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Holger Hetterich



Me and daughter Kiara

I joined SUSE in late '99, beginning with some feedback and support stuff, and about half a year later began to package GNOME for SUSE in a small team. Later I changed to the SDI (Support-Development-Interface) team, and today I am doing fulltime level3-support. Level3 support means handling critical issues, interfacing between support and development, providing special update packages, helping our customers and to make sure that these changes are caught by our maintenance process.

Other than that I love Heavy Metal and while trying to visit as many Motörhead gigs as possible :), I am a common guest at the New Force. In my spare time I try to win the campaigns in Battle for Wesnoth, and spend a fair amount of my freetime as a Greenpeace activist.

You can find current Battle for Wesnoth builds for SUSE 9.3-i386/x86_64, SUSE 9.2-i386/x86_64 and SUSE 10.0 here.

Contact me via one of these mail accounts: