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This meeting is meant to discuss the latest developments in and around openSUSE.

It was hold on

Tuesday 2006/03/07 18:00 CET

Meeting Minutes

Bugzilla permissions

-- Christian Boltz

  • Currently, several bugs are not "open" because they are SLES bugs etc. This is annoying in several cases (bugs marked as duplicate, listed on "most annoying bugs" page etc.).
  • opening all SLES bugs isn't possible - some of them contain confidentialy data from novell partners
  • non-technical solution: remind people to open as much bugs as possible by moving them to "SUSE Linux"
Action item skh
- ask the bugzilla screening team to open SLES/novellonly bugs if possible
  • idea of a partly-technical solution: display a reminder "the duplicate had more open permissions - please consider opening this one too" when marking a bug as duplicate...
Action item cboltz:
- ask the bugzilla team (via bugzilla ;-) if this is possible -> bug 155846
Action item skh:
- assign bug 155846 to the bugzilla team
- ask the bugzilla team if we can make the product bugzilla open for everyone

CDB/HCL - hardware database efforts


  • the CDB is currently not maintained
  • there is a plan to revive it under the opensuse.org umbrella
  • in the mean time, contribution to the HCL is helpful
  • the laptop team needs the HCL for their work

Cleanup old Action Items

Mailing lists

  • postponed to after 10.1


Action Item henne:

  • Discuss mirror situation in opensuse@opensuse.org [ongoing/done?]
  • Involve ftpadmin@suse in the discussion
Action item henne:
- put that to the tasks page
  • turing reported a mirror admin was confused between ftp.suse.com / ftp.opensuse.org data
Action item turing:
- post the posting about this confusion to opensuse

FOSDEM review, built service

- Meeting minutes to be written :-( (see Transcript)
Bu makalenin geliştirilmeye ihtiyacı vardır. Eğer yardım edebilirseniz lütfen OpenSUSE Style Guide içerisinde yapın.

Eger yapacak birşeyler arıyorsanız articles that need expanding

Action Item michl:
- get a dev room for FOSDEM 2007


Action Item schiele: [2006-02-21: Discuss this at FOSDEM]

  • schiele gave a talk about that at FOSDEM
  • mirror servers won't need to run a drpmsync deamon
  • the ideas are done, the implementation isn't
  • schiele and mls will work on the implementation together
Action item mls:
- put drpmsync to a public svn repository

put torrents to the wiki

  • obviously pending because 10.1 final is not released yet

opensuse.org frontpage redesign

  • some discussions happened in opensuse and opensuse-wiki mailinglist
  • pflodo is doing a lot
  • there are some pages with proposals
  • action item (michl/pflodo) still open

Forum discussion

  • skh: we most probably will have opensuse forums
  • discussion on suselinuxsupport.de forum hasn't really started
  • action item is still open

subfs discussion / "Tasks" page

  • add sdb article about subfs replacement to tasks page
  • skh: tasks page still doesn't exist
  • action item still open

SDB migration / styleguide

open action items:

  • write HOWTO style-guide
  • communiccate that we want to keep SDB clean of HOWTO like writings
  • styleguide was mailed to opensuse-wiki, but is not online yet - ongoing
  • SDB vs. HOWTO will be done in the styleguide
  • action items still pending

end user documentation about KMP switch

  • write documentation about the end user part of the KMP switch
  • ongoing

documentation about libzypp

  • add info about all the small YaST tools to the libzypp Wiki page
  • ongoing

explain "Feature Freeze"

  • explain "Feature Freeze" on Factory and write something about the development model to Factory
  • done

other action items

  • the other action items from this mail are for the tasks page

Handling of Action Items

--Christian Boltz

Should open Action Items be handled in a bugzilla component or a wiki page?

advantages of bugzilla:

  • you can follow the status
  • you receive mails on changes
  • you can give tasks to other people easily
  • you can postpone them ("LATER")
  • no Action item can get "lost"
  • easier to use / query / sort
  • prefered by most participiants

advantages of a "open Action Items" wiki page:

  • it's one list (instead of several bugs)
  • less overhead
  • you can add/edit several items in a single edit step
  • prefered by AdrianS

do we need the "open Action Items" in the wiki (given we use bugzilla for them)?

  • duplicates work if otherwise handled in bugzilla
  • could be done with a (to be written) wiki plugin (bugzilla provides search results as XML etc.)
  • not really necessary - a link to a bugzilla search would be OK also


  • track open Action Items with a wiki page for two weeks
  • then do it two weeks using bugzilla
Action Item adrianS_:
- create the wiki page and the action-item category in bugzilla
- maintain the "open Action Items" wiki page

SUSE Linux 10.1'in Durumu

Olmadı çünkü Andreas Jaeger'ın zamanı yoktu.

Additional Wiki Languages

The openSUSE community would like a status update on the implementation of additional wiki languages, as several additional languages have now met the minimum number of pages required for translated pages (see Translation Status). Can the status update specifically clarify the following points:
  1. Are the only requirements for adding a wiki the translation of the pages listed as required on the OpenSUSE Translation Guide, and a willing maintainer?
  2. On an ongoing basis when a translation team has translated the minimum required pages, what is the expected time frame of wiki creation? Can it be a monthly or bi-monthly task to create wikis for languages that meet the criteria?
  3. Is posting to opensuse-wiki the correct place to request a new wiki (as currently stated in the guide), or should bugzilla be used?











Is there any planned way to control foreign langage wikis? I don't really like censorship, but how can I only guess if the chinese wiki (only an example) speaks about openSUSE or anything else? how will be the sysop trusted? I think there is no real problem for langages at least understood by some Novell persons, but for others? see the turkish problem seen on the list?

--Jdd sysop

- The only requirements for the creation of addional language wikis are:
  - The translation of the required pages as listed in the OpenSUSE Translation Guide
  - A willing moderator.
- The correct location to request additional wikis are on the opensuse-wiki mailing list.
- Time from request to launch of additional wiki: 2-4 weeks.

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