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Meetings/Status Meeting 2006-04-19/transcript

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--- Log opened Wed Apr 19 18:00:13 2006
18:00 @<henne> Welcome to the openSUSE Status Meeting!
18:00 @<henne> This meeting is meant to discuss the latest developments in and around openSUSE.
18:01 @<henne> Some technicalities:
18:01 @<henne> This channel is moderated during the time of the session.
18:01 @<henne> But it has +z set so the operator (but nobody else) can see what youre writing. So if you have a question
               or remark just write it.
18:01 @<henne> The moderator then will give you a voice and you can repeat your question for everyone.
18:01 @<henne> The topics of this meeting are:
18:01 @<henne> * 1 Status SUSE Linux 10.1
18:01 @<henne> * 2 Status build service
18:01 @<henne> * 3 Status openSUSE wiki
18:01 @<henne> * 4 LinuxTag preparations
18:01 @<henne> * 5 new mailing list(s)
18:01 @<henne> * 6 Cleanup old Action Items
18:02 @<henne> ok here we go

Status SUSE Linux 10.1

18:02 @<henne> first topic Status SUSE Linux 10.1
18:02 @<henne> AJaeger go ahead
18:02 +<AJaeger> Thanks Henne.
18:02 +<AJaeger> SUSE Linux 10.1 RC1 had two major areas of concerns which we only
18:02 +<AJaeger> found after extensive testing while the release was already made:
18:02 +<AJaeger> Update from previous Betas/releases and Xen setup.  Our pre-release
18:02 +<AJaeger> update tests including updates of 9.3 and 10.0 did not show these,
18:02 +<AJaeger> those only happened with more complex installations :-(.
18:02 +<AJaeger> We also found a couple of bugs in libzypp and zmd in handling of
18:02 +<AJaeger> package installations and package updates.  Currently we're trying to
18:02 +<AJaeger> get those issues fixed and tested internally - and then release RC2.
18:02 +<AJaeger> We've fixed a number of Blockers and Criticals as well - and added the
18:02 +<AJaeger> last round of translations updates.  I'll put RC2 (and if needed
18:02 +<AJaeger> further RCs) as delta ISOs only on the servers.  The Factory tree
18:02 +<AJaeger> contains our current state.
18:03 +<AJaeger> So, the normal critical area - our kernel - looks fine (blockerwise).
18:03 +<AJaeger> I'll open the round for questions and comments.
18:04 @<henne> no questions?
18:04 +<KnuX> Is yast package manager back to full functionality? Or is it still 'limited' in some cases?
18:05 +<AJaeger> The package manager should have full functionality now.
18:05 @<henne> easytiger: repeat your question please
18:05 +<AJaeger> We're still hunting down one strange bug where selecting and deselecting a selection installs not all
                 packages - but otherwise no known issues.
18:05 +<easytiger> VFAT SYNC ISSUE.. FIXEd?
18:06 +<easytiger> opps.
18:06 +<AJaeger> easytiger: Yes, should be.
18:06 +<AJaeger> WE changed the way we did it with 10.0 and I have not heard of any new reports on slow write to vfat.
18:06 +<cboltz> Will the installation really be done when it says "done"? This is "just" cosmetical, but annoying - #155283
18:07 @<henne> thats so cosmetic
18:07 +<cboltz> but 140 packages _after_ "done" is really annoying ;-)
18:07 +<AJaeger> cboltz: I really don't know how people are counting nowaday.  This is rather cosmetic, last time it was
                 off by 5 and it's not a blocker for me.
18:08 +<cboltz> OK ;-)
18:08 +<KaiSVK>  so the release date of 10.1 will be delayed ? how much ?
18:09 +<AJaeger> I cannot say this right now.  It really depends on whether RC2 will be out tomorrow and work really good
                 or not.
18:09 +<AJaeger> I'm dedicated to make a good release.
18:09 +<KnuX> Will smart pm be included in this release? How's it going vs synaptic?
18:10 +<AJaeger> smart is part of the ftp tree.  I'm not sure whether it'S on the media.
18:10 @<henne> its at least on the DVDs
18:10 +<AJaeger> cthiel: Can you answer?
18:10 +<cthiel> it's on the CDs as well
18:10 +<cthiel> even CD3 by the way ;)
18:11 @<henne> any more questions?
18:11 @<henne> no?
18:11 @<henne> ok thanks AJaeger. that was a quick one :)

