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Robert Schiele

Robertschiele.png project motto:
Randall: Look, do you want to be leader of this gang?
Strutter: No, we agreed: No leader!
Randall: Right. So shut up and do as I say.


OpenPGP-Key: 5A8A 11E4 4AD2 A162 3B84 E5AF C5C0 C5C7 218D 18D7

My homepage at work.

My daily rant.

Projects, Tools, and Packages

My packages for SUSE LINUX.

libdlxx is a small library for C++ specific libdl functionality.

morebuild is a wrapper to SUSE's build script. Get the latest release here.

mydrpmsync is a proof-of-concept implementation of a drpmsync client that can operate without the need of a running drpmsync server system.

msgnet is a library that implements a simulation framework for message passing networks.

ppmake is a tool to distribute build jobs on a PVM cluster. I no longer work on that project because we use a different environment on our cluster now.