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This meeting is meant to discuss the latest developments in and around openSUSE.

It was held on

Tuesday 2006/02/21 18:00 CET

Meeting Minutes

Status SUSE Linux 10.1

--Andreas Jaeger

  • Busy with libzypp integration
  • Package manager upgrade working for Beta 5
  • APIC switched on by default on "newer" systems
  • Update to Linux kernel 2.6.16-rc4
  • Updates of translations
  • Building of debuginfo packages for Mono and Java
  • Update to GCC 4.1.0 one day before RC1
  • Integrated Beagle searching in the gtk2 file dialog
  • Update from previous release will work with package manager

Future schedule: We will release this week Beta5, followed by Beta6

  • Automount is solved for non-KDE/Gnome systems
  • A normal user will be able to shutdown
  • susewatcher is replaced by libzypp More info on Libzypp
Action Item AJaeger
- add info about all the small YaST tools to the libzypp Wiki page
  • wpa_supplicant should be taken to Bugzilla
  • Xgl is too late for inclusion as a supported package with 10.1
Action Item skh / AJaeger
- explain "Feature Freeze" on Factory and write something about the development model to Factory

Status Mailinglists


  • Still pending
Action Item henne/Klaus
- find out if we can help heiko with the postfix rewrites for the new list server

Proposal: Creation of a Community Task from Meetings

This proposal is to promote the interworking of SUSE staff and the community, it would require some handholding by staff, but this is hopefully outweighed by the proposed Community resource input into the project.

I would like the meeting attendees to express their view on the creation of a Community action item each week (if there is a suitable task).

In other words, to think of the community as a resource that can be assigned a task. A secondary step would then be to announce the action item in the minutes and interested community members respond with a commitment.

It is obvious that only certain tasks are suitable as a Community Task, I think the criteria would be:

  1. Clear objective (to describe the task and to measure completion of the task).
  2. Not time critical, (or at least the duration of the task is a lot shorter than the time until the deadline, to allow reassignment etc).
  3. Doesn't require access to internal systems etc

As an example, the update of the Wiki download page to accommodate the new media layout, could have been be a candidate for a Community Task in my view.

Benefit: Extra resources available. Promotes Community cooperation.

Risk: Failure of community to deliver, requiring staff to do task anyway.


  • Propsal to asign different Community Status levels depending on user's reliability; rebuffed due to lack of infratructure availability to handle such a task
  • Comunity does not know what is critical and what not
  • A Wiki page is the easiest way to start the process
Action Item skh
- create the Tasks Wiki page
Action Item darix
- take care of Bugzilla->Wiki piping for that page
Action Item adrianS
- create an a "action item" component in the product openSUSE in bugzilla

Clean up Old Action Items


Action Item skh:

  • explain the new media layout on

Action Item houghi:

  • start discussion about subfs replacement in non KDE/GNOME systems on opensuse-factory
    • Done and closed
    • automounting can be handled by non-KDE/Gnome users by installing ivman and launch it as user

Action Item henne:

  • write SDB article about alternatives of subfs
    • open
Action item skh
- Add to the task force page
  • discuss the alternatives in
    • Done and closed

Action Item notlocalhorst:

Action Item garloff:

  • provide notlocalhorst with details about KMP
    • Done and closed

Action Item aj:

  • announce fontconfig changes on opensuse-factory
    • Done and closed
  • announce fontconfig location on opensuse-factory
    • Done and closed
  • Document the change to libzypp so it's more understandable.


Action Item skh, henne:

  • Prepare an announcement for list migration to the internal SUSE lists.
  • Risk assessment for the internal packagers list.
    • On hold till after 10.1 launch

Action Item adrian:

  • Check again with IS&T about searchable list archives.
  • Done : swish-e nearly running

Action Item henne:

  • Put mailinglists into the next meetings agenda
    • Done
  • Setup opensuse-it mailinglist after naming convention is decided
    • Not done
Action Item henne
- Create opensuse-it and opensuse-fr
  • Come up with a proposal for mailing list layout in the future (helping skh)

Action Item darix:

  • Ask the Italian guys if it hurts them badly to wait a week or two (delay due to the name problem)
    • Not done

Action Item skh:

  • Come up with a proposal on mailing list layout in the future (henne will help)
  • Done and closed


Action Item cthiel, yaloki:

  • Evaluate our FOSDEM participation after FOSDEM
    • On-hold until FOSDEM is over

Action Item everybody:

  • Discuss Trust/Rating system at FOSDEM
    • On-hold until FOSDEM is over


Action Item cthiel:

  • Find out how many votes a user has in the KDE bugzilla
    • Done
  • Enable Voting
    • Done


Action Item notlocalhorst:

  • Create a guideline/styleguide page in the Wiki on internationalized wikis
    • Done
  • Write SDB HOWTO style-guide
    • Ongoing
  • Communicate that we want to keep SDB clean of HOWTO like writings
    • Status: unclear

Action Item henne:

  • Rework download page to match the new media layout
Action item skh
- Put on the task page

Action Item michl:

  • Discuss front page redesign on opensuse-wiki
Action item skh
- Put on the task page


Action Item skh:

  • Start web forum diskussion on again
    • Done
  • Talk to SUSE internal people to see about resources, etc if the forum idea goes ok
    • Done
    • cthiel and me will start looking into it

Action Item Viras:

  • Take the discussion to the forum people in forum
    • Open
Action item Viras
- Set up private discussion on
Action Item StormX:
- Invite the other forum maintainers to the opensuse-forum category


Action Item henne:

  • Discuss this in
    • Ongoing
  • Involve ftpadmin@suse in the discussion
    • Not done

Action Item schiele:

Action item adrianS
- Discuss item at FOSDEM

Action Item notlocalhorst:

  • upload final 10.1 torrents to the wiki
    • Not done due to absence of final 10.1


Q&A Section

Please add your questions or remarks about topics from the agenda here if you cant participate. We will try to answer them in the meeting.

Your Name Question
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2006/02/21 openSUSE Status Meeting transcript