YaST Remote Administration

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Uyarı! This form of remote administration is less secure than using SSH


Remote Administration is used to allow the machine to be administered remotely from another machine. This is done by using a VNC client, such as kdrc (connect to <hostname>:5901), or a java capable web browser (connect to http://<hostname>:5801/). Here, a checkbox may be selected to open a port in the Firewall, which may also be set using YaST. This option is only available if the Firewall is enabled.

How to enable Remote Administration in SuSE Linux 10.0

Activating Remote Administration

Open YaST. Go to Network Services > Remote Administration. Enable "Allow Remote Administration" and check "Open Port in Firewall". You´ll be asked to restart the display mananger - run "rcxdm restart" from the console.

Activating X-server VNC access

When you are back in your window manager, run "sax2". Click on "VNC". Check "Allow Access to Display Using VNC Protocol" and "Activate Password Protection". You´ll be asked to Test or Save the configuration - Save it.

Setting up SuSEfirewall2 for X-server VNC access

Open YaST. Go to Security and Users > Firewall. Click "Allowed Services" and then the "Advanced..." button. On the line "TCP Ports", type "5900" and click Ok. Click on "Start-Up" and then "Save Settings and Restart Firewall Now". Exit your window manager and then go to run level 3 - run "init 3". Then go back to run level 5 - run "init 5".

Connecting remotely from Windows

See External Links below for software.

RealVNC Viewer connection options

  • hostname:5900 (this connects to the existing display - :0 - through the X-server)
  • hostname:5901 (this connects to a new display - :1 - through the VNC server)

TightVNC Viewer connection options

  • hostname::5900 (this connects to the existing display - :0 - through the X-server)
  • hostname::5901 (this connects to a new display - :1 - through the VNC server)

Notice how TightVNC uses double colon and RealVNC uses a single colon!

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