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This is the transcript of the 2006-02-21-status-meeting.


--- Log opened Tue Feb 21 18:00:00 2006
18:00 @<henne> Welcome to the openSUSE Status Meeting!
18:00 @<henne> This meeting is meant to discuss the latest developments in and around openSUSE.
18:00 @<henne> Some technicality's:
18:00 @<henne> This channel is moderated during the time of the session.
18:00 @<henne> But it has +z set so the operator (but nobody else) can see what youre writing. So if you have
               a question or remark just write it.
18:00 @<henne> The moderator then will give you a voice and you can repeat your question for everyone.
18:01 @<henne> The topics of this meeting are:
18:01 @<henne> * 1 Status SUSE Linux 10.1
18:01 @<henne> * 2 Status Mailinglists
18:01 @<henne> * 3 Proposal: Creation of a Community Task from Meetings
18:01 @<henne> * 4 Clean up Old Action Items
18:01 @<henne> but first we need to find someone for the minutes
18:01 @<henne> who wants to do this this time?
18:01 @<henne> i will post the transcript tonight
18:02 @<henne> c'mon guys
18:02 @<henne> someone please
18:02  * henne cant do everything
18:03 @<henne> houghi: please do it
18:03 +<houghi> OK. Next time somebody else step forward
18:03 @<henne> yeah
18:04 @<henne> ok that is that then
18:04 @<darix> houghi: next time everyone else will do one step back and you will be the only one again ;)

10.1 status

18:04 @<henne> AJaeger: ready?
18:04 @<henne> first topic
18:04 @<henne> 10.1 status
18:04 +<AJaeger> SUSE Linux 10.1 Status
18:04 +<AJaeger> We've been busy with the libzypp integration - and fixing quite a
18:04 +<AJaeger> couple of bugs on the way.  The most important step forward for the
18:04 +<AJaeger> package manager is that update is now working (for Beta5).
18:04 +<AJaeger> Getting Beta4 was important for us - to have a milestone that installs
18:04 +<AJaeger> and as a basis for concentrated testing.
18:05 +<AJaeger> I know it's not the best beta we ever did...
18:05 +<AJaeger> Major changes for Beta5:
18:05 +<AJaeger> * Kernel:
18:05 +<AJaeger>   - apic is switched on by default on "newer" systems.  This should
18:05 +<AJaeger>     fix a lot of machines that previously needed "irqpoll" or "apic"
18:05 +<AJaeger>     to work.
18:05 +<AJaeger>   - Update to 2.6.16rc4
18:05 +<AJaeger> * Updates of translations.
18:05 +<AJaeger> * Building of debuginfo packages for Mono, Java as well.
18:05 +<AJaeger> * Update to GCC 4.1.0 one day before RC1
18:05 +<AJaeger> * Integrated beagle searching in the gtk2 file dialog
18:05 +<AJaeger> * Update from previous release will work with package manager (note: we're still testing)
18:05 +<AJaeger> Further schedule: We will release this week Beta5, followed by Beta6
18:05 +<AJaeger> and at that time I expect to have - and therefore publish - the
18:05 +<AJaeger> complete schedule.
18:06 +<AJaeger> That's all in a nutshell.  Let's open the Q&A session ;-)
18:06 @<henne> any questions to that?
18:06 @<henne> not
18:06 @<henne> ok
18:06 +<AJaeger> What have I done wrong? ;-
18:07 +<sPiN> id like to know if the plan is still to make the 6month release cycle. as in april 6th
18:07 +<AJaeger> We'Re currently discussing to go to a 3 releases in 24 months schedule - making it basically
                 every 8 months.
18:08 @<henne> but thats in the the decision process right now or?
18:08 +<AJaeger> Or did you mean whether 10.1 will be out 6 months after 10.0 - yes, I hope!
18:09 +<sPiN> well you answered both questions there, so im all set :)
18:09 +<AJaeger> henne_log: This is getting discussed right now, so 10.2 might come out in November. But this
                 is not a formal announcement yet!
18:09 +<houghi> Any news on the automount issue?
18:10 @<henne> as i stated on the mailinglist ive made a package out of ivman
18:10 +<AJaeger> the new package i* is now on beta4.
18:10 @<henne> together with it can automount as user
18:10 @<henne> so you just have to start ivman as user
18:10 @<henne> and you have automount
18:11 +<houghi> Will this be the final solution?
18:11 @<henne> sure. what else do you need?
