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Meetings/Status Meeting 2006-05-30

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This meeting is meant to discuss the latest developments in and around openSUSE.

It was held on

Tuesday 2006/05/30 18:00 CEST (16:00 GMT)

Meeting Minutes

Status SUSE Linux 10.1

Andreas answered the questions posted in the Q/A section. Some were about the package management and Andreas asured everybody that the issues are beeing worked on. A test repository is already available and after fixing one more bug it will be released as online update. Delta-RPMs are currently not supported but once this is fixed we will have another update to the package management stack. Then there was a question if the current update that is in the pipe contained performance enhancements for zmd. Andreas said that there are a couple of fixes that lead to enhanced performance but that poerformance in general is another thing that has to be worked on next. It was agreeed upon that we need to continue the discussion on opensuse-factory about the stack.

The other round of questions was about future developments in SUSE Linux 10.2. First if the current design of having 2 rather independend ways of handling packages (yast/libzypp and zmd/libzypp) be kept of if there are attempts to merge those two together. Andreas said that this is currently one of the topics we discuss on opensuse-factory and that he didnt knew what was the result yet.

Also the question was asked how we plan to tackle windows vista which will be roughly released at the same time as SUSE Linux 10.2. Andreas said that he sees that the GNOME and KDE communitys and of course the openSUSE people that participate in them are the teams that continue the work on this. Now with 10.1 we need to take a step back and see whether the changes we did are beneficial to the users and how to continue from there. During this someone asked when we can expect GNOME 2.14.x for stable releases like 10.1. jpr said that we definately 2.16.x for 10.2 and that we'll probably put 2.15.x in to factory sometime around the end of june and follow the unstable tree from then on. Adrian and Andreas said that the GNOME team is already working on providing the newest packages in the build service.

The next question was about XGL and KDE integration in 10.2. Beineri confirmed that there were no concrete plans for anything 10.2 related yet in that direction but that the KDE community is probably already working on that. mmj raised the question if there are any developments in running compiz as standalone windowmanager. jpr explained the plugin system of compiz then.

cb400f asekd if somebody's feelings would be hurt if a wikipage was set up about issues in 10.1. Everybody agreed that we need to be very open about the issues and learn from them. Marcus pointed out that there already is such a page (Bugs:Most_Annoying_Bugs) and cb400f said that he will expand that.

The status LiveDVD was discussed and Andreas said that we are working on it but that he didnt knew an ETA yet.

Status build service

Adrian announced that, despite that it is in alpha phase, we will use the build service for the supplementary trees now. This means we do run it already in production mode from the point of the end-user. Interessting projects which get build there currently are

  • KDE:KDE3 (contains already 3.5.3)
  • KDE:Backports (contains updated KDE apps without the need to update also the complete KDE (big advantage))
  • OSCAR cluster software
  • groupware software (Kolab, OX, eGroupWare)
  • Apache + php
  • Kernel

The repositories are browseable via for everyone.

Supplementarry dirs for KDE and misc got removed on already. Gnome will follow. "Daily" updates get logged on from today on.

Lizard pictures for SUSE Linux 10.2

michl announced that we have our first Alpha around the 15th of June and now need a codename and picture. The codename will be again some kind of lizard - therefore, if you have a nice photo of a lizard and can name the lizard, please contact myself ( and Andreas ( - and add something to

Q&A Session

Most of the questions from the Q/A section got answered in the first topic so we opened up for topics people wanted to talk about. houghi asked about the wiki redesign and everybody agreeed that we need to stop discussing this and just do it.

cboltz asked if the slides from LinuxTag be published on Sonja took that action item (#179950).

Q&A Section

Your Name Question/Comment
Kenneth Aar SUSE has for the first time been shipped with a major bug (The updater and package installer won't work). One thing is the damaging effect this has for OpenSUSE, but this problem is increased by the fact that it isn't mentioned for people who downbload SUSE 10.1. So my question is why doesn't the OpenSUSE website reflect this?(And no I don't think mentioning the problem with one meager line in the "most annoying bugs" section is a proper way to handle this.) And how does the OpenSUSE team intend to adress similar problems in the future?
Benjamin Weber The update system does not currently support deltarpms. Will support for deltarpms be added to 10.1? and if so will it be before any large updates such as kernel.
Azerion Around the time that 10.2 will be released, Vista will be released to. There is no question about they two will be compared. Which points does the team tend to fixate on to win the battle? Will 10.2 be more graphical or a more backend enchangement? (can't be at the meeting probably. I am sorry).

From what I hear from messenger-contacts, Xgl is a huge magnet. I know that KDE will come some day with KDE4, but until the a proper Xgl/Compiz-support for it would be nice and attractive. Will OpenSUSE/Novell put much time in the integration of it into 10.2?


Will the current package management design (having zypp and zmd, and they sync with each other) be kept for 10.2? That would be the perpetuation of a hack made so 10.1 could be released, which doesnt justify keeping that as a permanent solution.


2006/05/30 openSUSE Status Meeting transcript