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Karl Eichwalder

Edith, Scott, and me (2005). Taken by Thomas Rölz

I work as a technical writer for "SUSE Linux Products", a Novell company in Nuremberg. Besides writing and editing as a member of the SUSE Linux Documentation team, I maintain software components coming with SUSE Linux: SGML and XML related packages, small GNU Emacs add-ons, and the YaST translation packages.

I'm the co-maintainer of the Free Translation Project (TP) hosted at DIRO of UMontreal:

I studied art history and German literature at the University of Göttingen (Germany). In 1986 I gained my degree of the master of arts (M.A.). During the next years I re-worked a part of the "Dehio: Handbuch der deutschen Kunstdenkmäler/Niedersachsen" (Dehio: Handbook of German Art Monuments/Lower Saxony) under the guidance of Gerd Weiß.

Then I was employed by a small computer shop for nearly 2 years, learned GNU/Linux under auspices of Eberhard Mönkeberg, and joined the S.u.S.E. company in 1997. In August 2005 I went on a two-weeks business trip to Dublin where I exchanged experiences with the Novell Localization team.

My home page is in German: (partialy out of date)

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