18:11 +<houghi> Just asking for the record.
18:12 @<henne> ok
18:12 +<buk> henne: does that mean that "python" is going into the minimal-installation-"package"?
18:12 @<henne> why would it?
18:13 +<buk> sounds like a python script
18:13 @<henne> it is. but automount is no feature of the base os anymore
18:13 @<henne> its there were it makes sense
18:13 @<henne> in "userspace"
18:13 +<buk> right, ok
18:14 @<henne> so if you want automount in minimal you install one of the three solutions :)
18:14 @<darix> CzP: your turn
18:14 +<CzP> AJ: "update is now working (for Beta5)." Will you provide test updates for YOU?
18:15 +<AJaeger> No, that part is not working.
18:15 @<henne> that part == YOU?
18:15 +<AJaeger> WE have an update from a previous release working - not the YaST Online Update.
18:16 +<AJaeger> exactly, that part == Security etc. updates.  Update is used in two different contexts here
                 and I meant "UPdate from 10.0/9.3 or a previous beta"
18:16 +<CzP> OK, I thought, that was "YOU"
18:16 +<AJaeger> No, that's not.
18:16 +<CzP> Will we have a chance to test that later on?
18:16 +<davew> The problem with the installation sources disappearing in YAST, was that a general problem or
               limited to certain configurations?  is there a workaround? As it is I can't get any updates or
               additional packages at the moment :-(
18:16 +<AJaeger> Btw. YOU will be replaced with the new libzypp based solution.
18:16 @<darix> davew: did you report that as a bug? or is there a bugzilla entry?
18:17 +<AJaeger> The installation sources problem is most likely a issue with the new package manager integration.
18:17 +<davew> Yes, moment, let me check the number...
18:17 +<AJaeger> darix: I remember seeing a bugreport for that. No need to check for the number ;-)
18:17 +<davew> 152085
18:17 @<darix> AJaeger: ok
18:17 @<darix> :)
18:17 @<henne> ok anymore questions?
18:18 +<AJaeger> Otherwise: Send them to opensuse-factory and let's discuss there!
18:18 +<davew> Even the CD source was missing on my system after install and it doesn't remember when I add 
               factory, clicking finish deletes the list :-(
18:18 @<henne> davew: please discuss this in the bugreport or on factory
18:18 +<davew> ok, np
18:18 @<henne> thanks :)
18:18 +<houghi> What other programs/scripts will be replaced concerning YAST (e.g. create_package_descr)
18:19 @<henne> good question
18:19 @<darix> houghi: i was asking this today. and the answer was: that part is unchanged.
18:19 +<AJaeger> See also:
18:19 +<AJaeger> the susewatcher is replaced by zen-updater.
18:19 +<fm> will a normal user be able to shut 10.1 down? why is the bugreport on this closed?
18:20 +<houghi> We still hear that some programs are replaced and others stay the same. Is it possible to make a
                wiki page with more detail
18:20 +<cthiel> henne: as we will still have the same metadata set on the CDs as with 10.0, create_package_descr
                and friends are unchanged for now
18:20 +<AJaeger> houghi: I'll addthat info to the libzypp page.
18:20 +<houghi> OK. Thanks.
18:20 @<henne> Action Item AJaeger: add info about all the small YaST tools to the libzypp wiki page
18:21 @<henne> adrianS_: do you know about the shutdown issue?
18:21 @<henne> coolo is not there :(
18:21 +<cthiel> _Marcus_ might know?
18:22 +<adrianS_> henne: there is an open bug report for it
18:22 +<adrianS_> henne: it is an update issue IIRC
18:22 @<henne> ok but default for 10.1 will be no password for shutdown again yes?
18:22 @<henne> AJaeger?
18:23 +<AJaeger> henne_log: Yes, this should be the default for SUSE Linux 10.1. If it's not in Beta5, let's
                 reopen the bug.
18:23 @<henne> ok
18:23 @<henne> fm: does that answer your question?
18:23 +<cthiel> AJaeger: actually it's fixed with beta5 already -- just checked
18:23 @<darix> cthiel: even when upgrading a 10.0?
18:23 @<henne> good news
18:23 @<darix> adrianS_ said it was an upgrade issue
18:24 +<davew> I had a quick question about KPM drivers. Is it possible to get some "good news" on this subject,
               like who is working with us to generate drivers, all we've had so far are flames and bad press :-(
18:24 +<AJaeger> Kurt Garloff is driving the issue, please talk with him on the factory list.
