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OpenSUSE Infrastructure

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This page lists all server and services from the openSUSE project.

The Wiki system

The wiki system is currently hosted in Provo/Utah. The wiki provides the following servers

General gateway to the wiki, it redirects to the english wiki currently.


Localized wikis, currently:
In alphabetical order:

The language independent storage server for the wiki, esp. for images and documents.

Mirror And File Server Infrastructure

The mirror servers are currently hosted in Nuernberg/Germany.

The public ftp server of openSUSE. It serves distributions and basic tools.

Public rsync server for the content from

Public drpmsync server for the content from

Stage server to feed all public mirrors with the content of and It offers rsync, drpmsync servers. It does also provides a push support for the content Details can be found on the Mirror Infrastructure page.

BitTorrent tracker server for released distribution images.

General download server for openSUSE. It redirects to a proper mirror and makes it possible to deal with a single static URL. It does also scan the mirrors to avoid redirects to incomplete ones.

Provides pictures from past openSUSE events.

Build Service Servers

These are the servers around the openSUSE Build Service. They are currently hosted in Nuernberg/Germany.

Web interface for the build service. Account required.

API interface for the build service. Account required.

Redirection service for builded packages from the Build Service. This one should get merged with later.

Public download service with builded packages and YUM repositories for the installer.

Other Services

The official address for bugreporting. It redirects to the bugzilla howto in the wiki.

Our RSS feed server.

Our upcoming package search server. To find packages on released SUSE Linux distributions.

Redirection to the XGL project

SUSE documentation team server.

Localization portal

Is our official irc server. It is currently an alias for the Freenode network, please visit the #opensuse channel.