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This meeting is meant to discuss the latest developments in and around openSUSE.

It was hold at

Tuesday 2006/01/24 18:00 CET

Meeting minutes

Mailinglist migration

  • All mailinglists on and will be migrated from ezmlm and qmail to mlmmj and postfix on a new machine.
  • The setup of the machine is going forward and should be completed by the end of the week.
  • There will be no changes in the mailinglist handling for now. No webfrontend for subscription management, no searchable maillist archives, most of the header will stay the same.
  • Once the setup is completed we will start migrating internal SUSE lists to For instance SUSE has an internal packagers list. That one will be merged with opensuse-packaging.
Action Item skh, henne:
- Prepare and announcement for list migration to the internal SUSE lists.
Action Item skh, henne:
- risk assesment for the internal packagers list.
Action Item adrian:
- check again with IS&T about searchable archives.

FOSDEM overview

  • cthiel gave a general overview what we are going to do at FOSDEM in february.
  • The preliminary schedule is at
  • We will try to make at least audio recordings of the talks.
Action Item cthiel, pascal:
- evaluate our FOSDEM participation after FOSDEM

Build Service status

  • At FOSDEM we want to have some hardware should be in place, so it should be browsable (read-only).
  • The plan is to open some accounts for people how are asking, but its still not clear if we can make it really public that point of time.
  • At FOSDEM the build service should be able to build addon packages for various distributions. But we will not be able to host distribution core packages for the architectures x86 and x86_64. PPC will follow later (but not in the next 4 months).
  • mls explained his changes to the specfile parser. Now, the system also pulls in all packages that are needed to make the specified packages work. Next step is the migration from neededforbuild to BuildRequires. The main advantage will be that you can use all the normal rpm %if statements, so you can have arch/project dependent BuildRequires. All that will be part of an autobuild perl module, so other tools may also use it.
  • The question about the "opensourceness" of the build system was raised again. There are no news in that area. We are still waiting for a final approval.
  • We still have no concept for the Trust/Rating system.
Action Item everybody:
- Discuss Trust/Rating system at FOSDEM

Bugzilla voting

  • We will eventually enable voting in bugzilla for SUSE Linux by the end of this or the start of next week.
  • Voting in Bugzilla will be used for orientation purposes only not for specific prioritisation / resource allocation.
Action Item cthiel:
- Find out how many votes a user has in the KDE bugzilla

SDB (Support Databse) wiki import

  • the html -> wiki port of the texts is done
  • old articles got manually removed
  • Languages will be the same as in the old SDB: .de .en .fr .es.
  • We will have a namespace (SDB:) for the SDB, so searching is easier.
  • Everbody with a login can edit the pages or make new articles.
  • A howto/styleguide will be available.
  • All that will come as soon as we have the internationalized will be there. See next topic.

Internationalized wikis

  • First we all do feel ashamed that this takes so long :)
  • we finaly solved all technical issues (yesterday)
  • We do hope to fix the content this week and go online maybe on thursday. We will not go online on friday, because not everybody is online on the weekend in case of some emergency.
  • Already translated pages will go to the internationalized wikis. So becomes
  • Some languages we cant cover in the first round. So for instance RO and TR will stay as they are for now.
Action Item localhorst:
- create a guideline/styleguide page in the wiki

Official Webforum

  • We waited for some official forum resources from Novell. It does not look like we will get that soon enough.
  • So we need to find another solution. There was a discussion about declaring one of the existing forums "official", or use DNS redirection to declare it "official". In the end we did not find a solution. So we need to discuss this again on the mailinglist
Action Item skh:
- start web forum diskussion on again

Doc server

  • The doc server will be a system so everybody can participate in the documentation efforts for SUSE Linux. It has to be a seperate system because nobody wants to maintain a manual in wiki text.
  • The manuals are created with a DTD called novdoc
  • The creation of this doc server system is on hold at the moment because of SUSE Linux 10.1

Better wiki search

  • for the current wiki we have only title search enabled
  • once we get the internationalized wikis you can use the builtin wiki full text search
  • we are investigating solutions like lucene that would give even better full text search. But that is a very longterm goal.

'openSUSE'<->'SUSE Linux' confusion, future naming of "OSS" & "Eval" products

  • for 10.1 we'll have SUSE Linux only, there won't be SUSE Linux OSS and SUSE Linux anymore!
  • We will have 5 CDs OSS software and 1 CD Non-OSS software.
  • OSS will be available from and mirrors and non-OSS will be available from and mirrors.
  • There was a discussion on that fragmentation and how we could solve this. We agreed to put the topic mirrors on the agenda for the next meeting.
Action Item henne:
- rework download page (again!!!! no!!!! ARGH!!!!) 
Action Item skh:
- explain the new media layout on

Status SUSE Linux 10.1

  • beta2 will be out on thursday *if* we fix the remaining blockers in time to put beta2 tomorrow on the mirrors.
  • Due to only one week between the betas, not all bugs reported for beta1 will be fixed for beta2.
  • KDE 3.5.1 (nearly final)
  • AppArmor is enabled by default
  • audit daemon should be running by default as it's used instead of syslog for AppArmor
  • subfs has been dropped and will be replaced by hal plus gnome-volume-manager (under GNOME) and some binary for KDE. non-KDE and non-GNOME users have to mount manually. They cant even put a line into /etc/fstab, so that a user can mount it. There was a consense that this is unacceptable.
Action Item houghi:
- start discussion about subfs replacement in non KDE/GNOME systems on opensuse-factory

Q&A Section

Please add your questions or remarks about topics from the agenda here if you cant participate. We will try to answer them in the meeting.

Your Name Question
Henne This is an example question?
Pflodo Website frontpage redesign? Either by competition, wishlist requests or talented SUSE staff, as it is not the best use of page that has nearly 3 million page hits. This could also include site CSS stylesheet.

Are you gonna participate in the meeting? Then put that topic to the agenda. Its not really a question/remark regarding a topic that is already there :) -Henne


2006/01/24 openSUSE Status Meeting transcript