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MiniSUSE Project Initial Stage

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Thanks for the interest in MiniSUSE Project.

This page is dedicated to Initial Stage, where we will collect numeric data about installation and later run of operating system. What is of interest:

  • SUSE version,
  • basic computer data,
    • size of hard disk (permanent storage),
    • RAM (runtime memory and swap),
    • CPU speed,
  • how long it takes to install minimal selection (text mode),
  • how fast is booting,
  • any tweaks necessary to run installation,
  • is it possible to remove some applications without complains of YaST Software (Package) Management module,
  • is it possible to disable some services, and still have usable system,
  • notes about installed software that you think is very seldom, if at all, used.

Any minimal computer is good target for the test. We expect to see mostly i586 class, as it is already available, and it is the minimal requirement for standard SUSE installation.

Here you can add your ideas and experience, as well as to add own test results on MiniSUSE - Test SUSE Linux on Minimal Hardware.

To discuss content of this page please use Talk:MiniSUSE Project Initial Stage.