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Community Tasks

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What is this page about?

This page is a list of tasks that the opensuse community declared as vital but where no one could be found to do it. This is your chance to pick up one of the tasks and go right ahead doing usefull things for opensuse. If you finished a task remove it from this page please. If you have a task that needs to be done bring it up in the bi-weekly status meeting first.


  • Rework the download pages to match the new media layout
  • Come up with a better frontpage design - Frontpage redesign
  • Extend the SDB with articles

There are also general Wiki Maintenance Tasks listed on the Wiki Team page


  • Document the new media handling and alternatives (autofs, ivman) in the SDB.
  • Document libzypp/zmd/rug on the Libzypp page. Libzypp contains some information, but rug is only documented by example, there's no wiki page for rug. zen-updater, zen-remover and zen-installer seem to be undocumented. If you are doing this coordinate in bug #163279 please.
  • Document the rpm-md+ format we use in the 10.1 update directory. Please ask on the factory mailinglist if you have any questions about it. Part of it, the signing, is explained on Secure_Installation_Sources.

Yast documentation

Yast documentation is dramatically short. Of course many pages are straightforward, but for the others a doc should be done. We could use a new namespace "Yast:title of the page".

The opening page (control center) needs probably not to be documented. For the modules we could make a starting page with sub pages for option pages if applicable.

Here is an example of the proposed layout:

If known, it would be very usefull to add the name of the yast module found in rpm list. A copy in each language with the good images is a plus.

Per real use documentation

The wiki should not document only the inners of the distribution, but also the USE of it.

What are you using SUSE Linux for?

  • as a server
  • as a photo classification machine
  • a desktop office

.... (of course the answers are to be done, not only questions :-)


  • We need a Trust/Rating system


  • Talk to every mirror admin you come across to not only mirror but mirror also. If you convinced them to mirror add the mirror to the respective mirror pages in the download section.



We need volunteers to lead projects, give shape, define tasks, be a focal point of project development. Loose groups waste a lot of energy for duplicated efforts.