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MiniSUSE - Test SUSE Linux on Minimal Hardware

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Here are some examples of normal SUSE Linux installations on minimal hardware.

La Mouette

Sub laptop On this laptop, I could install very easily SUSE 9.1 with 48Mb ram, 10.0 with 80Mb (but not 10.1). I have now 144Mo but didn't tried again 10.1 -- Jdd sysop 06:21, 9 July 2006 (UTC)

Custom Oldie 1

Basic data 128 MB RAM, 300 MHz CPU, 8 GB HD. Selected minimal installation that uses below 500 MB of hard disk.

  • First try was installation of 10.0. It was OK considering speed, and failed once because "too little memory for YaST", which was solved confirming YaST proposal to activate a swap, and few times with segfault. Giving up. Version 10.0 is interesting because of YaST support for selection export and import. Second was common opinion that requirements are growing with each version.
  • The same machine and selection, version 10.1 installation passed fine, with no glitch. Speed is acceptable. No complains about too little memory.

It is necessary to write test procedure, and check all that goes in minimal selection. For instance mc (Midnight Commander), installs without glitch with rpm, but with YaST triggered few dependencies, guess it is for GUI needs, that are not installed now. Got to check. --Rajko M

Custom Oldie 2

Basic data 64-128 MB RAM, 667 MHz CPU, 8-120 GB HD. Selected minimal installation that uses below 500 MB of hard disk. Requires 500 - 1000GB swap space depending on size of HD --Boyd Gerber