18:24 +<davew> Ok, will do.
18:24 @<henne> sadly this time hes not here :(((
18:24 @<henne> any more questions about SUSE Linux 10.1?
18:25 +<_Marcus_> a normal user will only be able to shutdown the dsystem from the KDM dialog
18:25 @<darix> SpooForBrains: ask your question
18:25 @<henne> what means only in this context?
18:26 @<henne> like not from GDM?
18:26 +<_Marcus_> err, -only
18:26 @<henne> good :)
18:26 +<_Marcus_> from kdm and gdm.
18:26 +<cthiel> henne: GDM honors the KDE setting AFAIK
18:27  * cthiel saw a changelog in GDM a few days ago on that...
18:27 @<henne> ok
18:27 @<darix> SpooForBrains: repeat your question
18:27 @<henne> SpooForBrains: please repeat your question
18:27 +<SpooForBrains> thanks. In 10.0 YaST network setup for wireless defaults to using wpa_supplicant. Is this 
                       still going to be the default behaviour for 10.1 because I don't believe it should be
18:28 +<AJaeger> We use NetworkManager in these cases and that one uses wpa_supplicant.
18:28 @<darix> SpooForBrains: err ... better wpa than wep ... and i think network manager should be used for
               wireless stuff
18:28 +<AJaeger> I'm not aware of any issues, if there are any, please open a bugreprot.
18:28 +<SpooForBrains> but WPA support is still "immature" and WEP is still in use in a lot of places
18:29 +<SpooForBrains> there are issues with prism54 cards, and I will :)
18:29 +<cthiel> SpooForBrains: did you try the latests wpa_supplicant? we just did an update on that.
18:29 +<AJaeger> wpa_supplicant works with *Both* WPA and WEP.
18:29 @<henne> yes please take this to bugzilla
18:29 +<cthiel> indeed
18:29 +<SpooForBrains> ok
18:29 @<henne> anymore questions?
18:30 +<_Iznogood_> xgl - compiz in kde? status? I joined a bit late, has this been covered?
18:30 +<AJaeger> has not been covered.
18:30 +<AJaeger> Beineri, any information?
18:31 +<adrianS> xgl - compiz is anyway experimental atm. Some KDE guy is working on support for xgl.
18:32 +<Beineri> Xgl / compiz basically work fine for me with nvidia on my laptop, there only some smaller
                 issues with pager (152402) and system tray docking (152404)
18:32 +<Beineri> all other bugs / driver problems are generic :-)
18:32 @<henne> neato
18:32 @<henne> _Iznogood_: does that answer your question?
18:33 +<_Iznogood_> I was thinking more along the lines if suse is working on kde support for it
18:33 +<_Iznogood_> I to have it running in gnome :)
18:33 @<darix> _Iznogood_: Beineri is using it with kde if i recall correctly.:)
18:33 +<AJaeger> Beineri is running KDE!
18:33 @<henne> _Iznogood_: well it is working and Beineri obviously is caring about it
18:33 +<Beineri> _lznogood_: there will be a kde-window-decorator sooner or later (work in freedesktop cvs has
                 started on this)
18:34 +<_Iznogood_> great - Im done then
18:34 +<AJaeger> This is too late for 10.1...
18:34 +<Beineri> _Iznogood_: and likely sooner or later Xgl support/effects will be added to kwin
18:34 @<henne> AJaeger: yes maybe you should write something up what feature freeze mean
18:34 @<henne> AJaeger: people start asking about kde 4.0 in 10.1 already ;)
18:35 +<AJaeger> henne_log: Give me KDE 4.0 first ;-)
18:35 +<Beineri> henne: not developing it but at least one of the Xgl developers (Mathias Hopf) is also using KDE :-)
18:35 @<darix> folks can we continue such feature discussions on factory?:)
18:35 @<henne> yeah please
18:35 @<darix> thanks
18:35 @<henne> skh: can you write something about the development model to factory?
18:35 @<darix> jengelh: you have a question?
18:36 @<henne> like "what does feature freeze mean"
18:36 +<skh> henne: well, sure
18:36 @<henne> ok
18:36 @<henne> Action Item skh / AJaeger: explain feature freeze on factory
18:37 @<henne> so any other questions regarding 10.1 except features?
18:37 @<henne> not? ok next topic then?
18:38  * henne puts AJaeger back into the box

Status Mailinglists

18:38 @<darix> Next topic is?