Status Build Service

18:11 @<henne> next topic
18:11 @<henne> Status build service
18:12 +<adrianS_> iChain support is WIP
18:12 @<henne> adrianS_: again
18:12 +<adrianS_> Mirror interface is also in WIP. We need at least a simple one
18:12 @<henne> you had no voice
18:12 +<adrianS_> to be able to support local builds with the command line client.
18:12 +<adrianS_> mls is working on the package/project linking support. This
18:12 +<adrianS_> will enable us to create modified versions of packages. Or
18:12 +<adrianS_> to maintain different builds via multiple spec files, like
18:12 +<adrianS_> the kernel builds.
18:12 +<adrianS_> We did some fixes to support non-SUSE distributions better in the
18:13 +<adrianS_> last weeks.
18:13 +<adrianS_> We prepare a redesign of the web interface. It will be done
18:13 +<adrianS_> in a meeting with Garret (web designer), Cornelius and Andreas
18:13 +<adrianS_> in two weeks.
18:13 +<adrianS_> iChain support is WIP
18:13 +<adrianS_> Mirror interface is also in WIP. We need at least a simple one
18:13 +<adrianS_> to be able to support local builds with the command line client.
18:13 +<adrianS_> mls is working on the package/project linking support. This
18:13 +<adrianS_> will enable us to create modified versions of packages. Or
18:13 +<adrianS_> to maintain different builds via multiple spec files, like
18:13 +<adrianS_> the kernel builds.
18:13 +<adrianS_> We did some fixes to support non-SUSE distributions better in the
18:13  * henne has a dejavu
18:13 +<adrianS_> last weeks.
18:13 +<adrianS_> We prepare a redesign of the web interface. It will be done
18:13 +<adrianS_> in a meeting with Garret (web designer), Cornelius and Andreas
18:13 +<adrianS_> in two weeks.
18:13 +<adrianS_> any questions regarding the build service ?
18:14 +<Beineri> was the problem running it within Xen fixed?
18:14 +<adrianS_> Beineri: not yet afaik
18:14 +<cenuij> hi, is there any estimated time of arrival for iChain support?
18:15 +<adrianS_> Beineri: it is a Xen bug, not a build service issue ...
18:15 +<adrianS_> cenuij: The iChain connection itself is almost working, but we have to do some more adjustments
18:15 +<adrianS_> before we can open it to the public
18:15 +<cenuij> ok, thats encouraging thanks :)
18:15 @<henne> any more questions?
18:16 +<cboltz> what about PPC support (AI #164764)
18:16 @<henne> obviously not done because nothing changed in the bugzilla entry :)
18:16 +<adrianS_> cboltz: not planned, before we have some experiences with the mirrors
18:17 +<adrianS_> cboltz: we need to start with less traffic with the mirrors
18:17 @<henne> adrianS_: anyway i have to talk to kurt about status on ppc
18:17 +<cboltz> OK - sounds like a good reason ;-)
18:18 @<henne> more questions?
18:18 @<henne> not? ok
18:18 +<darix> adrianS_: will there be support for 9.x?
18:19 +<adrianS_> darix: same reason as with ppc, technical no problem
18:19 +<darix> hm ok
18:19 @<henne> more questions?
18:19  * henne keeps it tight today
18:20 +<adrianS_> darix: I takes some time to have another distro running. Setting it up is easy, but it takes
                  time to configure it right
18:20 +<adrianS_> darix: so I would like to focus on our current distros atm
18:20 +<darix> adrianS_: if i can help ping me.
18:20 +<darix> adrianS_: agreed
18:20 +<darix> but for some projects like apache, svn the old distros might be interesting
18:20 +<adrianS_> darix: okay, but I would like to see wiki fixes from you first ;)
18:20 +<darix> adrianS_: yeah
18:21 @<henne> more questions regarding the build service?

