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SDB:Manual Setup of the HSF Linmodem Driver

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Version: 9.0


You want to set up your SDB:WinModems and Linux, which is supported by the HSF Linmodem driver, in SUSE LINUX 9.0. However, the automatic configuration of your WinModem in the YaST Control Center fails.


Proceed as follows to configure your modem manually in SUSE LINUX 9.0:

  1. Boot your SUSE LINUX system and log in as a user.
  2. Open a console and enter the command "sux -".
  3. Enter the administrator password.
  4. Execute the command "yast -i hsflinmodem" in order to install additional tools for the HSF Linmodem driver with the help of YaST.
  5. Run the configuration tool "hsfconfig".
  6. Follow the instructions of this configuration tool.
  7. Terminate the console and start the following YaST dialog:
    • Network Devices
    • Modem
  8. If you have already configured your modem with YaST, delete the configuration and provider data under "Change..." and finish the configuration dialog. Then restart the modem configuration from the YaST Control Center.
  9. Even if your modem is detected, select the entry "Other (not detected)" and click "Configure...".
  10. In the input field, "Modem device", manually enter the value "/dev/ttySHSF0".
  11. Click "Details".
  12. Set the value in the field "Baud rate" to "115200".
  13. Click "OK" and then "Next".
  14. From this stage, proceed as described in the User Guide from page 92 paragraph 3.

If necessary, refer to the article SDB:Problems Caused by the Boot Parameter Desktop

Additionally, users of SUSE LINUX Personal should refer to the article SDB:WinModems with SUSE LINUX 9.0 Personal

Note: The SUSE LINUX installation support does not provide assistance for problems with proprietary drivers!