YaST Development

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YaST Development (modules)

YaST Module Tutorial
YaST module tutorial, to quickly develop a module to configure something with a graphical user interface that supports X11 and console at the same time!
YaST Tutorials
Set of official YaST tutorials (still work in progress)

YaST Development (core engine )

YaST Project Page
The source code is available here, among generated documentation, which we also link here.
YaST Documentation for SUSE Linux 10.0
Developer Documentation for YaST
YaST Documentation for SUSE Linux 10.1
Developer Documentation for YaST
YaST internationalization and localization mailing list
Send a mail here if you want to help with translating YaST or other parts of SUSE Linux.
YaST-announce mailinglist archive
YaST-dev mailinglist archive

Getting Started with Development

YaST Tips 
Misc tips and hotkeys for power users
Coding Conventions 
Code Conventions you should use for code going into YaST.
Quick Howto that describes how to build yast in its own prefix, without conflicting with your system YaST installation

Other Documentation

AutoYaST Documentation for 10.0
Documentation for unattended installs
AutoYaST Documentation for 10.1
Documentation for unattended installs

See Also

Porting YaST
Debugging YaST