Status openSUSE Wiki

18:21 @<henne> ok next topic
18:21 @<henne> Status openSUSE wiki
18:21 +<notlocalhorst> it,tr and cz wikis are online, thanks to the translation teams!
18:21 +<notlocalhorst> is outdated, i will take care of that.
18:21 +<notlocalhorst> my next thing on .plan: something to make interwiki language
18:21 +<notlocalhorst> links easier and with a system.
18:21 +<notlocalhorst> asian font problem with ja and cn wiki: darix?
18:21 +<notlocalhorst> my todo: torrent for final version (when it's done), post howto/sdb/faq howto (soon),put
                       extensions online (soon)
18:22 +<notlocalhorst> questions?
18:22 +<Beineri> sv is also new, or?
18:23 +<darix> 1.6 is on the radar aswell
18:23 +<adrianS_> yes
18:23 +<darix> notlocalhorst: and it is cs.o.o not cz. :)
18:23 +<KaiSVK> What should I do If I want to make openSUSE wiki in my language ?
18:23 +<darix> KaiSVK: there is a wiki page for that. notlocalhorst do you have the link handy?
18:23 +<notlocalhorst> KaiSVK: look at the translation guide
18:23 +<KaiSVK> have you got some link ?
18:23 +<notlocalhorst>
18:24 +<KaiSVK> thanx
18:24 +<notlocalhorst> btw: which language?
18:24 +<darix> .sk i guess
18:25 +<darix> hm henne?
18:25 +<Beineri> when will the next languages go online which don't have that font problem? hu and pt seems to
                 fullfill our criterias
18:25 @<henne> hes reading the guide probably ;)
18:25 +<notlocalhorst> Beineri: i will check out the candidates for the next round soon ... the process of putting
                       them online is pretty fast now ...
18:25 +<KaiSVK> notlocalhorst, Slovak
18:25 +<notlocalhorst> KaiSVK: nice
18:25 +<darix> ah lag
18:26 @<henne> KaiSVK: if you really want to maintain it follow the guide
18:26 +<Beineri> why is the new wiki version which was spoken about last meeting not online yet?
18:26 +<KaiSVK> notlocalhorst, I am sad cause Slovak linux community in general is so weak :( I just want to
                something with it ...
18:26 +<darix> Beineri: technical issues?:)
18:26 +<Beineri> darix: tell me :-)
18:26 +<darix> Beineri: font encoding is one of them.
18:26 +<darix> s/font//
18:26 @<henne> we have a question about that topic
18:26 +<darix> henne: huh?
18:27 @<henne> Truth: repeat your question please
18:27 +<Truth> thgere seems a bug when contributing Chinese to wiki
18:27 +<darix> Truth: thats one of the issues i want to look into it
18:27 +<Beineri> it would be really nice to have the new extensions and/or a working news page when 10.1 gets
                 released and points to the rdf URL ;-)
18:28 +<darix> if you post from an editor into the wiki. make sure it is utf8
18:28 @<henne> Beineri: would you wait your turn please?
18:28 +<darix> than it shouldnt cause any problem
18:28 +<darix> Beineri: that is one other issue.
18:28 +<Truth> yeah, i did. and it seems ok at first.
18:28 +<Truth> But 4 days later I came to the page again. It was all in a mess
18:29 +<darix> Truth: did someone worked on the page inbetween?
18:29 +<Truth> nonody
18:29 +<Truth> nobody
18:29 +<darix> hmm please mail the urls to me.
18:29 +<Truth> I checked the history and the last edit was mine.
18:30 +<notlocalhorst> Truth: send us a mail with the page and the errors
18:30 +<Truth> ok, wait......
18:30 @<henne> Truth: please send a mail to about this
18:30 +<Truth> fine, I'll do that.
18:30 +<notlocalhorst> thx
18:30 @<henne> Truth: no need to debug this now
18:30 @<henne> thanks
18:30 +<Truth> ok
18:30 @<henne> Beineri: anything else? ;)
18:31 +<Beineri> henne: was the question from the meeting page yet there?
18:31 @<henne> true we can do that now
18:31 +<Beineri> it's more a comment than a question :-)
18:31 @<henne> Rajko asked
18:31 @<henne> The front page design is just part of openSUSE design, as one of the ways to attract more active
               users to the wiki. Download should be moved to the second level, present on the front page just as
               a prominent link. Report a Bug has natural place on Download page.
18:32 +<notlocalhorst> whatever that means
18:32 @<henne> Beineri: your comment?
18:32 +<Beineri> don't agree, why should one always go to Download page first when you want to report a bug?
18:33 +<notlocalhorst> you have it also on the sidbar
18:33 +<cthiel> yeah, I think its not in question that we need to invest into a front page redesign -- right now,
                there don't seem to be any free resources on our side :(
18:33  * darix likes the design
18:34 +<cthiel> the current one?
18:34 +<Beineri> at least until Linuxtag our frontpage is well filled as it is :-)
18:34 +<darix> yeah
18:34 +<adrianS_> Beineri: Download and Report a Bug is always reachable on the top right
18:34 @<henne> ok anything else about the wiki?
18:35 +<cthiel> there is a lot of room for improvement in that area -- the current design isn't bad, but we could
                utilize the front page much better
18:35 @<henne> we all know that and we talked about it a hundred times
18:35 @<henne> nobody came up with anything good so far
18:35 +<adrianS_> I just want to point out that one can also confuse users with too many redesigns .....
18:35 +<skh> we didn't have a redesign yet.
18:35 +<darix> cthiel: structuring content and design are 2 different issues imho
18:35 +<darix> :)
18:36 +<cthiel> henne: actually there a some nice proposal on the table already.
18:36 +<cthiel> darix: we are talk about the frontpage "design" interms of strcturing content and not the whole
                design of the wiki
18:36 +<cthiel> henne:
18:37  * henne does not like that at all
18:37 +<skh> henne: then discuss it on opensuse-wiki
18:37 +<notlocalhorst> imho: if [ $TOPIC = "design" ] ; then goto mailinglists ; fi
18:37 +<cthiel> how about a special wiki frontpage design meeting?
18:37 @<henne> and pflodos site is just a frontpage before the frontpage
18:38 +<cthiel> or, as skh proposed, an active discussion on the wiki list?
18:38 @<henne> cthiel: useless because always when we talk about this nobody that seems to take interest in this
               is there...
18:38 +<adrianS_> it reminds me on the old suse portal, where the user was able to collapse all uninteressting
                  boxes. Dunno if this is possible with the wiki ...
18:38 @<henne> ok lets take this to the mailinglist again...
18:39 @<henne> anything else on the wiki?
18:39 @<henne> ok next topic then

