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Because anybody with a user account can edit the wiki, the wiki team is quite a loose group of individuals. There are however a few hardcore members that help to contribute and maintain the wiki on a near daily basis. See also OpenSUSE Community.

If you are interested in regular contribution to the wiki, you should consider signing up for the openSUSE-wiki mailing list. If you are interested in contributing to more traditional documentation, you should visit the Documentation Team.

New Volunteers - Start Here

The first thing is to learn some basics on how to edit a page. Once you have figured out the basics, you can look at the Maintenance Tasks below as they include lots of pages that need attention, every little bit helps.

To just play with editing a page, use your own user page or the OpenSUSE:Sandbox.

Current Wiki Team Tasks

These are now listed on the general openSUSE Project Tasks page.

Maintenance tasks

These tasks are always in need of attention

The Wiki Team 'Hardcore' Members

Here we are:

Interwiki sysops

Who are the sysops of the localised wikis? May be they will present themselves here :-).

jdd - can read/write english, french, italian
Beineri - {en,de}
Msundmark - can read/write English, Swedish
kkemenczy -
GoksinAkdeniz -