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Templates are great at keeping things looking consistent. If you are new, you may not be ready to create them, but don't worry, they are very easy to use. Just add the contents in the "what to type" column and you will get the text in the "What it Makes" column inserted on the page.

What to type What it makes Where it goes
{{IW|page name}} Set Interwiki links for all localized wikis Insert at the end of the page
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This article refers to version 'Insert version here' and is now obsolete.
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The procedure in this article was written and tested with version Insert version here
Whilst there is no guarantee, it should be applicable to later versions.
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{{Note|This text appears in the note.}}
This text appears in the note.
{{Info|Informational Text}}
Informational Text
{{Warning|Warning text}}
Uyarı! Warning text
{{VersionNote|Version|Version Note}}
Version Note

For a list of all available Templates see All Templates.

These act like macros, they insert their contents at the point they are entered.

Note: Because some of the templates on this page belong to categories, this page also belongs to all those categories, this is a Wiki side effect and can be ignored.