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Meetings/Status Meeting 2006-06-13

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This meeting is meant to discuss the latest developments in and around openSUSE.

It was held on

Tuesday 2006/06/13 18:00 CEST (16:00 GMT)

Meeting Minutes

Thomas Hertweck wrote on

Minutes of the Status Meeting 13.06.2006

a) mailing list infrastructure

- Henne has new infrastructure almost in place: new mailing list software, scripts, conversion of old archives, new search function for archives, web layout etc. are working. There are still some things to sort out, e.g. backup, handling of bad accounts, etc..

- timeframe: should be finished by 16.06.

- next step: move opensuse lists to new infrastructure. If this works out as expected, the suse lists will be moved as well.

- there will be slight changes in the mailing list layout: the plan is to have a catchall mailing list "opensuse" for general questions and a project-related mailing list "opensuse-project" which is then meant for discussing the coordination of the project only. Other mailing lists can be considered as the need arises.

- Beineri proposed to use the same layout for the IRC channels as well. A decision was postponed, further discussion about this topic expected to happen on IRC channels.

b) Q & A

- questions concerning problematic updates from 10.0 OSS to 10.1 were redirected to opensuse list or bugzilla as it was not possible to answer these technical questions without knowing the details.

- forums: official openSUSE forums are still in "technical evaluation" state. cthiel is working on it. timeframe: some weeks as of now; everybody agreed that work should be finished before SUSE Linux 10.2 is released.

- there will be no new ISOs with fixed package manager. People should use the online update during installation or YOU (if the OS is already installed) - this has been tested and it works. Problems with mirror delays have been solved.

- sPiN mentioned problems with the registration process and the error message "no product found" and WIFI connections being killed. sPiN was asked to report the problem in bugzilla.

Next meeting is schedulded for 27.06.06.

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Mailing lists

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Q & A (see questions below)

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Q&A Section

Please add your questions or remarks about topics from the agenda here if you can't participate. We will try to answer them in the meeting.

Your Name Question/Comment
DimStar Upgrading of OSS: are there any plans to make this work smoothly? From 10.0 to 10.1, it failed for some reasons (pkg dependencies, then not booting) while a clean install of 10.1 on the same hardware worked.
DimStar I once saw some partitioning discussion around (can't find it anymore). The proposal of 10.1 was more than ugly (I have 2x 200GB HD, it offered 20G for / and 180 for /home).

see [1] and [2] --John_Arson 18:03, 9 June 2006 (UTC)

Alaniemi There were some kind of discussion about official suse forum in the past meetings... Has anyone got any new info about the progress?
Alaniemi The Suse Linux 10.1. GM had many problems in the ZMD/ZEN/LIBZYPP/YAST area . Now when it seems that the problems have been solved, would it possible to offer people new isos with updated packages/patch cd? I mean if a regular joe downloads the isos and finds it impossible to update and the package management isn't fully working, that just can't be good for the reputation. Fedora does release unofficial re-spin isos (released version+updates included). In the current state of SL 10.1. this approach should be atleast pondered.

or at least add an update cd jdd

what about adding stuff to the add-on cd/dvd --John_Arson 13:26, 10 June 2006 (UTC)

Kenneth Aar Are there any plans for making an installable live dvd or CD for SUSE 10.2?

That was already asked last during last meeting. See its transcript for the answer.

k0da is there plans to include latest GNOME to factory? if yes, then when?

That was already asked last during last meeting. See its transcript for the answer.

bear454 The current round of patches seems to break winbind (Active Directory) integration with KDM. When will winbind support become more formalized, and supported by both KDM and GDM?


2006/06/13 openSUSE Status Meeting transcript