YaST Boot or Rescue Floppy

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Boot or Rescue Floppy is used to create emergency 3.5" emergency boot floppies.

  • Standard Boot Floppy (Numbered 1-8) - These Boot Floppies can be used to boot your installed sustem or a rescue system (from the first CD-ROM or the rescue floppy)
  • Rescue Floppy - To start the rescue system, boot from the boot floppy or the SuSE CD-ROM and select Manual Installation -> Start Installation / System -> Rescue System. You will be prompted for the rescue floppy.
  • Custom Floppy - To create a floppy image from another image, select Custom Floppy. You will be prompted for the file containing the floppy image.
  • Download Floppy Image - To create a floppy from an image located on the network, select Download Floppy Image. You are prompted for the location of the floppy image.

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