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Swamp/workflow editor

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SWAMP is participating in Google's Summer of Code ( with a project that aims to create a GUI editor for the XML workflow definitions. The project is done by Mahmoud Mahran.


- GUI Editor with drag&drop capabilities for all workflow elements that are nodes, edges, conditions, actions

- The available properties of each element must be editable

- Editing workflow metadata, roles and the workflows dataset

- Export / Import the internal model to SWAMP compatible XML files

- Create an eclipse plugin, with the graphical editor based on the GEF framework. Similar to the [JBPM process designer]

Source code repository:






- Create an eclipse plugin:

Using GEF:

Related projects:





Project General Structure;

- New Project wizard that generates SWAMP project files including SWAMP core jar files, process files besides java run time environment files.

- When editing XML process file a multi tab editor will launch, one tap displays graphical interface for the process designer. Second tap displays the generated XML file, third tap for deployment into apache Tom Cat, fourth tap display XML tags as hierarchy.

- By extending extension points in Eclipse Framework we can have the custom multi tap editor.

- See this new project wizard


- Here is an example to extend eclipse editor

   Plug in XML file 
        name="Process Designer Editor"
           name="Process Designer Editor"



-In the same context we can create new project wizard .