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SUSE Linux Documentation

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openSUSE Teams

We are the infamous Doku-Wichtl, a group of dedicated people who write the SUSE Linux manuals. We collect input from all kinds of sources available to us. We suck knowledge out of developers' brains and turn it into something intelligible.

  • Would you like to be a source?
    Write an e-mail to opensuse-doc.
  • Would you like to write for us?
    Write an e-mail to opensuse-doc.

We use open source tools for our daily work with one exception: the commercial FO formatter XEP from RenderX.

Our documentation is written in XML and we use the NovDoc DTD, which is related to DocBook (see NovDoc DTD). The XML sources of our manuals can be found at

The production system we use is developed by us. You may have heard that the most dangerous animal in the universe is a developer with a screwdriver. You were misled; it's a coding Doku-Wichtl!

Now, if you don't want to write for us or let us suck your brains out, there are still things you can do to support your SUSE Doku-Wichtl:

  • File a bug report if you find any problems in the manuals (see more about how to report bugs).
  • Use the comment system of our online manuals Start-Up or Reference.
  • Subscribe to the opensuse-doc mailing list and tell us what we can do better and maybe how. Or tell us that you think our manuals are the most fascinating pieces of world literature.

The Documentation Team Members

Here we are:

Documentation team

From left to right: Jana, Rebecca, Frank, Karl, Thomas S., Thomas R. (sitting), Berthold, Tanja, Klara, Jakub