YaST Post a Support Query

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The YaST Post a Support Query module prepares documentation for support issues. Post a Support Query chooses the appropriate log files and general system information appropriate to the problem you have specified. The options for support issues are:

  • Unspecified
  • Booting
  • CD-R
  • DSL
  • Hardware
  • Installation
  • ISDN
  • Laptop
  • Mail
  • Modem
  • Network
  • Printer
  • Sound
  • USB
  • KDE and X11

To prepare the data needed to fulfil your request, choose the appropriate category for your support issue, and click Next. The YaST Post a Support Query module will now prepare the data needed for transmittal.

At the next screen, the prepared data will be displayed. You may wish to review this file before saving.

Next, specify a location for the text file containing the support data under Save As. This should be a location you have write access to. If you are a user on a larger network, this should be a location specified by your system administrator. Click Next to save the file.

For security purposes, the file will only be readable by the root user. If you wish to attach the file to an email or otherwise post this information, you will be required to change the permissions on the file.

As the root user, type: chmod 644 /foo/bar.txt

Replace /foo/bar.txt with the location you had specified in the Save As dialog box.

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