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SDB:Support for StarOffice 6.0 (SuSE Linux Pro-Office)

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Version: 8.0

Preliminary remark:
No support will be provided within the scope of the SuSE Linux installation support for the products from other providers (such as the OEM version of StarOffice 6.0 from Sun Microsystems in this case).


The support at Sun Microsystems for StarOffice 6.0 cannot be activated.


The relevant "serial number" is missing from the SuSE Linux Pro-Office Bundle CD.


Information provided by the Sun support desk for StarOffice:

Question: The serial number is missing from my OEM version of StarOffice included a hardware or software bundle.
How can I obtain such a serial number in order to benefit from the free support?

Answer: Since you have the OEM version of StarOffice (bundled with hardware or software), first you must register at Sun Microsystems to obtain a serial number. This number is absolutely necessary in order to be eligible for the support service. You can register at the URL:
After selecting your language, click on the link


in purple on the next page. Fill in all the required fields in the online form and submit the data by pressing on


at the bottom of the page. Then you will receive your serial number.
For queries about this form, check the FAQs under
or refer to the following e-mail address:


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