New Mailing List(s)

18:39 @<henne> new mailing list(s)
18:40 @<henne> skh?
18:40 +<skh> cthiel actually
18:40 +<cthiel> mailinglists?
18:40 +<skh> we have a new mailing list
18:41 +<skh> and wanted to state the fact, but I forgot which one and who brought it up in the first place
18:41 +<skh> Beineri?
18:41 @<henne> you mean -commit?
18:41  * Beineri suggested that point iirc :-)
18:41 +<skh> no.
18:41  * Beineri thinks there should be two more opensuse mailing lists
18:41 +<cthiel> actually we have removed an internal mailinglist, but that's not the topic, right? ;)
18:41 +<Beineri> opensuse-bugzilla as wanted in #160835 (which is assigned to cthiel)
18:41  * adrianS_ has too leave because of private negotiations. Inofficial openSUSE meeting at Desi Nbg, if you want :)
18:42 @<henne> ok we dont have any new mailinglists
18:42 +<darix> adrianS_: have fun
18:42 +<cthiel> Beineri: yeah, we will look at the bugzilla stuff once 10.1 is out
18:42 @<henne> and as cthiel pointed out the bugzilla list is something for after 10.1
18:42 +<Beineri> and opensuse-translation as successor of the internal yast-int mailing list which according to Karl
                 is now already open for invited community translators
18:43 @<henne> it isnt
18:43 @<henne> at least not at
18:43 +<skh> Beineri: if the documentation team wants -translation I see no reason why not to create it
18:43 +<Beineri> henne: he posted about it on opensuse on 4th April
18:43 +<skh> Beineri: we just have to make sure that the translation coordinators know about it
18:43 +<skh> so it waits for someone to care about it?
18:44 +<adrianS_> Beineri: discuss it with ke and antje
18:44 @<henne> if they want the list they should just contact me
18:44 +<Beineri> skh: ke is fine with that, he talked about some necessary approval from this manager but I guess
                 that's more about the involvment of volunteers not being allowed to discuss about translation stuff :-)
18:45 @<henne> ok anything else on the topic of mailinglists?

