for SUSE Linux available directly from the Madwifi project. They can be installed from their repository by adding it as an installation source in YaST, by first opening up YaST, select Installation Source, click Add and select "Specify URL..." and enter "" (Without the quotes) in the URL field and click OK, now wait for YaST to download package information, when it's done, click on Finish and enter Software Management, now search for madwifi, and you should see a bunch of packages appear, you need to install "madwifi" (If it's already installed, right click on it and select Update) and madwifi-kmp-<your kernel flavor>, to find out which one of the madwifi-kmp-* packages you need, you can open up a terminal and type in

  uname -r

You should now see something like:<kernel flavor>

Right click on the corresponding madwifi-kmp package and select install, and click on Accept and wait for the packages to be downloaded and installed.

Here are the steps for compiling and installing the driver from the sources

1. Make sure you have installed the kernel-source and the C++ compiler.

2. Download the current drivers from this location [1]

3. Unpack the archive in a temporary folder

4. "make"

5. "make install"

6. modprobe ath_pci

Another way to use the card is via the ndiswrapper.