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openSUSE Teams

The QA Team consists of the following members:

QA Head

Mihnea Istinie

QA Automation

Christian Hueller

QA Kernel

Oliver Ries

The QA Department at SUSE has several different Areas it works in:

  • Maintenance Tests
    • Functionality
    • Bugfixes
  • Product Tests
    • Component Tests
    • Feature Tests
    • Stress/Reliability/Stability Tests
  • Testcase creation
    • Package related Testcases
    • Feature related Testcases
  • Automation
    • Integration of available Testsuites in the QA Tests
    • Testautomation for CLI application Tests
    • Testautomation for GUI application Tests
  • Custom Testing
    • custom testarrangements for reproduction of bugreports
    • regression of fixed bugreports
    • setup of special configurations for Development

Here you will find soon testplans, testresults and access to our testcases.