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Ekstra Yast paket depoları

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

Uyarı! YaST prior to SUSE Linux 10.1 fully trusts installation sources and does not perform any kind of authenticity verification on the contained packages. So be careful when adding installation sources on the Internet.

A list of currently existing third-party YaST repositories. Novell cool solutions have described extensively how to use them.

Where is says you must look up a mirror here to get to the actual directory. This is because itself is limited in bandwith and users. Always use a mirror. ve yansılarında tutulanlar

  • International mirrors for the released versions. Just pick one and add it as a source.
  • Mirror for the development build. Just pick one and add it as a source.
  • Installing Java on SUSE Linux.
  • Current KDE versions can be installed for released SUSE Linux distributions. You need to add the SUSE_Linux_your_version/ directory to the YaST source manager. The directories are as follows:
  • Current versions of projects (use 10.0 for stable releases and experimental/10.0 for pre-releases): On a mirror directory /projects/mozilla
  • Misc contains various other smaller applications.

Tam SUSE deneyimi için kurulum kaynakları

There is one installation source that can be added which will give you almost everything the boxed version has to offer. Depending on the mirror you are using, the first part may be different. The directories are:


It is not needed if you have the retail boxed version. Here are the mirrors for openSUSE and for SUSE.

Yeni Versiyonla Paketlerin Güncellenmesi

Generally, SUSE does not provide update packages with newer versions in the official update tree. Mainly for stablity and security reasons updates are usually just from v1.2.x to v1.2.y. However, there are many users who want or even need new versions (like v1.2.x to v2.6.y) to use with the official tree anyway. Some SUSE developers create and build new version and place them here:

Please read this README before updating with these packaged.

YaST deposu olmadan Paketleri Güncelleme

  • Various projects provide RPMs without a YaST repository.
  • The Kernel of the Day is the most recent SUSE Linux kernel.

Dış YaST Depoları

These repositories are not under the control of a SUSE employee. If you are interested in creating a repository for your site, read the Installation Sources manual for information.

To add the External YaST Repositories, open YaST, go to Change Source of Installation and press Add. There, first select the protocol and, on the next page, enter the server and the directory as listed below. Make sure that the directory matches your version (e.g., do not use suse/10.0 if you actually have SUSE 9.3)

You may also use /usr/bin/installation_sources to add/remove/show repositories from command line.


Packman offers various additional packages for SUSE Linux. Please use a mirror if possible:

protocol    - HTTP
server name -
Directories - suse/10.0


Guru's RPM site contains packages optimized for i686 and x86_64

protocol    - HTTP
            - FTP
server name -
Directories - pub/linux/misc/suser-guru/rpm/8.2
            - pub/linux/misc/suser-guru/rpm/9.0
            - pub/linux/misc/suser-guru/rpm/9.1
            - pub/linux/misc/suser-guru/rpm/9.2
            - pub/linux/misc/suser-guru/rpm/9.3
            - pub/linux/misc/suser-guru/rpm/10.0
            - pub/linux/misc/suser-guru/rpm/10.1


drcux rebuild for suser-*... contains suser-* packages optimized for x86_64

protocol    - HTTP
            - FTP
server name -
Directories - pub/linux/misc/suser-drcux/100


Various packages from the suser-jengelh repository

Protokoll   - HTTP
            - FTP
            - rsync
Servername  -
Verzeichnis - /pub/linux/misc/suser-jengelh/SUSE-9.3/
            - /pub/linux/misc/suser-jengelh/SUSE-10.0/
            - /pub/linux/misc/suser-jengelh/SUSE-10.1/


More packages for various SUSE releases by Robert Schiele can be found here. Some of them are new packages, some of them are just updated packages from the original SUSE ones, and some just fix bugs when SUSE does not provide these bug fixes.

protocol    - HTTP
server name -
Directories - ~schiele/suse/9.0
            - ~schiele/suse/9.1
            - ~schiele/suse/9.2
            - ~schiele/suse/9.3
            - ~schiele/suse/10.0
            - ~schiele/suse/10.1


Scorot is another repository with many packages.

protocol    - HTTP
            - FTP
server name -
Directories - pub/linux/misc/suser-scorot/suse90
            - pub/linux/misc/suser-scorot/suse91
            - pub/linux/misc/suser-scorot/suse92
            - pub/linux/misc/suser-scorot/suse93
            - pub/linux/misc/suser-scorot/suse100


Current builds of Battle for Wesnoth packaged by Holger Hetterich are available for download at this place.

protocol    - HTTP
server name -
Directories - rpm/wesnoth/9.2
            - rpm/wesnoth/9.3
            - rpm/wesnoth/10.0
            - rpm/wesnoth/OpenSUSE-current (contains builds for the current OpenSUSE development release)


Víctor Fernández's SUSE repository contains different packages, mainly (but not only) related to KDE.

protocol    - HTTP
server name -
Directories - ~vfernandez/suse/9.1
            - ~vfernandez/suse/9.2
            - ~vfernandez/suse/9.3
            - ~vfernandez/suse/10.0
            - ~vfernandez/suse/10.1


The SUSE Performance Enhanced repository by the openSUSE SUPER and Agirardet project with SUPER packages and the CK kernel.

protocol    - HTTP
server name -
Directories - apt/suser-agirardet/10.0

usr local bin

The usr-local-bin project created by James Ogley contains mainly GNOME packages, but also other packages, and has been in existence since SUSE 7.3. Packages for SUSE versions before 10.0 are available from the Web site. Some packages now available optimized for either i686 or i586. ( 060512: no 64-bit rpms )

protocol    - FTP
server name -
Directories - pub/linux/usr-local-bin/10.0
            - pub/linux/usr-local-bin/10.1


[1] Various Packages since Suse 8.2.(060512: no 64-bit rpms)

protocol    - FTP
server name -
Directories - linux/misc/suser-oc2pus/10.0/


GnuCash on SUSE (i686 only) Additional dependencies for GnuCash are found in suser-oc2pus.

protocol    - FTP
server name -
Directories - linux/misc/suser-crauch/10.0/


Various packages by Liviu Damian

protocol    - FTP
            - HTTP
server name -
Directories - pub/linux/misc/suser-liviudm/10.0


[2] MythTV packages (and a couple of dependancies) ported to SuSE by Simon Crute from the ATrpms mythTV rpms. The myth RPMs them selves.

protocol    - ftp
server name -  (this is a mirror)
Directories - pub/linux/misc/suser-scrute/suse10 

Packman for PPC

Packman for PPC contains part of the Packman packages recompiled for PPC on a Pegasos machine.

protocol    - FTP
server name -
Directories - pub/pmppc100/


JackLab ProAudio software and audio realtime kernel for musicans and mediaproducer. Website

protocol    - FTP
            - HTTP
server name -
Directories - pub/linux/misc/jacklab/SUSE-9.2
            - pub/linux/misc/jacklab/SUSE-9.3
            - pub/linux/misc/jacklab/SUSE-10.0
            - pub/linux/misc/jacklab/SUSE-10.1


Funktronics Freevo home theatre platform and a number of development packages, mostly for Python and Perl. Apt repositories going back to SUSE 8.0 are also available.

protocol    - FTP
server name -
Directories - pub/rpm/SuSE-10.0/


JArpack contains mainly GNOME packages.

protocol    - HTTP
server name -
Directories - /suse/10.0/


LAB-Project maintains latest PHP builds and many PECL extensions.

protocol    - HTTP
server name -
Directories - /files/suse/10.1/