18:38 @<henne> Next Topic: Status Mailinglists
18:38 @<henne> well there are not many good news for this one
18:38 @<henne> its still pending
18:38 @<darix> henne: where can i help you?:)
18:39 +<skh> mea culpa too.
18:39 @<henne> me and the other guy who are administrating the mailinglists are a bit overworked at the moment
18:39 @<henne> there is not much to do
18:39 @<henne> we are still missing some settings on our suse mail exchanger
18:39 @<henne> and some on the new mailinglist server
18:40 @<henne> we are talking about postfix rewrite rules here
18:40 @<henne> so unless one of you too is a postfix/regex wizz you cant help...
18:40 +<houghi> Can you give a timeframe when it will be ready?
18:41 @<henne> i guess heiko will have more time once the libzypp dust has settled a bit
18:41 @<henne> whenever that will be
18:41 @<henne> sorry its really hard to estimate this
18:41 +<houghi> 2 weeks? 2 months? 2 years?
18:42 @<henne> houghi: as libzypp wont take 2 years one of the latter
18:42 @<henne> erm on of the first two
18:42 @<henne> one
18:42 +<Klaus> henne: I'm having some experiences on postfix/regex. maybe I can help here?
18:43 @<henne> Klaus: experiences with postfix rewrite rules?
18:43 +<Klaus> a bit... I'm running my own server, and do admin tasks at
18:43 @<henne> neat
18:44 @<henne> i will talk to you tomorrow then :)
18:44 +<Klaus> fine. :)
18:44 @<darix> next topic?
18:44 @<henne> Action Item henne/Klaus: find out if we can help heiko with the postfix rewrites for the new 
               list server

Creation of a Community Task from Meetings

18:44 @<henne> ok next topic:
18:44 @<darix> henne: may i join to learn a bit more?
18:44 @<henne> Proposal: Creation of a Community Task from Meetings
18:45 @<henne> darix: sure
18:45 @<darix> thanks
18:45 @<henne> i dont know if all of you read what pflodo wrote
18:45 @<henne> so i post it
18:45 @<henne> This proposal is to promote the interworking of SUSE staff and the community, it would require
               some handholding by staff, but this is hopefully outweighed by the proposed Community resource 
               input into the project.
18:45 @<henne> I would like the meeting attendees to express their view on the creation of a Community action
               item each week (if there is a suitable task).
18:45 @<henne> In other words, to think of the community as a resource that can be assigned a task. A secondary
               step would then be to announce the action item in the minutes and interested community members
               respond with a commitment.
18:45 @<henne> It is obvious that only certain tasks are suitable as a Community Task, I think the criteria would be:
18:45 @<henne> 1  Clear objective (to describe the task and to measure completion of the task).
18:46 @<henne> 2 Not time critical, (or at least the duration of the task is a lot shorter than the time until
               the deadline, to allow reassignment etc).
18:46 @<henne> 3 Doesn't require access to internal systems etc
18:46 @<henne> As an example, the update of the Wiki download page to accomodate the new media layout, could
               have been be a candidate for a Community Task in my view.
18:46 @<henne> Benefit: Extra resources available. Promotes Community cooperation. Risk: Failure of community
               to deliver, requiring staff to do task anyway.
18:46 @<henne> any thoughts on that?
18:46 +<skh> I want to comment, but would like to hear from community participants first
18:47 @<henne> yeah me too
18:47 +<houghi> I am intersted to know how such a thing can be achieved and how things can be enforced
18:47 +<Beineri> proposal for an ongoing community task: filter the complete changelog and complete
                 Factory-News wiki page :-)
18:48 @<henne> houghi: you cant "enforce" anything
18:48 +<skh> houghi: what would need to be enforced?
18:48 +<houghi> Ok. Enforce might be the wrong word.
18:48 @<henne> what is the right one? :)
18:49 +<houghi> Now a comunity member can just stop doing anything he does for the comunity.
18:49 @<henne> of course
18:49 +<Beineri> also everyone is invited to contribute to the OpenSUSE_News with news from the several
                 opensuse mailing lists :-)
18:49 @<henne> houghi: you will never be able to do aynthing about this
18:50 @<henne> except giving them a contract
18:50 +<skh> houghi: if it's important, suse staff will do it, if not or if we don't have the time, it's just
             not done or someone else does it.
18:50 +<skh> basic volunteer project rule.
