YaST Boot Loader

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Uyarı! This administration module directly effects the booting of your system. Check and double-check any changes made to ensure the safety of your installation


Boot Loader is used to configure the boot loader, either GRUB or LILO.

Section Management

The section management tab shows which bootable image is the default, the boot image's label, the type, and the image and device. Using Up and Down, you can adjust how the boot options are shown. Using Add, you can clone the selected boot image configuration, add a new Kernel (Linux), add a new XEN kernel, or another system (Chainloader). Edit lets you configure the existing boot options. When adding or editing, the information needed is:

  • Section Name
  • Section Settings
    • Kernel
    • Initial RAM Disk
    • Root Device
    • VGA Mode
    • Other Kernel Parameters

Click OK to accept your settings.

Boot Loader Installation

Under Type, you can select which boot loader you wish to use: GRUB, LILO, or none (Do Not Install Any Boot Loader).

You can also select the boot loader options, and choose whether or not to show the boot menu, or continue booting after a time-out. The time-out is set manually in seconds. The default time-out is 4 seconds. This section also allows you to password protect your boot loader to secure your installation from other users.

Boot Loader Location defines the physical location for the boot loader & configuration to be stored. These options are the Master Boot Record, the boot sector of the boot partition, floppy disk, or an alternately user-specified location.

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