LinuxTag preparations

18:46 @<henne> ok then the topic i skipped 8)
18:46 @<henne> LinuxTag preparations
18:46 +<skh> now that's cthiel.
18:46 +<cthiel> right -- looks pretty good from a budget point of view.
18:47 +<cthiel> again, we will have some 10-15 SUSE people on the ground at Linuxtag...
18:47 @<henne> what about your action items? :)
18:47 +<cthiel> if you like to help staff the booth, add yourself to
18:47 +<cthiel> henne: about the tickets: we don't have any additional tickets, but if you guys need some, please
                contact me (via private mail)
18:48 +<cthiel> and I'll try to figure a way to get you tickets...
18:48 +<skh> cthiel: write that to the list
18:48 +<skh> or contact the people directly
18:48 +<cthiel> this is an offer for people who help staff the booth or who have a talk in the openSUSE track
18:48 +<skh> they are not necessarily here
18:48 @<henne> yes please do so
18:48 +<cthiel> skh: the people that requested the tickets already know this ;)
18:48 +<skh> ok.
18:49 +<skh> cthiel: and I assume the offer is valid for all volunteers and you told all of them ;-)
18:49 @<henne> skh: what about the wiki page listing all demos?
18:49 @<henne> Bug #165292
18:50 +<cthiel> henne: WIP ;)
18:50 @<henne> ok
18:50 +<cthiel> the duty plan will be out soon ;)
18:50 +<skh> henne: I guess I didn't pester people about the demos and nobody volunteered them yet
18:50 +<skh> henne: so WIP
18:51 @<henne> okay :)
18:51 +<skh> (anybody listening: if your AI was to prepare a demo, send the material to me!)
18:51 @<henne> cthiel: did you contact Jslandry and Peternixon too?
18:51 +<cthiel> henne: no, only those who were in the bug
18:51 +<cthiel> henne: s/bug/AI/ ;)
18:51 @<henne> skh: anybody in this case is cthiel ;)
18:52 @<henne> cthiel: i mean about tickets and booth duty
18:53 +<cthiel> henne: ?
18:53 @<henne> cthiel: those 2 are from the Staff page
18:53 @<henne> cthiel: did you include them in your planing for tickets/booth duty?
18:53 +<cthiel> henne: yes
18:53 @<henne> ok :)
18:53 +<cthiel> henne: but I'll need to talk to them in any case...
18:54 +<cboltz> When exactly is the LinuxTag social event (and therefore: when is the openSUSE dinner)? The LinuxTag
                homepage does not even mention a date for the first one (at least it didn't when I checked last week).
                (AI #165303)
18:54 +<skh> I don't know.
18:54 @<henne> cboltz: dont you read transcripts anymore? ;)
18:54 @<henne> cboltz: thursday is the social event
18:54 +<skh> henne: we weren't really sure
18:55 @<henne> friday the dinner if we get that together
18:55 +<cboltz> I did, but the LinuxTag homepage says "thursday or friday".
18:55 +<skh> we just thought it would be thursday
18:55 @<henne> skh: notlocalhorst said it was.
18:55 +<notlocalhorst> yeah
18:55  * henne trusts notlocalhorst 
18:55 +<skh> so the dinner is whenever the social event is not.
18:55 @<henne> so today?
18:55 +<skh> However, while we're at it, we're not sure we have money for it.
18:56 +<skh> We'd like to go out with our volunteers even if we can't invite them, though.
18:56 +<skh> Would that be interesting too?
18:56 @<henne> Nix thinks so
18:57 +<skh> at least one ;-)
18:57 +<skh> I'll assume it is, then.
18:57 @<henne> well lets see what happens
18:57 +<skh> worst that can happen is that it's only SUSE faces again.
18:58 +<cboltz> skh: yes - but since dinner is "cheap" compared to the booth etc, I hope it will fit the budget ;-)
18:58  * Beineri starts an adopt-a-geek campaign ;-)
18:58 +<schiele> I think as well.
18:58 +<schiele> But I cannot say for sure whether to come until I know the _time_.
18:58 +<skh> cboltz: you're terribly right.
18:58 +<skh> be lucky that we're not allowed to discuss budget details in public ;-)
18:59 @<henne> anyway. let just see what happens
18:59 +<skh> schiele: when would you have time?
18:59 @<henne> as this is intended for people at the booth we can finalize it there
18:59 +<schiele> I think 19:00 or later.
19:00 @<henne> we dont even know which day dude ;)
19:00 +<schiele> The day does not matter for me. ;-P
19:00 +<skh> schiele: ok, not early than 19:00, you're booked.
19:00 +<skh> earlier
19:00 +<Nix> Please be aware that some of us are travelling a fairly long distance (from Turkiye in my case) and we