18:50 +<houghi> ok. clear.
18:50 +<skh> force of nature, if you want ;-) and how to achieve it: find suitable tasks, try it.
18:50 +<houghi> What then is the change how things are done now?
18:50 +<jdanield> I think a wiki page with tasks
18:51 +<jdanield> with priority
18:51 @<henne> nice idea
18:51 +<jdanield> and a place for people to say "I take"
18:51 @<henne> that place would be bugzilla
18:51 +<jdanield> I don't see what else
18:51 +<jdanield> we can do
18:52 +<StormX> a list of tasks that "also" can be done by community members would be a good start I guess
18:52 +<houghi> Sounds good
18:52 +<SpooForBrains> How about taking a leaf out of the video game industry. Give community rep points or
                       something for completing objectives, then those with better rep levels can tackle more
                       "critical" stuff.
18:52 +<SpooForBrains> I know I've been playing too much uplink, but the idea still stands. Then members with
                       proven reliability can undertake more serious endeavours
18:52 +<jdanield> I think a place where anybody can go
18:52 +<jdanield> evan incidentally
18:52 @<henne> SpooForBrains: there is no technical system that can do that in place
18:53 +<skh> I volunteer to be the suse person to coordinate this if and where necessary
18:53 +<SpooForBrains> but the proposed system will require a certain amount of staff member involvement anyway,
                       it doesn't necessarily need to be automated (yet)
18:53 @<henne> darix: is it possible to pipe bugzilla pages into the wiki?
18:53 +<skh> but if anybody feels bad about "being given tasks by novell" by all means say so
18:53 @<darix> henne: via rss yes.
18:53 @<henne> SpooForBrains: get real. there isnt such a system so it isnt an option :)
18:54 +<jdanield> we all had tasks
18:54 +<jdanield> given by Novell
18:54 +<jdanield> when coming to act on the wiki
18:54 +<houghi> skh: it is not 'being given tasks' it is 'taking tasks that you want to'
18:54 @<henne> ok so obviously the first task would be to setup that wiki page :)
18:54 +<skh> ok, just checking ;-)
18:54 +<jdanield> yes, but priority could be said by Novell
18:54 +<StormX> can novell provide a list with tasks so ppl can choose?
18:54 +<davew> I think if people provide a sort of mini-CV or skills profile and a commitment of time they
               can/are willing to spend on the project, then you can find the relevant people quickly and
               easily to help with tasks... It is certainly worth a try.
18:55 +<davew> ...Maybe people filling in their "User" page on the Wiki would be a good way to find resources?
18:55 +<jdanield> for now I don't know what is urgent and what is not
18:55 +<skh> stormx: both novell and non-novell members of opensuse can
18:55 @<darix> who wants the wiki page task?
18:55 +<jdanield> the opensuse-wiki mailing listb is underused
18:55 +<skh> ok, let's not overprocedurize this.
18:55 +<StormX> skh it would be a good start if there is a list
18:55 @<henne> davew: and its not about finding people for tasks. its about people to find tasks
18:55 +<jdanield> yes
18:55 +<skh> I think a wiki page is wonderful for a start.
18:56 +<StormX> agree
18:56 +<houghi> skh already voluteerd
18:56 +<jdanield> openSUSE is a wiki :-)
18:56 @<henne> ok so who will do this wiki page?
18:56 +<jdanield> I will translate it to french
18:56 @<henne> darix: can you look into piping bugzilla querys into the wiki?
18:56 @<darix> henne: yes.
18:57 +<skh> henne: I can do it.
18:57 +<houghi> As the tasks come from Novell, I would say somebody from Novell should set up the initial page
18:57 +<skh> and then let's sort out the details on the list
18:57 +<skh> houghi: I already volunteered.
18:57 @<henne> adrianS: can you care for a "action item" component in the product openSUSE in bugzilla?
18:58 @<henne> please do
18:58 +<skh> houghi: even if I disagree that the tasks have to come _exclusively_ from novell.
18:58 @<henne> Action Item adrianS: create an a "action item" component in the product openSUSE in bugzilla
18:58 +<houghi> skh: I agree. That is why I said _initial_ page
18:58 +<jdanield> this should be discussed on the -wiki list
18:58 @<henne> Action Item skh: create the tasks wiki page
18:58 @<darix> skh: see ... we mostly start after complains from the community ... though ... its not directly novell.
