SDB:New Automatic Setup of CD/DVD Drives with SuSE Linux 8.1

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Version: 8.1


Your DVD, CD-ROM, or CD-RW drive does not work properly and you want the system to reconfigure it.


The modules cdrom, ide-cd, and ide-scsi are needed for an automatic configuration.

  • Start YaST2.
  • Go to 'System' and start the Editor for /etc/sysconfig.
  • Open Base Administration and Common Basics then mark initrd_modules.

Insert the modules in the line separated with blanks as in:

reiserfs cdrom ide-cd ide-scsi

If there are already other modules available, do not remove them. Save these entries and execute the command mk_initrd in a root shell or console.

Still in the root shell, change to the given directory with the command cd /var/lib/hardware/unique-keys/. Then execute the command hwscan --list, which produces an output similar to the following one:

rdCR.lZF+r4EgHp4: [...]    bios             BIOS
rdCR.CxwsZFjVASF: [...]    memory           Main Memory
rdCR.99a6Uj8yMKC: [...]    framebuffer      ATI RAGE128 R128
rdCR.TwXnbzX7Ce3: [...]    monitor          Monitor
+6Nb.L6YUholkGT8: [...]    storage          Intel 82371AB/EB/MB PIIX4 IDE
8kLt.SiYpFqfpX+4: [...]    cdrom            CD-ROM 50X L
sPPV.oZ89vuho4Y3: [...]    floppy           Floppy Disk
yibb.iquB8cmEOd0: [...]    mouse            Intelli/Wheel Mouse
B3Fu.Jt1hg9mdkyE: [...]    hub              Hub
8kLt.yiP8uiEoUl3: [...]    cdrom            CD-ROM 50X L
rdCR.3wRL2_g4d2B: [...]    storage          Floppy disk controller
kmLG.SzA5IydFa05: [...]    bridge           Intel 82371AB/EB/MB PIIX4 ACPI
rdCR.j8NaKXDZtZ6: [...]    cpu              Pentium III (Katmai), 550 MHz

The file name appears at the beginning of the line and the device at the end of it. The files contain the configuration of the corresponding device. Delete all the files created for CDROM. For example:

rm 8kLt.SiYpFqfpX+4
rm 8kLt.yiP8uiEoUl3

Now remove all pertinent icons located on the desktop. Once all files and icons have been deleted, restart your computer.

After restarting, a window with the newly detected drives opens. Check all the necessary options and confirm by pressing OK. If there are several drives, the window opens again and the same procedure must be repeated. <keyword>cdrom,DVD,drive,writer</keyword>