             will be trying to fit as much into our time in Germany as possible. knowing the plan in advance would
             be nice..
19:01 @<henne> so who can talk to the linuxtag peepz when the social event is?
19:01 @<henne> for sure
19:01 +<skh> me
19:01 @<henne> ok please do so
19:02 @<henne> anyone interested in this topic should follow #165303
19:02 +<skh> ok, social event is thursday
19:02 +<skh> so dinner is friday
19:02 +<skh> details on the list
19:03 @<henne> ok
19:03 @<henne> anything else about linuxtag?
19:03 @<henne> did i forget anything?
19:04 +<Beineri> next status meeting will be one day before LinuxTag?
19:04 +<skh> hm.
19:04 @<henne> hm
19:04 @<henne> no?
19:04 @<henne> 8)
19:04 +<Beineri> or is everyone already travelling on 2nd?
19:04 +<skh> 3 people will be
19:04 +<skh> cthiel, adrian and michl
19:04 +<skh> but we can't have it later that week.
19:04 @<henne> i want to be there on the 2cnd too
19:04 +<Nix> I will be in .de already...
19:04 @<henne> notlocalhorst: you too or?
19:04 +<notlocalhorst> oc
19:05 @<henne> ok so how about in the week after LT?
19:05 +<skh> better to move it to the folliwing week then
19:05 +<skh> I have another topic regarding LT
19:05 @<henne> ok the next status meeting will take place at 2006-05-09 18:00 CET
19:06 @<henne> skh: which would be?
19:06 +<Beineri> 18:00 CEST please
19:06 +<skh> the real-life meeting at LT
19:06 +<skh> we need the slot for more talks, and want to hold the meeting, if at all, in parallel to the build
             service hands on workshop
19:06 +<cthiel> skh: I'd really appreciate if we could free up the slot that we have reserved for it, because we
                will need it for further talks ;)
19:06 +<skh> cthiel: I know.
19:07 +<cthiel> ;)
19:07 +<skh> so, this leads to two questions:
19:07 +<skh> - is it ok to have meeting and workshop in parallel (maybe somebody wants to attend both)
19:07 +<skh> - is there interest in the meeting at all?
19:07 +<Beineri> are there rooms for both in parallel?
19:08 +<skh> We will do it if only one person speaks up, but our "meeting" at FOSDEM was pretty empty.
19:08 +<cthiel> Beineri: we only have one room.
19:08 +<skh> Beineri: we hope that we can use two corners of the same room.
19:08 +<skh> none of it is a talk.
19:08 +<schiele> Hey! I was there at FOSDEM! ;-)
19:08 +<cthiel> schiele: yeah, you were like the only one ;)
19:08 +<skh> schiele: and we were glad you were ;-)
19:08 +<skh> and houghi
19:09 +<cthiel> skh: I though only schiele was there for the Q&A session ;)
19:09 +<skh> so what do we do? ask on the list?
19:09 @<henne> so is there any interest in a openSUSE meeting at the LinuxTag?
19:09 @<henne> from anyone in here
19:09 +<cthiel> skh: free up the slot and ask on the list ;)
19:09 +<schiele> For me personally the same applies as for the dinner: 19:00 or later or saturday or I can't be there.
19:09  * cthiel will contact the linuxtag folks anyway now, because we have 3 additional talks in the pipe already
19:10 +<skh> cthiel: yes, go ahead
19:10 @<henne> ok
19:10 +<skh> doesn't look like we're swamped in meeting participants
19:10 +<skh> I'll communicate that to the list.
19:10 +<cthiel> good
19:11 @<henne> Action Item skh: communicate that we will fill the meeting slot on openSUSE day with 3 more talks
19:12 +<cboltz> skh: AI #167683 ;-)
19:12 +<skh> next topic.
19:12 +<skh> cboltz: thanks ;-)
19:12 @<henne> there is no next tolic
19:12 @<henne> topic

Cleanup old Action Items

19:12 +<skh> old AIs
19:13 +<skh> cboltz, I'm sure you have the bugzilla query ready ;-)
19:13 @<henne> no need to. they are tracked already
19:13 @<henne> no need to duplicate this here
19:13 @<henne> thats the point of having them somewhere trackable :)
19:13 +<skh> ok...
19:13  * skh shuts up
19:14 @<henne> ok anything else or should we call it a day?
19:14 +<Beineri> henne: so you never ignore the "you have Bugzilla entries assigned to you" reminder? :-)
19:14 +<notlocalhorst> which reminder?
19:14 +<notlocalhorst> *run*
19:14 +<skh> Beineri: you're not too fluent in procmail, are you?
19:15 @<henne> ok then thanks all of you for participating
19:15 @<henne> the next status meeting will take place at 2006-05-09 18:00 CEST
19:15 @<henne> bye bye
--- Log closed Wed Apr 19 19:15:33 2006