18:58 +<skh> houghi: ok ;-)
18:58 @<darix> :)
18:59 +<jdanield> ok
18:59 @<henne> Action Item darix: take care of bugzilla->wiki piping for that page
18:59 +<carldani> what about including all "enhancement" bugs into that page?
18:59 @<darix> carldani: lets first see if we can get the integration working in first place
18:59 @<darix> so we can see what is possible. :)
18:59 @<henne> yeah
19:00 @<darix> than we can see how much it can do and what is possible or needs work.
19:00 +<skh> carldani: also, don't confuse SUSE Linux features with openSUSE project work
19:00 +<carldani> hm yes. but a link to a bugzilla query for enhancement bugs should be possible now
19:00 @<darix> unless you volunteer doing it;)
19:00 @<darix> carldani: you can do that already.
19:00 @<darix> so no go ahead
19:00 @<henne> carldani: and its very hard to submit stuff to the maintainer...
19:00 @<henne> carldani: all that will be way better with the build service running
19:01 +<carldani> yes
19:01 @<henne> ok anything else we need to do regarding this topic?

Clean up Old Action Items

19:01 @<henne> next topic then
19:01 @<henne> Clean up Old Action Items
19:01 @<henne> this is going to be a long one 8)
19:02 @<henne> ok i have categorized the action items
19:02 @<henne> lets start with 10.1
19:02 @<henne> explain the new media layout on - skh
19:02 @<henne> that one is done right?
19:02 +<skh> yes.
19:02 +<Beineri>
19:03 @<henne> start discussion about subfs replacement in non KDE/GNOME systems on opensuse-factory - houghi
19:03 @<henne> that one is with today also finaly done or?
19:03 @<henne> write SDB article about alternatives of subfs - henne
19:03 @<henne> that one not
19:03 @<henne> but its something for the Tasks page :)
19:04 @<henne> right?
19:04 @<henne> ok
19:04 @<henne> write documentation about the end user part of the KMP switch - notlocalhorst
19:04 +<notlocalhorst> not ready
19:04 @<henne> is the page in the wiki not enough?
19:05 @<henne> the one garloff made
19:05 +<notlocalhorst> its to technical i guess
19:05 @<henne> ok
19:05 @<henne> so still open
19:05 +<notlocalhorst> yes
19:05 +<carldani> notlocalhorst: can we coordinate for that?
19:05 +<Beineri> garloff's page:
19:06 +<notlocalhorst> carldani: sure ... i think we need one short page,linking to kurts with all the stuff
19:06 @<henne> hes typing so slow
19:06 @<henne> ok so i guess we can mark the next one from garloff as done yes?
19:07 +<notlocalhorst> yes
19:07 @<henne> ok
19:07 @<henne> announce fontconfig changes/location on opensuse-factory - AJaeger
19:07 @<henne> that one is way done or?
19:07 +<AJaeger> yes, done,
19:07 @<henne> Document the change to libzypp so it's more understandable. - AJaeger
19:07 +<Beineri>
19:07 @<henne> this one?
19:07 +<AJaeger> Yes.
19:07 @<henne> ok done
19:08 @<henne> next bunch of Action Items are for the mailinglists
19:08 @<henne> Prepare and announcement for list migration to the internal SUSE lists. - skh, henne
19:08 +<skh> not done
19:08 @<henne> not done as we are stuck at the moment
19:08 @<henne> risk assesment for the internal packagers list. - skh, henne
19:08 +<skh> and I like to do this after 10.1
19:08 @<henne> yeah me too
19:08 +<skh> let people work in peace for now ;-)
19:09 @<henne> ok so those are postponed
19:09 @<henne> anything against that anyone?
19:09 @<henne> ok
19:09 @<henne> check again with IS&T about searchable list archives. - adrianS
19:10 @<henne> adrianS: no need to. i already have swish-e nearly running
19:10 @<darix> i think we should investigate the gmane solution here
19:10 @<henne> darix: we need our own ml archive for legal reasons
19:10 @<henne> so i mark this as done
19:10 @<henne> put mailinglists into the next meetings agenda - henne
19:10 @<henne> done
19:11 @<henne> setup opensuse-it mailinglist after naming convention is decided - henne
19:11 @<henne> not done
19:11 @<darix> henne: i didnt say we should use gmane
19:11 @<darix> i said investigate their solution and host a copy on our boxes
19:11 +<skh> henne: is -it waiting for the new server?
