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For previous versions of SUSE I can download all ftp directory and do "FTP Install" from downloaded source (using local ftp server or NFS). Is this possibility will be available for SuSE 10 OSS? And when, if "yes"?

This is the Internet Installation repository. Of course you can just download everything to your local harddisk and install from there. Whats exactly the problem?


Installed from CD, packages from FTP?

I installed from the CD set, but I want to select packages from an FTP site. How do I make that happen? I created a new installation source that points to the mirror, but when I look at the packages, I can't find anything new.


I have downloaded all ISO, burn all of them, except the ISO of CD #2, where I get errors at burning. Tried different aplications, lower speed, different CD media, different download mirror. Somewhere at 80% I get this kind of error: burn failed, error in writing. The computer is a Toshiba Dynabook, new one, no problem in writing, using Windows XP, burning aplications: latest version of Nero 6, Sonic RecordNow 7.2.

Best, Alex

internet installation

what is the ip adress that the Suse linux 10.0 needs to download bi internet installation and how can i point the yast to the mirror

Yeah, an answer to this would be kinda useful; one would tend to expect that an "Internet Installation" ISO would already know the download sources (or at least one).

Once the cd is booted, select Install and enter the following boot option: install=http://download.opensuse.org/distributions/SL-10.1/inst-source

If SUSE autodetects your network card/settings correctly it will start the install

Right now (see timestamp below) the above method does not work; nor does entering similar information in the installation GUI, as shown in the main article. Instead, a redirect "302 Found" occurs! This is strange, as the link to the repository at the bottom of the main article DOES show the repository, but when you try to get there with the installation GUI or by entering the above "install=" option at the initial page, you get the 302. Then I noticed that if I follow the link above, on THIS page, you are redirected to a 404 page! It's this one:


This in fact is the solution to the mystery: this URI is a typo; it should be:


(note no "s" on "distribution). If you enter this URI instead, your installation starts as advertised.

Hopefully the kind, generous, and highly intelligent people at opensuse.org will repair this redirect and make note of it here.

-Tzf 06:05, 24 July 2006 (UTC)

Upgrading from Previous SUSE Version

It doesn't seem to say anywhere whether or not it is possible to upgrade from 9.3 to 10 without reformating your hard drive. I don't want to go through all the trouble of downloading the install CD's to find out that it is not possible to upgrade. The website seems to imply that you must reformat (i.e. it says you can't put the install files on the same partition because they will get erased).

If it is possible to upgrade, there should be a page somewhere that says what are valid upgrade paths (e.g. 9.3 is upgradable to 10, but 8.x is not upgradable directly to 10 without upgrading to 9.x first). If there is no upgrade path (i.e. you have to start from zero at every version release), you should say so somewhere and I would highly suggest that you make it so that you can upgrade from the previous release to the next release without reformatting the drive and losing all your data and programs.

Or even better, make it so that you can upgrade to 10 by using YaST.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Downloads SUSE Linux 10.1

Dtmilano 09:09, 26 May 2006 (UTC)

It would be great to have the image size as weel as the MD5 checksums to recognize inmediatly if a download is incomplete

== Download link NOT WORKING: == http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/SL-10.1/SUSE-Linux-10.1-GM-DVD-i386.torrent

This link does not work. The other ones I tried do, though, so there must be something wrong with the i386 DVD file torrent on the server.