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SDB:K3B Cannot Find Any CD Reader

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

Version: 8.2


Your computer is equipped with a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive and a CD-writer.
When you try to record a CD with k3b, the only available reading device seems to be the CD-writer.


The tool cdrdao, which is used by K3B to record CDs, supports currently SCSI devices only. Thus, you have to activate the IDE-SCSI emulation for your CD drive.


Start Yast2 Control Center and select:

	System > Boot Loader Configuration

In the next window, select the line:

        Default Section 	linux

and click on Edit. In the next window, select the line beginning with kernel and click again on Edit.
Insert the following entry at the end of the line, separating it with a blank from existing entries:


Note that X must be replaced with the letter corresponding to your CD:

   hda = master on the first controller (usually the hard disk)
   hdb = slave on the first controller
   hdc = master on the second controller (typically the CD drive)
   hdd = slave on the second controller

The next time your system starts, the CD drive will be detected as new hardware. When you log in to KDE, you will be asked if you want to configure the new hardware component. Answer with yes and check in the next window whether your CD drive and your CD-writer are integrated as




respectively. If this is the case, click on Add to generate a new icon for the CD-drive and use it as reading device in K3B.


The new icon might not be visible until a new login to KDE takes place.

If your CD drive has not been detected, proceed as described in the article: SDB:New Automatic Setup of CD/DVD Drives with SuSE Linux 8.1. <keyword>k3b,recorder,ide-scsi</keyword>