19:11 @<henne> darix: if you want to discuss this put it onto the agenda! :)
19:11 @<henne> skh: we shouldnt
19:12 +<skh> henne: then how can we help you?
19:12 @<henne> skh: giving the current blocker
19:12 @<henne> skh: no need to. i can create it in 5 minutes
19:12 +<skh> ok.
19:12 @<henne> come up with a proposal for mailing list layout in the future - skh, henne
19:12 @<henne> done
19:12 @<henne> ask the Italian guys if it hurts them badly to wait a week or two (delay due to the name 
               problem) - darix
19:12 @<darix> henne: i want to have more informations on my own first
19:12 @<darix> henne: *Argh* there was something :|
19:13 @<henne> eheh
19:13 @<darix> *opens a mail*
19:13 @<henne> so not done but also not needed anymore
19:13 +<skh> well just give them that list now.
19:13 @<henne> i will
19:13 @<henne> tomorrow
19:13 +<skh> hope they are still there ;-)
19:13 @<henne> Action Item henne: create opensuse-it and opensuse-fr TOMORROW!!!AOL!1!
19:14 @<henne> ok the next bunch of AIs are for FOSDEM
19:14 @<henne> as this wasnt yet we can set them to postponed or?
19:14 +<skh> yes
19:14 @<henne> the bugzilla AIs are marked as done by cthiel
19:15 @<henne> ok next AI topic is Wiki
19:15 @<henne> create a guideline/styleguide page in the wiki on internationalized wikis - notlocalhorst
19:15 @<henne> done or?
19:15 +<notlocalhorst> interwiki guide: finished. howto guide: started but not finished, i hope untill end
                       of this week. communicate: will do after the guide is up.
19:15 @<henne> ok
19:15 @<henne> rework download page to match the new media layout - henne
19:15 @<henne> not done
19:15 +<skh> henne: community task?
19:15 @<henne> that is something i would give to the Tasks page as well
19:16 +<skh> ok, I'll put it on there
19:16 @<henne> thanks :)
19:16 @<henne> discuss front page redesign on opensuse-wiki - michl
19:16 @<henne> michl?
19:16 @<henne> he didnt start that yet or?
19:16 +<skh> I don't know
19:17 @<henne> did anyone read anything on opensuse-wiki about the frontpage?
19:17 +<skh> he seems distracted.
19:17 +<houghi> Has started, sort of. Yet it must be revived
19:17 @<darix> houghi: seems the topic isnt as important as it seems for the community than
19:17 @<henne> would you mark it as done or as not done? :)
19:17 +<jdanield> not done, go to task page
19:17 +<jdanield> not done, go to task page
19:17 @<henne> ok
19:18 +<houghi> Yes, good
19:18 +<jdanield> anyway
19:18 +<jdanield> don't do important change
19:18 @<henne> ok the next bunch of AIs are for the webfora
19:18 @<henne> start web forum diskussion on again - skh
19:18 +<jdanield> without a place to give the info
19:18 +<skh> done!
19:18 +<skh> not again.
19:18 @<henne> hehe
19:18 @<henne> talk to suse internal people to see about resources, etc if the forum idea goes ok - skh
19:18 @<henne> ongoing?
19:19 +<skh> done, and next set of AIs
19:19 +<skh> we have a development system
19:19 @<darix> henne: cthiel and me will start looking into it
19:19 @<henne> ok
19:19 +<houghi> Any feedback from the webfora?
19:19 +<skh> cthiel works on common login integration (iChain)
19:19 @<henne> ok
19:19 +<skh> so that one account still fits all
19:19 @<darix> houghi: wasnt it your task?
19:19 @<henne> take the discussion to the forum people in forum - Viras
19:19 +<houghi> darix: no
19:19 +<StormX> it need some more time to get it going,
19:19 +<skh> any news from there?
19:19 @<henne> anyone looked at
19:20 @<henne> ok
19:20 +<StormX> we are working on it.
19:20 @<henne> marking as ongoing
19:20 +<StormX> yes
19:20 @<henne> invite the other forum maintainers to the opensuse-forum category - StormX
19:20 @<henne> that one then too yes?
19:20 @<henne> ok
19:20 +<StormX> same answer, we are working on it.
19:20 +<Viras> jup - invitations were sent
19:20 +<skh> cool, take your time.
19:20 +<Viras> we will set everything up in the next few days
19:20 @<henne> neat
19:21 +<Viras> but it will be a private place to discuss, so not public
19:21 +<skh> so we have more development time on our side ;-)
19:21 +<Viras> so if anybody is interested in reading it too, inform us and we will give you the rights :)
19:21 @<henne> i know this is blasphemy but can one of you guys post the url to the forum entry to the 
               mailinglist once its done?
19:21 @<henne> ah
19:21 @<henne> ok
19:21 +<Viras> well
19:21 +<skh> Viras: me please.
19:21 @<henne> me too
19:21 +<houghi> Viras: wher to apply?
19:21 @<darix> me not.
19:21 +<Viras> we keep it private because we want to avoid public people to post any comments on it atm
19:21  * houghi too
19:22 +<Viras> just send me a PM at the board
19:22 +<skh> ok, will do.
19:22 +<Viras> then I know your nick and I will add you
19:22 @<henne> ok
19:22 +<skh> you're Viras there too?
19:22 +<Viras> Vir@s
19:22 +<skh> ok.
19:22 @<henne> ok
19:22 @<henne> next topic of AIs is mirror
19:22 @<henne> Discuss this in - henne
19:23 @<henne> not done by me but apparently by others
19:23 +<skh> well, ongoing I think
19:23 @<henne> yeah
19:23 +<skh> adrianS: still there?
19:24 @<henne> we still have to involve roman and snagel into this!
19:24 @<henne> Involve ftpadmin@suse in the discussion - henne
19:24 @<henne> not done
19:24 +<adrianS> henne: as said the last time, snagel forwards all mails to me
19:25 @<henne> you didnt say that last time :)
19:25 @<henne> you said admin are you
19:25 +<skh> adrianS: FYI: that novell guy is alive, he just was busy and will look into mirroring us soon.
19:25 @<henne> that is not
19:25 +<skh> like tomorrow or the day after.
19:25 @<henne> ok this AI it obviously not done
19:26 @<henne> i would love to give this away
19:26 @<henne> any takers?
19:26 +<adrianS> henne: I have it anyway ?
19:26 @<henne> no i do :)
19:26 @<henne> ok not done and given to adrianS
19:26 +<skh> adrianS: 'discuss this on the mailing list' is henne's ;-)
19:26 @<henne> and involve ftpadmin also
19:27 +<skh> was.
19:27 @<henne> ok adrianS now
19:27 @<henne> discuss how we can make the drpmsync service better - schiele
19:27 @<henne> ongoing or?
19:27  * adrianS will visit henne tomorrow to ask what exactly was topic at all .... there morved various
                 issues around under this topic name
19:27 +<skh> henne: he mailed that
19:28 @<henne> yeah but i dont remember :)
19:28 +<skh> ongoing and needs help from suse, I think
19:28 @<henne> ok
19:28 +<skh> because the mirror discussions weren't open
19:28 @<henne> so not done
19:28 @<henne> help in the documentation process, extending 
      - schiele
19:29 @<henne> that one obviously also not
19:29 +<skh> so who can work together with schiele?
19:29 @<henne> that page was last touched in december
19:29 @<henne> yeah he needs help
19:29 +<skh> adrian?
19:30 +<skh> or cthiel?
19:30 @<henne> cthiel: is away
19:30 +<adrianS> I think we will talk about this issue anyway on FOSDEM
19:30 +<adrianS> Robert has some suggestions
19:30 @<henne> yeah thats a good idea
19:30 +<skh> ok, cool.
19:30 +<adrianS> I do not think that the lack of the documention is an issue, actually ...
19:30 @<henne> so not done will be talked over on FOSDEM
19:31 @<henne> last one
19:31 @<henne> upload final 10.1 torrents to the wiki - notlocalhorst
19:31 @<henne> obviously not done
19:31 @<henne> because there is no final 10.1 :)
19:31 @<henne> that was it. yeha
19:31 +<skh> cutting meeting length in half would make you a very successful consultant
19:32 @<henne> yeah
19:32 @<henne> so this is it or?
19:32 +<skh> anything else?
19:32 @<henne> not. ok then
19:32 @<henne> thank you all for participating
19:33 @<henne> the next meeting will take place at 7th of march or?
19:33 +<Beineri> See you at FOSDEM? :-)
19:33 @<henne> houghi: yeah
19:33 +<skh> henne: seems so
19:33 @<henne> yeah the 7th of march
19:33 @<henne> till then have fun and see you on FOSDEM :)
--- Log closed Tue Feb 21 19:34:44 2006